Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Visit To The Hillbuzz Sock Drawer

Whatever happened to dear Sebastian Gray, who wrote "Gray Matters" for Hillbuzz? Good old "Bast" had his own snappy graphic and everything.  Here he is, as designed by "our good friend Theresa" and modeled by Kevin, his biggest booster:
Kevin Dujan Has A Hole In His Sock
"Theresa" is good at capturing a likeness!

"Bast's" good friend Kevin liked his writing so much, he gave him his own twice-weekly column, although he wrote about "Bast" (and all the crew at Buzzquarters) as if he thought "Bast" would never read it.

Here's Kevin writing with, shall we say, notable vehemence about "Bast's" ex-boyfriend's battleaxe of a mother:
Kevin Dujan Loved His Smurf Clock!
So Kevin, how do you really feel about Sebastian's boyfriend David's Mother?
Sebastian had worse traumas, though, than losing his Smurf Clock to the thrice-married harridan (who even merits her own tag: "Louella the twice-divorced publicly shamed adulteress"): he was mugged. In New York City. By Blacks. 

That'll learn him not to be PC and stay on the street when he sees a bunch of darker-hued people coming towards him. And it's not like he's some rube who doesn't know how to get along in the big city: Sebastian is from Cleveland, after all! The Thunderdome, as fate would have it. Maybe he and Kevin met there when they were growing up in the selfsame tough neighborhood. Maybe they were a comfort to each other.

I have nothing but sympathy for whoever is the victim of a mugging. Sad to say, New York City isn't, hard as this is to believe, entirely safe. But neither is my little home town,  where I was mugged, by a bunch of teenage water buffaloes from Smitty's bar by the railroad, as I was coming home from the city a little too late.

Darned Italian/Irish/Lithuanian/?/Germans! I'd like to hate you all, but it's so hard keeping you straight!

"Gray Matters" lasted a grand total of five posts. That works out to two-and-a-half weeks. Then, Sebastian Gray, beloved friend of Kevin Dujan, who has a rough time finding true friends, just disappeared. His last post was in May of 2010.

Whither Sebastian? Why haven't we heard? He doesn't write! He doesn't call! It's almost as if he never existed, isn't it?

Brought to you by Mrs. Polly of Snarkopolitan, the Undead Blog, who asks, "How about we see Sebastian's report card, Kevin dear? Or shall we assume he flunked all the courses he ever took?"


  1. The depiction of "Sebastian Gray" in the graphic bears a suspicious resemblance to an idealized self-image that may reside in the noggin of a certain Comb-Over Hobbit. It must've taken preternatural restraint to go with "Gray" rather than "Flyte."

  2. Betty, I like to think of him as "Sebastian Lyte." There is an autobiographical post about him, but it's so painfully personal that I left it out. I will tell you, though, that nobody's background has ever been as sympathetically described by Kevin as Sebastian's, and that Sebastian is tall, tan matinee idol material.

  3. Sebastian Lyte -- hahaha! Well, the sympathetic treatment of "Bast's" background confirms our suspicions then. Dujan reserves the lion's share of his sympathy for himself at all times.

  4. WAH says...

    Good Day, Miss Polly.

    Well, I ended up over at HB today, not knowing a link was taking me there. Ugh! Only been there once when new site first opened and there was so much going on it slowed down the computer; gave up on the curiosity factor.

    Time really does stand still. "NOTE: We’re having technical problems here at Buzzquarters so posting might be spotty through the weekend as we resolve them. It’s either computer or ISP network trouble, and until we determine which and resolve them, we appreciate your scouring the internet for interesting things to share in the Open Threads until we get back to normal."

    Wasn't it all Wordpress fault the first time around; the second time around; the zillioneth time around? Suppose the glitch is none of his groupies will do the work this weekend? Your thoughts, Ma'am?

  5. My, Louella got told, didn't she? Although presumably she is still David's mother, while Sebastian is no longer David's boyfriend. Funny how that worked out.

    I finally got around one day recently to reading the comments left by the Hillbuzz escapees who briefly lighted on your blog, Mrs. Polly. I couldn't help being touched by the understanding and forgiveness that many of the commenters showed Kevin, choosing to see him not as a con man and manipulator but as a troubled soul who couldn't even follow up on his own scams. Made me feel almost sorry for him myself.

    Then I read something as vicious as his comments on Louella, remember the nasty things he says about others -- especially women, and I run out of sympathy.

  6. WAH, whatever the glitch, it didn't stop him from posting about having a glitch stopping him from posting. Now I have to hold my poor aching head.

    @Mary: That was a thread and a half, and well worth the reading. Kevin lost some really loyal, devoted, supporters because he hadn't the sense to value them, nor the generosity of spirit to acknowledge he'd made a mistake and apologize. That's not in his make-up.

    I go back and forth on Kevin all the time, and have pulled a few punches because I do think he's a very sad figure. Generally what gets me going is when he does something outrageous or cruel This time it was when he turned a "teachable moment" involving a tasteless remark about the youngest Palin into another full-scale McCarthyesque persecution of many people peripherally, or even not, connected with the original offense, apparently with the intention of ruining them as best he could.

    At the same time, a similarly offensive remark by a conservative "comedian" he gave a pass. I would call the remark by the unfunny Mr. Golub worse, in that he called the little boy "defective," among other things.

    For whatever reason, be it a horrible childhood or just being a schtunk, Kevin enjoys using people to further himself, as if they were toys in a world where he's the only Real Boy.

    That usually crisps me right up.

  7. WAH says, "schtunk". Never heard the word before but is fun to say. I so want to use it properly (trying to upgrade the manners and etiquette); how about a few more sentences demonstrating the fullness of character of "schtunk"?