Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hillbuzz Dujan Vue Part Deux: Where Is Kevin Dujan AGAIN?

Where In The World Is Harvey Bilk NOW?
                             Kevin Dujan, no longer Sub-Rosa

Helloooo Hillbuzzers again! This is your unreasonably friendly hostess Mrs. Polly, (just ask some conservative friends, in, um, high places ;^}) telling you to try looking up the Hillbuzz July '09 archives. Yes, try all you want, but you won't find them, because that was the last time Kevin and his many personalities went seriously, mysteriously, AWOL.

 Now I go AWOL from poor old neglected Snarkopolitan all the time, but then I am not trying to build a major online presence, don't hit people up for money, or inveigle them into doing pro-bono work for the Cause while keeping them entirely in the dark. (Yoo-hoo Admin~ ever wonder who "Chrissy" was? She was the one who did all that work before you, was mistreated, and left.)