Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ouch, Kevin Dujan, You've Snapped My Credulity!

Oh sweet heaven.

Do you know of an accurate list of cities and venues where “The Undefeated” is playing?

I am very eager to see the Sarah Palin documentary “The Undefeated” but it’s not playing here in Chicago.
There was, apparently, a one-time, unpublicized showing of the movie — for one screening only — that I didn’t hear about.  With no press or advertisement, hundreds of people still turned out for it.
Evidently, the film is packed wherever it is being shown…but it’s only a handful of theaters.
Does anyone know of an accurate list of where it is playing?

Here, Harvey Bilk, let me help you find a clue.

You Never Write, You Never Call --Kevin Dujan Is Back At Hillbuzz

Kevin Dujan Donation Fever
And his own admin accidentally debunked his New Website $ob-$tory. 

Kevin Dujan  returned to Hillbuzz after another prolonged absence, ascribing it to chronic ill-health. But his current flock hive of shearlings worker bees doesn't know that the last time he went AWOL, he came back with a different heartrending tale.

Now it is the official position of Snarkopolitan to wish everyone the best of health.  So if Kevin Dujan is as ill as he says, this "out to get him" blog's proprietress hopes he makes a complete recovery.

But it's not like Dujan hasn't pulled this disappearing act before, as detailed in the post below.