Friday, September 2, 2011

Hey Hillbuzz, Is It Too Late To Enter This In The Photoshop Sarah Palin In The Oval Office Contest?

Conservative trigger warning: this post is rated four out of a possible six conservative 'splodey heads.
Noooooo!!!!1!!!!  LIEberals!!!!1!!!Noooooo!!!!1!!!!  LIEberals!!!!1!!!Noooooo!!!!1!!!!  LIEberals!!!!1!!!Noooooo!!!!1!!!!  LIEberals!!!!1!!!
Oh Harvey Bilk, do you have to hang em' right over the plate like this?

America's Back Seat Driver In The Oval Office
 You might as well be a pitcher for the Cubs:

"Once we get the image of President Palin at her desk down, we then just have to add all the personal touches that would be in a real Palin Oval Office.
What sorts of personal mementos from Alaska do you think she would bring with her?  What sort of art would she put on the walls?  What sculptures would decorate the side tables?
What do you think the Palin Oval Office will be like?
The first step to making anything real is visualizing it."
 I don't think your tyro photoshoppers are going to outdo this one.  And I've another little visualization for you:

Honey, we need to have a word with the decorator
Whoa, she's here again. Gotta have a word with the Service about this.

Edited to add: I just can't stop! And since Kevin's post has garnered all of 2 comments so far, apparently Snarkopolitan is the only Hillbuzz reader with any enthusiasm for fun projects. We are your rainbow action team!
Oval Exit
This picture is inaccurate: she would never forget her blackberry!
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  1. Oh please, please, please ... may I suggest that we bring to life Kevin's vision of Christmas at the Palin White House aka A Snowbilly Christmas Carol?

    The part where "Todd’s outside on the frozen lawn, repairing snow machines with Track"? That's right, that's the frozen lawn of the White House we're talking about here.

    I'm picturing the front porch of Jeeter Lester and his family standing in for the White House facade, or perhaps the homestead of Cletus and Brandeen Spuckler. But I'll be happy to leave this to those with madder Photoshop skilz than I have.

  2. By the way, given Kevin's pearl-clutching over the Trig joke in the Sidetrack video, I wonder what he'll have to say about Eric Golub's jokes today ...

    Oh, who am I kidding? Of course he'll act like it never happened.

  3. I wonder what he'll have to say about Eric Golub's jokes today ...

    I've got something in the works on that, Mary. Evidently at Hillbuzz, mean-spirited snarking on the innocent IOKIYAR.

    A Snowbilly Christmas Carol

    Covered! Precognition-through-Blingeeing! Not to stand in Cletus's spotlight or anything. ;o}

  4. Of course, how could I have forgotten The Attack of the 50-Foot Ex-Governor? And her mutant Arctic wolf sidekick? Thanks for bringing her back.

    I look forward to your thoughts on the Golub affair (with blingees, I hope).

    Speaking of Christmas with the Palins and Kevin's other fantasies of their home life, I notice that in Kevin's dreams, Trig is always watched over by his long-suffering sister Piper. That actually sounds about right to me. Bristol is busy with her own grifting, er, money-making ventures and Willow doesn't seem like the type of girl you'd trust with anything valuable, let alone your children. But it's a shame that Piper can't get a break from baby-sitting, even in Kevin's fantasy life.