Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Most Important Post I Will Ever Write: StrangeAppar8us Needs Our Help

My dear friend Strange has suffered a terrible, life-altering traumatic brain injury, which has left him blind. He is hospitalized and expected to survive, but has little in the way of resources, so we are doing what we can for him. Here is the fundraiser our jolly little mutual blog is running for him.

 We can't hope to cover his massive hospital bills, but down the road he'll be needing adaptive technology which may help him write again, and other items that will help him adjust, we hope and pray, to this new world.

This is a terrible time financially for many of us, I know, but please consider doing what you can: no amount, including a dollar, is too small. And to any of my Right-Wing Christian Conservative friends who might conceivably stop by from time to time: yes, this guy is a big honking liberal, but as you know from our acquaintance, good people transcend politics.

 Strange is a dear, sweet soul who was the person everybody in his neighborhood came to with their troubles. He took in strays, whether cats or people, and found homes for them. A lot of the cats he kept; at one time he had eight. He emailed me one night when a wealthy couple came to him with a badly ill stray whom he called "the little stranger." For one night in that little cat's life, she had a box with a soft blanket, and a catnip toy. She was obviously not going to make it, and he took her to the vet to be put out of her misery the next day.

Of course the wealthy couple stuck him with the vet bill.

If you are low on funds before the holidays, don't worry: the fundraising for our wonderful, erudite, witty, kind, friend will be ongoing. Pitch in what you can, when you can. Goodness knows, he'd do the same for anybody else. And thank you. Whatever you give will make a distinct difference in his life.