Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hillbuzz Suffering Halfsphynxiation

American Artemis In CleoPalin Finery, With Sacred Dujbeetle
Harvey Bilk is prognosticating again: SHE'S RUNNING!  How does he know, when the American Artemis, or as I like to think of her, the Wassilla Sphynx, won't even tell her lamestream buddy Greta?

Because she's looking Presidential in Pink! Fashion maven Kevin doesn't remember seeing her in pink before!

Because she didn't mention the actual candidates' names! She just ran them down pointedly enough to make clear whom she was talking about. Clever!

Except for Newt! She gaves props to the man who's just running to pay some bills, as we all know, wink wink! No harm fluffing him. So presidential!

Because she praised the Tea Party and "We the People" and the Pioneering Spirit! Nobody does that who isn't running for president!

And she slammed President Obama! That settles it!


Brought to you by Mrs. Polly of Snarkopolitan, the Undead Blog, who is ready to send a postcard to Sarah herself: RUN SARAH RUN!!!! Make this snark blog the happiest blog in the world. ;o}


  1. Mrs. P - This has got to be my favorite Sarah blingie ever!

    Bless you for wading through the muck over there.

  2. Thanks, A. That article wasn't so much muck as artificially sweetened marshmallow fluff. I couldn't stop giggling at "Pink is a sign!"

    And C4P bit, hard, but not everybody there is convinced:

    briefly reviewing Hillbuzz's 5 signs

    5. Her appearance and demeanor were presidential and she deliberately chose to be a visual contrast to everyone on stage that night

    .. pure poppycock .. find it difficult to believe Gov. Palin spent the bulk of the 2 hour debate evaluating the fashions of the candidates onstage. If you believe Palin is a serious contender to lead this country, then she did not spend the debate ruminating whether a pink blouse set the proper contrast. (this comment is not aimed at her presidential demeanor, but rather the assertion the Palin spent the debate sifting thru her closet)

  3. Other C4Pers were more receptive to alternate "subtle signals":

    "Although I do not think Sarah spent the entire 2 hours deciding what to wear,I do believe she makes intential choices.
    For example, wearing the Garmin gps watch for the Newsweek cover shoot. That signaled to me, "I am running."
    And I think the earrings she wore on Greta were 'warrior princess', ready for battle.
    I love her subtle signals.
    I am a martial artist and there are many techniques that to the average eye would appear to be respectful gestures but can actually be applied as offense or defense in a battle.
    Sarah Palin just continues to prove on so many levels why she is a Great Leader!
    GAME ON!"

    Offense or defense in battle? Is she going to poke Bachmann's eyes out with her "Warrior Princess" earrings?

  4. I agree that this is a great Sarah blingee. I even think she'd like it herself.