Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shillbuzzers Aren't Misogynists, No Sirree!

The Shillbuzz dolts who have decided to try to "out" me are a whole new order of cretins.

That they cheerfully, brainlessly, perform what is considered, internet-wide, gross acts of malfeasance on complete strangers and innocent parties, has been established. *So it shouldn't be a surprise to anybody to read this (as always, draped in finery to compensate for the fiercely atrocious sentiments, for your viewing pleasure and comforting emotional distance):

Thanks, Lord of the Flies!

Yes, this menacing goofball wants my actual physical address, and finds it perfectly appropriate to refer to a woman he has never laid eyes on, and who has done nothing either to him or to anyone he knows, a b***h. And I'm delighted to say that since he avows that he has sent a "pdf" of the blogroll to Harvey Bilk, and since Harvey Bilk shows up twice on the thread, then HB is obviously aware of the degree of cyber-stalking he is encouraging.

If Menacing Michael F weren't unable to find his behind with a three-way mirror, he'd know how to find the Flickr drawings he complains of losing. They haven't gone anywhere. But let's just see how long it takes him to figure it out for himself.

And that's why I'm not especially afraid of Menacing Michael. Another reason I'm not afraid is in that link he posted; he apparently can't read very well, or he'd know that as far as threats go, he's very small potatoes. The smallest.

*Usually, I would link to the offending posts directly, but I'm trying to maintain the threadbare illusion that I still have some privacy.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Since Harvey Bilk has decided to send you here, I thought I'd roll out the welcome mat:
Buy A Mirror, Babe
idiot's appearance changed to protect her identity from her personality

Update: So sweet of Harvey Bilk to dedicate a post to poor old neglected Snarkopolitan. Yes, it's true, Snarkopolitan ran a blog consisting of a single post dedicated to helping "socially conscious" neighbors try to get a spot in her apartment complex through a long-closed lottery! She or he is the evillist person!

So I took down the blog because it shows the apartment complex where I live. But if you intrepid dupes, I mean sleuths, of Shillbuzz want to waste your hospital slippers trying to track me down, I heartily invite you to try and find me. In the meantime, hit that Paypal button, before Bilk starts scolding you again!

Shillbuzz's Worst Nightmare, That's Who

Update Update:

Readers! We get readers!
Crackers Maggie, this one's for YOU!

Crackers Maggie Reads Snarkopolitan!
Nincompoop's appearance changed to spare her family the humiliation

alessandro: you rock

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hellooooo, Hillbuzz!

Poor old neglected Snarkopolitan is playing reluctant Lazarus to a set of fiercely determined and resolutely idiotic would-be Sherlock Holmeses, who have breathlessly convinced themselves that everybody from George Soros to Maurice Sendak has participated in a conspiracy to silence the eternal drone of the stuck doorbell of intolerance that is Hillbuzz. They provide no links or proof, just dark assertions that are so overblown Dean Koontz would blush. Herewith, a screencap, which, as they are stultifying writers of flaccid, necrotic prose, I have kindly turned into a Blingee for my readers' relief:


We have no evidence but Hillbuzz's assertion of this fell conspiracy. But they, or perhaps, "he," had the cloak of anonymity pulled off by a blogger entirely unrelated to poor old neglected Snarkopolitan, or Mrs. Polly's friends and co-bloggers elsewhere. This caused the Buzzers, or Buzzer, as there seems to be only one, to pitch a mouth-foaming fit of epic proportions, and if saliva were subpoenas we'd have all been served.

The unfortunate innocents whose names and addresses have been published by the Hillbuzzing chuckleheads in their reckless search for revenge, have committed no crimes; some of them merely share last names with other strangers who run blog-registering sites.


This fellow in Rhode Island has perhaps done graphic design for a website owned by someone who shares a surname with the actual target of Hillbuzz's wrath. And Hillbuzzers have no compunction in doing exactly what they accuse others of doing-- making threats:

Hillbuzz Makes Threats Fun!
The abandon with which these hitherto anonymous and uninvolved parties' names are being smeared at Hillbuzz was enough to alarm a commenter who still had remnants of caution, if not decency:


Yes, for all that's holy, Hillbuzz, be careful As Jo Chgo says. You might want to remove that posting of the respected psychiatrist, but since you have the number, why don't you give him a call?

And should he or any of the people whose names and information you've published in your haste to divert attention from the acrid odor of bigotry on your own blog wish to sue you, as you can see, I've quite a lot of screen caps.