Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hillbuzz: Protest In Person? Let's Not Be Too Hasty!

Kevin Dujan, ACTIVIST!

When it comes to fighting for the good name (or the chance to use it, anyway) of the youngest Palin, Kevin Dujan is a Grizzly! A Lion! His rage will not be brooked! He will give no quart--

--You mean, actually go there? Like, in person? Um, and bring Justin and the other boyz? Oh, never mind.

Brought to you by Mrs. Polly of Snarkopolitan, the Undead Blog, who reminds you to go to any Hillbuzz link early and get there before the Rushball proprietor deletes it!


  1. Oh, Art, please refuse to stop showing these hateful videos. Please!

    I get the feeling that Kevin has personal issues with the Chicago personalities whom he attacks. Whether it's the club owners or one or more of the people who made the video ... Something happened with one of these guys and/or in this club and Kevin is bitter.

  2. Mary, I highly doubt the owner of the most popular bar in Boystown is going to let Harvey Bilk dictate what he can show in his bar. So Harvey should haul out the picket signs now! "Justin" can use his skillz doing the lettering.

    I get the impression that Kevin's doing some score-settling, too. After all, look at the Chicago Young Republicans, with whom he had that "very public blow-up." Deny him the treasurer post, and you too can be called a snuggly blondy date-rapist!

  3. Thanks Chuck, it seems to have been a temporary issue.

  4. I wonder if Sidetracks refused to show Justin Beiber videos, denying poor old Kevin the chance to see his "boyfriend".

    His "boyfriend", if real, must be a great catch for him. Gay and Conservative in Chicago. Teh same views and the same writing style and the patience to put up with being ridiculed online for being a "wimp".

  5. Unbelievable patience, wouldn't you say?

    Given the way that Kevin speaks slightingly of the poor boy in every second post it's safe to assume that if there ever was a Justin, he's either long gone or was never interested in the first place. There's no other way to account for Kevin's need to constantly bring Justin into the conversation while at the same time trashing him in the most demeaning terms.

  6. Certainly you'd think being referred to as a clueless World of Warcraft idiot would lead to some heated discussions at home, but no. It's almost as if Kevin thinks Justin won't be reading the blog, despite Justin's burgeoning interest in all things Palinical.

  7. After using the googles, now banned on Hillbuzz, I think poor Justin is having far too much fun with Ms Gomez (quick SB1070 culprit) to know or even care about the writings of Mr Dujan.

  8. Lol @capchta - Cult Init

  9. Here's a pic of the happy couple as believable as the other pics published by Kevin.