Sunday, September 4, 2011

Only@Tea: Palin Rally Speaker Eric Golub's HighLARious Jokes About Special Needs Children Get Crickets From Hillbuzz

So, Teahadists, you may have carry permits, but what if the proper weapon is a rotten tomato? In Indianola, at yesterday's Greatest Announcement Rally Ever To Never Feature An Announcement, painfully unfunny stockbroker/"comedian" Eric Golub joked about the youngest Palin being "defective:"

Palin “has such a value for human life, that she would even bring a child into this world she knew that modern medical technology would show that would be defective ideologically like Nancy Pelosi.”

What a wretch.  You'd think he'd have had to leave the stage under the assault of whatever overripe produce was to hand, but from the devoted Palinista crowd, crickets.
 Admittedly crickets following Golub material is par for the course (tune in at 7:20 to hear some familiar stuff), but given the recent round of wonderfully traffic-generating pearl clutching at Hillbuzz, all in the name (worked into a lather and repeated ad nauseum, ad infinitum) of Sarah Palin's little boy, shouldn't Kevin Dujan be stropping his straight razor for Golub?

Instead, Dujan, whose antennae usually swivel with alacrity towards the slightest usable off-kilter squeak, hasn't seen fit to address this nationally televised mockery towards Palin's child, and special-needs children, in any way, even though one of his readers pointed it out to him:
gretta gets nowhere with the tender sensibilities at Hillbuzz

As of 23 hours later, gretta's comment is the only trace of uneasiness exhibited by anyone remotely connected with Kevin Dujan's operation. The fierce, diehard defender of all things to do with Sarah's Down Syndrome affected little boy (whose name appears in the image above, but is not Googleable; I'd rather not have the cheap hits), the man who hounded a local video producer and set his crew on defacing the event page of an anti-bullying charity for much less, has nothing to say about a right-winger's vile remarks on a national stage, about the littlest Palin.

  There's nothing profitable in it for him, so why should he? 

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  1. Oh well, if he was "100% behind Palin 2012", that's all right then. "Carmelo Junior", huh? Ooo-kay.

    I suspect Kevin might be more outraged about Golub's poor taste if Golub were, say, a member of Chicago's gay community with whom Kevin needed to settle some scores. As for his clue-less commenters, maybe they didn't realise it was a joke? Or even about the little boy? Golub's delivery is so bad and he takes so long to get to the punchline that probably all they heard was Humina Humina defective Pelosi!

    By the way, speaking of self-loathing gays, after seeing Kevin's latest "Gay-stapo" posts I see what you mean. Or at least if he doesn't loathe himself, he loathes every other gay man in Chicago.

  2. Ugh....I can tell you one thing, I couldn't watch that comic. Actually, couldn't watch most of it and had to keep it on so I wouldn't miss Sarah, but oh Jesus, it was bad. I heard parts of that comic's routine (missed the Trig joke) and I shuddered. It was terrible. He made some Israel/Palistine joke and I had to leave the room. Sorry, I realize that this was about HB's hypocricy, but know that most people probably missed it because they couldn't watch it and were just waiting for Sarah.