Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sarah Palin Is Positively Polarizing!

The Polar Princess Of Malaprops
New-ku-lar Winter's Comin' Early!

First, apologies to my fours of readers for the long, employment-based absence, during which many, many wonderfully awful happenings went unremarked by anybody but the whole entire rest of the blogosphere, where I hope they found succor.

Second, it is just plain impossible to keep pace with the bubbling cauldron of lunacy over at that place which once had my poor little defunct blog in its crosshairs, because I do not have the strength of the Mad; Harvey's One-Stop All-You-Can-Hate Shack has stayed open for business 24/7. But I bring you this latest morsel, and hope to find a few more from the murky stew he keeps reheating, soon:

Hillbuzz is now trying to "take back" the term "Polarizing" and make it into a positive. Brilliant! Next, he/they can work on making "Ignorant," "Jingoistic," "Self-righteous," "Quitter," "Paranoid" and "Shameless" into positives. Given the material he/they* have to work with, it's a technique he/they* had better learn to perfect.

*Look at the graceless, exhausting, sameness of HB's endless river of phlegmy prose , combined with no physical manifestation of any "boiz" except for Harvey. Two dollars says that "Panda" is sitting on Harvey's bed right now, sporting tear-soaked modacrylic fur, kapok stuffing, and a missing ear.

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