Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Has Kevin Dujan Finally Been Called On The Carpet?

It's Not The Rug, It's The Filth UNDER ItPoor old neglected Snarkopolitan has not entirely gone silent; real life has outstripped any  manufactured Internet drama, much less the sporadically continuing Send-Your-Pennies Dreadful over at Harvey Bilk's  (aka Kevin Dujan's) Rushbo-approved Hyperverbal Hate Shack and Verbal Vomitorium.

But, after attending to genuine life-or-death issues for a year or so (and thank you well-wishers on behalf of our wonderful Strange, who's doing miraculously well), I decided to check in on The World's Crappiest Would-Be Cult Leader, and was delighted to find him healthy enough to churn out a seven-part series, in exhaustive detail, on dirty carpeting. 


 In a law office lobby. Where he was evidently to be deposed in a "federal civil rights case" involving the gay bar that has played a central role in many an adventure at Hillbuzz, the proudest of which may have been the Hillbuzzers' attempts to shut down an anti-bullying event to be held there a couple weeks after the bar showed a video in which one man made a mildly unkind remark about Trig Palin. 

 Yr. editrix hasn't the strength or inclination to don her hip waders and plunge into the vat of verbiage at Harvey Bilk's Bulk BS Warehouse, but we can surmise that whatever the reason for his presence on the grubby wall-to-wall, it was not a pleasure visit.

Harvey's excuse for sullying the reputation of Hinshaw and Culbertson's downbeaten broadloom is that it signifies "canaries in the goldmine" of the Obamaconomy, though antagonizing a firm of corporate lawyers speaks more to me of toys in the attic.

In any case, there's a simple explanation for why a white-glove law firm would have a sadly stained lobby rug: unlike Hillbuzz, it gets traffic.

Brought to you as always by Mrs. Polly of Snarkopolitan, the still not dead blog, because the problems of little nutjobs on the Internet really don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world!.