Tuesday, March 2, 2010

American Thinker: Barack Obama Is Just Like A Killer Whale In So Many Ways!

'Cos They're Cousins, Idiological Cousins All The Way

It was so obvious, it was just staring the country in the face, but it took the intermittently firing neurons of Jeannie deAngelis at American Thinker to formulate and give vent to just what everyone's been thinking:

Barack Obama is an out-of-control Monster Orca, and regrettably, now we all know it:
Pictures of Dawn Brancheau balancing triumphantly on Shamu's snout are reminiscent of Obama supporters in "joyful harmony" with the new president following the last election.
The similarities are so numerous, and so tragic: two beasts, seemingly friendly as long as they're caressed, but hiding their true agendas behind toothy smiles and false diffidence. What is their true desire? To drag us down, down, down, till we can struggle no more!
Like Brancheau stroking Tilly's nose, a sycophantic electorate massaged Obama's ego. One year later, Democrats constrained by faltering poll numbers appear "agitated." Why? Because America stopped feeding and rubbing Barry's political proboscis, and now the star of the show's belligerent, temperamental comments are manifesting more and more frequently.
Yes, it was a horrible presumption on the part of the public that a beast like Barack Obama could ever be happy in such an unnatural environment as the presidency:
captive killer whales have been known to attack handlers," which explains why Democrats, confined by the majority's criticism of liberal political ideology, produce stress reactions, causing "smart animals" like Obama to "lash out."
Truly, for the sakes not just of all of us, but for his sake, too, let us join Jeannie and all the American Thinkers to demand that Barack Obama be released back into the wild.

Free Barry! Free Barry!
He is way too much like a killer whale!

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