Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hillbuzz: Don't Even Ask

Kevin Dujan's Little Helper Awarded Medal Of Error!
Profound apologies to Phil Silvers fans
This is a proud day for America and Snarkopolitan. No, I refer not to the ending of DADT, though watching the men and women who have long served their country at last being able to experience the freedom they enlisted to defend made me a bit teary. But that was yesterday's news, and time, like the newly out-and-proud American soldier, marches on!

 Today, Snarkopolitan is pleased to announce the creation of the SnarkoBuzz Medal of Error, awarded for the saddest evidence of delusional thinking by the poor creatures in thrall to World's Crappiest Cult Leader over at Harvey Bilk's Emporium of Cut-Rate Hate and Moneygrubbing, Hillbuzz.*
*Note: this is not an award for mere stupidity or hatefulness, since Snarkopolitan is a little blog and couldn't handle the volume.

The first winner, a man of deep sentiment and even deeper pockets, appears in the Do We Like That Obama ended DADT? Don't Ask thread, where gays are fine as long as they stick to providing first-class conservative commentary and stay out of the shower. Yes, Kevin's got a civil-rights-averse enclave of homophobes cheerily attacking female and gay soldiers on his very own blog. Gays are part of Obama's plan to ruin the military, and will get preferential treatment! Women shouldn't be where testosterone-riddled manimals could get at them, for their own silly good! 

Perhaps someone from the Israeli Army should train our U.S. forces in proper military conduct, since the Hillbuzzers have so little faith in our troops. The Israeli army is integrated, both gender and preference, and nobody complains that they don't get the job done.

But our Medal recipient, Blog-Ad evergreen newtlove, wishes to remind us that while heroic gay men and women undertook to serve their country by hiding their orientation, they weren't as forthright as his hero Harvey Bilk, who tried to enlist, but was turned away for being too honest:

(They weren't as honest with their recruiters as Kevin was, and so they got in.) 

The One, The Loud

Snarkopolitan has tried to help Harvey achieve his dream before, and from his latest absence, we can only infer that he has taken his shoulder-mounted ghost-nuns and run off to make good on his commitment to God and country by joining up.  Heaven bless you, soldier! I'm sure they'll snap you up; the Marines having fought DADT the hardest, they are now recruiting the LGBT community the hardest, because they want to be the best at everything.  
Drop And Give Me Ten, Dujan!
Simper Feh
Brought to you by Mrs. Polly of Snarkopolitan, the Undead Blog, enjoying how conveniently Kevin's epaulettes serve as platforms for shouldernuns! 


  1. They're all over the place, aren't they? It's hard to come up with a coherent comeback when your enemy does a good thing.

    So much stupidity.

    I always thought that repealing it would bring us back to the days before it was enacted, which I suspect no one wanted.
    So why do you think gays worked FOR repealing it?

    Just as businesses have workplace rules for "relationships," (forbidden within the same group), the military had that when women were cut out of combat and ship-board jobs.
    Business workplaces forbid "relationships", really? You don't watch many sit-coms, do you?

    My greatest fear is the homosexuals will become a privileged minority within the military. Quotas at promotion boards, enforced attendance at gay pride functions ...
    Perfectly understandable. After all, following previous landmark integration efforts within the military, dissing the way white people dance became mandatory and you could wind up in the brig for refusing to talk about your feelings.

    They weren't as honest with their recruiters as Kevin was, and so they got in.
    You realise the meaning of Don't Ask, Don't Tell is that they WERE NOT ASKED and they DID NOT HAVE TO TELL their recruiters about their sexual orientation, right? But hey, way to diss brave servicemen and women who were willing to sacrifice their private lives to serve.

    What irks me no end is that the Dems are taking total credit for this repeal.
    Obviously someone didn't get the memo. We've decided it's a BAD thing, Green-eyed. Try to keep up.

    Disgusting fags, stay out of my shower and away from my shiny soapy behind. Stay away, I say! (not exactly a direct quote)
    Oh "Carmelo Junior". Somehow you're not very convincing. Could it be because you're pretending that you look like Ricky Martin?

  2. OMG!! Mrs. Polly, that graphic beyond hysterical. Simper Feh to you!


  3. "Shoulder-mounted ghost-nuns" elicited a guffaw loud enough to rouse sleeping dogs. It has surely secured you a spot in Snark Heaven as well.

  4. How gross! The Left Is Taking Credit! Because John McCain, Rick Perry, or What RINO/TeaGop/America's Backseat Driver (H/T my pal StrangeAppar8us) would ENTIRELY have signed the repeal, correct, Log Cranium Repubs? And Absentee Slamlord Harvey? Watching while you made excuses for the people who deny your full citizen's Right To Pursue Happiness is a sad sight. Watching the demographic you've decided to target, targeting you for second-class status ought to be instructive, yet somehow you just manage not to see it. But no wonder you get depressed.

    @A: And I should have changed "Hooah!" to "HUH?"

    Kevin's been gone for a week, which must mean that he's gotten through "Hell Week" in his training. Good show, KD! So wonderful that he decided to step up as soon as he was able.

    @Betty: thank you kindly! Kevin's SMGNs have a pretty high kill rate for miniaturized ectoplasm; they're holy but deadly! Definitely the spiritual weapon of choice for today's army.