Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hillbuzz: Protest In Person? Let's Not Be Too Hasty!

Kevin Dujan, ACTIVIST!

When it comes to fighting for the good name (or the chance to use it, anyway) of the youngest Palin, Kevin Dujan is a Grizzly! A Lion! His rage will not be brooked! He will give no quart--

--You mean, actually go there? Like, in person? Um, and bring Justin and the other boyz? Oh, never mind.

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What Would Hillbuzz Do Without Suckers?

Awful Merman
So since Kevin Dujan has managed to whip up a good profitable head of fury over a thoughtless aside about the youngest Palin, whose name Kevin constantly uses as a kind of all-purpose spray-on outrage freshener, you'd think somebody might question front-pager (and major contributor) Newt Love's thoughtless use of the pejorative suffix "tard." Wouldn't you?
love is a many splintered wingnut
Not feeling the Newt

Brought to you as always by Mrs. Polly of Snarkopolitan, the Undead Blog, jolted to life by the tender ministrations of one Kevin Dujan. Something of a mistake on his part, it would seem! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hillbuzz Makes Mountain Out Of BuzzHill, Using Youngest Palin

Kevin Dujan Erasing Reality Again
When Dujans Attack, Even Deleting Won't Help You!

Kevin Dujan complaining about deleted comments is like Casey Anthony complaining about bad parenting. But even after the makers of "only@brunch", a video apparently meant to be shown at his local gay bar, apologized and edited out an offensive remark he complained to them about, they are still the latest targets of his undying wrath, which has stretched now to five  six posts and well over 8,000 10,000 words. **UPDATE** And now includes harassing an anti-bullying charity started by famously pro-LGBT straight footballer, Ben Cohen, for the crime of having an upcoming fundraiser at the bar which showed this video two weeks ago.

Let's cut to the chase immediately: one of the participants in this video made an ill-advised comment about Trig Palin. To be specific, while discussing Michele Bachmann, one man giggled, "She looks like Trig!"  The other men around the table may or may not have heard the comment, which was neither responded to or elaborated on. They continued to talk about Bachmann before moving on to other subjects, and Trig was never brought up again.

That was the whole "attack" in its entirety. It was a mean thing to say, certainly, and stupid.