Wednesday, September 21, 2011

RW Pearlclutching Claptrap Of The Day: ZOMG, UMBRELLAGATE!

YooHoo, Megan "Only Douchebags do it"  Fox!
You should watch your filthy mouth, young lady. Or perhaps wash it; putting your foot that far in is bad enough, without stepping in a load of something first.
Megan Fox loathes people like this!
Took me 30 seconds of teh Google to find this image. If this is a sample of your researching skillz, what a wonderful fit you are for Hillbuzz! Add in your tasteful race-baiting invocation of "slaves," plus P. Diddy and Michael Jackson, and Neville Chamberlain for variety, and you've got quite the virulent hatefest.

Ironic that the President created a sensation on his first state visit to China for carrying his own umbrella, isn't it?
Is there a problem, Mr. Premier?
Megan Fox is not entirely to blame for her own silliness; she just obediently picked up the story from some RW propaganda factory like Weasel Zippers and added just enough hysteria to attract other people disposed to fume over a non-story involving their favorite hate-object.
"Douchebags," photo according to Pottymouth Megan Fox
At least Kevin would be creative. Where has he got to, anyway?

Brought to you by Mrs. Polly of Snarkopolitan, the Undead Blog, where we fondly remember the ineluctable stupidity of the RW flip-out over Jacketgate, too.

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  1. Megan Fox? My first thought was why would a beautiful starlet hang around a D-list blog when she could be filming another Transformers sequel? Then I realised it was Not The Beautiful Starlet Megan Fox, hostess to one of Kevin's many dinners last Thanksgiving. I guess it's payback time.

    As to where Kevin has disappeared to this time:

    Obviously MyBoyfriendJustin, tired of being constantly mocked for his lack of intellect, skills and ability to concentrate on anything but video games, has celebrated the repeal of DADT by running off to join the Marines.

    Kevin has followed MyBoyfriendJustin to boot camp, pretending to be his Aunt Bee on a visit from Mayberry and scandalising Drill Sgt Carter by doing MyBoyfriendJustin's laundry and making his bed, all the while explaining what an idiot MyBoyfriendJustin is.

    Either that, or Kevin is busy making placecards for Megan's next Thanksgiving Day dinner. Let's try to avoid those pesky conflicting placecard stories this year, people!