Friday, September 23, 2011

RW Pearlclutching Claptrap Of The Day: ZOMG, BLINGATE!!1!!

Populist Palin shocked at the excess!
Dancing while the 10% unemployed burn!!!!1!!!
Oh relax, Populist Sarah Palin. Michelle's diamond cuffs were borrowed, and giving a boost to the billion-dollar American fashion industry is one of the First Lady's functions. Just ask Nancy Reagan!  For that matter, does "belly of the plane" ring a bell?

I'm sorry Hillbuzz has decided to pick on Nancy~~again!~~for her desire to kick up her borrowed heels during a time of high unemployment such as the 10% plus of the Reagan years. I thought they liked her. It seems rather mean to do that to an old lady. But Kathleen has to do something to fling up a post while Kevin's on yet another walkabout, and reheated Weasels is better than nothing at all! Well, nearly better.

Brought to you as always by Mrs. Polly of Snarkopolitan, the Undead Blog, noting that the devoted Kathleen's attempt to fill in for Kevin and liveblog the ninnies' debate was breathtaking in its detail except she didn't seem to hear them boo the gay soldier! She should call a television repairman about that!


  1. OMG, POTUS wants to tax millionaires. RICH are GOOD, POOR are BAD. OMG, FLOTUS wears diamond bracelets. RICH are BAD ... no, wait. What?

    It may be 180 degrees from the rest of their philosophy but at least they get to repeatedly use the word "bling" in the same sentence as "Obama" so it's all worth it.

  2. Mary, how dare the Obamas behave like they have a right to anything, much less to all the trappings of the White House? I think that pretty much sums up the HB attitude.

    How dare they go anywhere when the Secret Service has to come along? Never mind that President Bush jetted to Crawford every chance he got, and the Service came, too. Just because Bush liked to go to a hot,, how shall I say this without offending Texans?...featureless little town, doesn't mean it didn't cost every bit as much as wherever the Obama family goes. Likewise the Reagans, taking Air Force One to the ranch every weekend. Of course, the Obamas don't have a "vacation home" the way the Bushes and Reagans did, but how dare that Obummer go to Camp David on the weekends! Because Camp David has no communications with the outside world and no President ever worked there! How dare the father of two young children go on any vacation at all?

    How dare they use the White House as if it were their home or something, watching soccer matches with their children, barefoot? (Betty Ford barefoot on the Cabinet meeting table didn't bother anybody at all, of course; that was cute).

    How dare they use: helicopters, armored limos, the WH pastry chef, four-star hotels which can be secured. How dare they wear designer clothes? How dare Michelle (often referred to by the charming and Christian term "Wookie") dress like a tall fortyish urban woman instead of a tiny sixty-five-year-old California socialite (For "urban", read "gangsta," naturally; who can even tell Obama from P. Diddy? They're like twins)?

    How dare they have State Dinners in the White House, instead of eating Banquet frozen dinners on TV trays in the private residence? How dare they drink cocktails? How dare they eat fancy foods? And how dare they be concerned about Our Children's health? Fascists! Since she tells us we can never have a hamburger, ever, ever again (FYI, sweeties: she's never said that), we will show her with her mouth full every time she has one, because we have never heard of the concept of moderation!

    How dare they do anything Our Beloved Saints Ronnie and Nancy did? Who do they think they are? Let's do as Jesus tells us and rip apart their every move and physical attribute! And in Moo-chelle's case, we'll do it out of concern, because if she doesn't look like a top glamor-puss every moment of the day, she's disgracing the country! How dare she dress comfortably to walk the dog? Let's just call her names that evoke gigantic, dark, animals--"wookie" "Sasquatch" "Moo-chelle", but just because we don't want to think of her as human, don't you play that R-word card, now!

    So arrogant of them to do what every other first family has done! For some reason.

  3. Nice post, Mrs. Polly. I have seen screeds similar to yours above, but seriously of the opnion that the White House, with it's full time chefs, bowling alleys, etc, should be more than adequate enough for the 4 years the Obama's spend there, and why would they want to go anywhere else, like on vacation, the beach, out to dinner, etc?
    These folks are really tiring sometimes. Sigh.