4. Conservative Blogger Publius Calls Out Hillbuzz on Hoax

Warner Todd Huston, or "Publius,"  knows how to make an entrance. This is a comment he left on a blog called Cannonfire, at the time Kevin Dujan was hounding Snarkopolitan and other innocent parties while claiming they were hounding him. (Joe Cannon, a prominent but often divergent PUMA supporter, also called BS on the Dujan's Buzzhoax. Cannon later pulled his entire blog, but a cache of the post where Publius appeared can be found here.)

Hello extremists of the radical left…

Google me, baby, I want you to. My name is Warner Todd Huston and your side has attacked me in such places as DailysCuz, DummicrapticUnderground, a multitude of smallballblogs and the ignorati of Media Matters have even tried their weak-kneed, limp-wristed best to knock me. I have been a target of the left because my work has been on Limbaugh, Hannity -- most of the radio biggies -- and I've been in the LATimes, the New York Times… heck even Der Spiegel wrote about me during the late presidential campaign. I am your ARCH ENEMY, folks.

Does that give you my bonafides?

OK, OK, all the fun rhetoric aside… I found your site trying to find any DailysCuz post that was involved in this "coordinated effort" to attack the Hillybuz boys. I wanted to find all these multitudinous posts that outed these outies and tried to turn them to lefty dust. I wanted to see these posts for myself.

But I am forced to agree with Joe, here at this point. There really isn't any. Sure that one nit wit that thinks he's "all that" going by the name of TheBugdetBuster er whatever it was (aren't all you wacky lefties a budget buster, anyway?) posted something, but it all amounted to a big so what for me. One blue meanie on the DailysCuz that has no reach, no following and no power called the Hillybuzzers a name? Then this same nonentity posted it a few other places? That's all we've got here?

Now, I am a Windy City fella, too, and it really IS possible that the Hillbuzz folks have been threatened in real life, off-line. That's how Democrat thugs in Chicago work. If you don't go with the program they send "the boys" around your place to "convince" you. We have one of the worst mobbed up governments in the country in Chicago. Always have. And King Daley runs it all. So, I can believe that the HillBuzz guys were accosted in real life.

However, there doesn't seem to be any webtrace of it. So, in that case, I don't see anything to post about. It ends up being a case of he said/he said. For me there is no there, there. I will not be writing about it as things stand now.

So, there you have it. On this one Joe and I stand on the same point. Now let's get back to our corners and open the artillery on the things that really matter. Oh, and we won in Massachusetts, nyah, nyah. (Well permit me a moment of triumphalism, will ya? The GOP will surely snatch defeat put of the jaws of victory like they always do)

Your pal, Warner Todd Huston
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By the way, this is jess between you and me, right Joe? LOL