Hillbuzz And Me: The Hunting Of The Snark

                   Shillbuzz's Worst Nightmare, That's Who
Actual graphic posted by Kevin Dujan on Hillbuzz's Get Polly Page, slightly doctored. The sentiment in full reads: "WANTED FOR LIBEL   LAST SEEN NEAR THE ALINSKY MACHINE (!)

To newcomers: What is this place that obsesses on the misdoings of one bizarre little man, when we could be out gamboling on pastures and cropping sweet clover?

Well, once upon a time, this blog, poor old neglected Snarkopolitan, was moribund. Had been  for ten months. Defunct. Dust-blanketed, tumbleweeds blowing through. I'd been asked to write for another blog, a jolly little blog ( a thousand times bigger than this one, which still left it small, which tells you just how unremarked this blog was) devoted to polisnark, meaning, pointing and laughing at the vicious and the stupid. Naturally, given that mission, the antics of Hillbuzz (thanking George Bush and Dick Cheney!) merited a bit of laughter: two or three posts worth, over the course of a couple of years. None of these posts exposed Harvey's RL identity. They simply laughed at him.

Evidently, Harvey Bilk rates being laughed at as about the equivalent of murder.  So when a regular commenter at the jolly little blog looked up Hillbuzz's owner, a matter of public record, and published it somewhere else (he tried to post it in an open thread at the jolly little blog, but the blog owner pulled it instantly, because we do not do that), Kevin Dujan issued shrieks of dismay. 

Despite already being something of a laughingstock/pariah in Chicago for his very visible (interviews! Magazine articles!) presence as a PUMA Democrat for McCain, Dujan used the incident as a pretext to attack the owner of the jolly little blog, make Uriah Heeplike insinuating remarks about the owner's wife, and create a paranoid psychotic's Bayeux Tapestry of nonsensical interconnections, all of which handily served as a fundraising device. He sent out a call to all the far-right blov-o-sphere, and set up his own McCarthyesque Clown-Dunking Booth, with a different victim every night, under similar WANTED graphics to the one above. It was a tour-de-farce.

Poor old neglected Snarkopolitan, ten months silent, became one of the surprise hits of Harvey Bilk's Week-Long Drive-Up Auto-da-fe Festival, wherein ThiHarvey's lovely commenters fished through this blog and all the internet, looking for material to condemn me and publish my real name and physical address . They were flagrantly insane, abusive, and silly, alternately calling me a b*tch and discussing parrot diseases (POLLY! Get it get it get it?). 

This Pay-Per-View persecution made Harvey a right-wing causeless celebre, and raised him some real folding green, but also revived the long-dormant mighty voice of reason more or less that is this little backwater blog. And we will not rest, except when needed (which is unfortunately often),  in recording a representative portion of the genuinely mean, slanderous, and frequently actionable misbehavior of this repugnant fellow.

  Cyber-stalking is a fourth-class felony, btw. And no, recording someone's public statements on a blog is not cyber-stalking, Kevin. Publishing her private information, and exhorting your followers to hound her, however, is. You should thank your lucky stars that none of your victims have considered you worth their precious time--so far.

The Snarko/Hillbuzz Warposts:   

Helloooo Hillbuzz!   In which, immediately after Dujan puts up his stalking post,  Mrs. Polly welcomes the Hillbuzzers to her blog for the first time. Dujan also indicts complete strangers whose names may resemble those of his imagined persecutors, and his followers make threats! Fun screencaps, Blingee'd-up for enhanced viewing!

WELCOME SHILLBUZZERS! Where we meet Maggie the Michelle-hating Aussie. The happy coincidence that one of my co-bloggers is named Betty Cracker (also given a day of tribute during Shillbuzz Witchhunting Week ) leads to HILLarity and hijinks.

Boy, You Try To Keep The Place Nice  Poor old neglected Snarkopolitan, mid-stalking.

Amy Siskind: Safety For Women Unless They Don't Agree With Me!  Introducing the CEO/President/Spokeswoman/Treasurer/Founder/Talking Head of the New Agenda ("A Voice For All Women"), Amy Siskind, who offers Harvey help cyber-stalking a woman who got on her last good nerve.

This page brought to you as always, by Mrs. Polly, a woman who can hardly wait to get back to life as she was living it before the Lord Of The Flies found her!