Saturday, September 10, 2011

An American Artemis For Hillbuzz


O Great Grisly Mama of the Frozen North, Our American Artemis, your followers cry out to you for nourishment, yet none will you give them save the words "my plan," on which they suck even down to the last crumb, for from within to draw the nugatory virtue.

 We venerate thee, Fecund One, who appeareth now here, now there, wherever the light shineth on someone else, for though the voices of our tribe now raise up against thee, we will never falter in our devotion, no matter how embarrassing

Just ask Hillary.

Brought to you as always by Mrs. Polly of Snarkopolitan, the Undead Blog, with apologies to her conservative pals~~hey look, guys, you knew I couldn't keep pulling my punches forever!


  1. I had to laugh when one of your links led to a Hillbuzz post from 2009 where Kevin's all "Hey gang, let's get our Sharpies out and make bumper stickers and videos for Sarah that I can use to get myself a job!". He's doing exactly the same thing this weekend. He could have re-cycled the post word for word.

    I can understand that Kevin wants to get back in the game but if he's relying on the efforts of what's left of his Hillbuzz cadre to come up with a portfolio that he can parlay into a role on someone's campaign, he's going to be so disappointed. And I think the subsequent meltdown will make the USO hissy fit look like a raised eyebrow and a "tsk tsk".

    As for Artemis, I doubt Kevin is aware of her multi-boobed persona or has heard that she was the bringer of death to young girls and to women in childbirth. His vision of her seems largely inspired by Disney, given his fascination for 'shopping wild animals into photos of Palin like Snow White surrounded by the forest dwellers.

    Doesn't he realise this will only remind people that she likes to kill these magnificent creatures? Why not just show her licking her lips as moose burgers and eagle drumsticks float around her head?

  2. Mary, Kudos for getting the goods on Artemis! Yes, she protected women in childbirth, but ye goddesses and little witches, she slew them, suddenly and frequently!

    Poor Ariadne. And Koronis. And Ladomeia, and Andromache's mom.....