Monday, January 25, 2010

Hellooooo, Hillbuzz!

Poor old neglected Snarkopolitan is playing reluctant Lazarus to a set of fiercely determined and resolutely idiotic would-be Sherlock Holmeses, who have breathlessly convinced themselves that everybody from George Soros to Maurice Sendak has participated in a conspiracy to silence the eternal drone of the stuck doorbell of intolerance that is Hillbuzz. They provide no links or proof, just dark assertions that are so overblown Dean Koontz would blush. Herewith, a screencap, which, as they are stultifying writers of flaccid, necrotic prose, I have kindly turned into a Blingee for my readers' relief:


We have no evidence but Hillbuzz's assertion of this fell conspiracy. But they, or perhaps, "he," had the cloak of anonymity pulled off by a blogger entirely unrelated to poor old neglected Snarkopolitan, or Mrs. Polly's friends and co-bloggers elsewhere. This caused the Buzzers, or Buzzer, as there seems to be only one, to pitch a mouth-foaming fit of epic proportions, and if saliva were subpoenas we'd have all been served.

The unfortunate innocents whose names and addresses have been published by the Hillbuzzing chuckleheads in their reckless search for revenge, have committed no crimes; some of them merely share last names with other strangers who run blog-registering sites.


This fellow in Rhode Island has perhaps done graphic design for a website owned by someone who shares a surname with the actual target of Hillbuzz's wrath. And Hillbuzzers have no compunction in doing exactly what they accuse others of doing-- making threats:

Hillbuzz Makes Threats Fun!
The abandon with which these hitherto anonymous and uninvolved parties' names are being smeared at Hillbuzz was enough to alarm a commenter who still had remnants of caution, if not decency:


Yes, for all that's holy, Hillbuzz, be careful As Jo Chgo says. You might want to remove that posting of the respected psychiatrist, but since you have the number, why don't you give him a call?

And should he or any of the people whose names and information you've published in your haste to divert attention from the acrid odor of bigotry on your own blog wish to sue you, as you can see, I've quite a lot of screen caps.


  1. Good post Mrs. P. Nobody has any sympathy for the actions of the blogger who tried to "out" the Hillbuzz poster (and when he tried to post the information in a comment at RumpRoast Kevin K. deleted it and warned him not to do it again) but the reaction at Hillbuzz has been over the top to the point that they could be looking at legal action against them. Let's hope they decide to drop this whole thing and move on.

  2. Thanks, marin. Hillbuzz is now working Snarkopolitan into their latest attempt to pry cash from their followers, although in the attempt, they (he, really; the "boyz" part is evidently another fiction, to put it kindly)unwittingly (as always) expose Hillbuzz to be a typical bully:

    What follows is where things get really interesting, in the Grisham sense, because it’s clear to us the Left coordinated this attack upon on. ”TheBigotBasher” is an obscure blog that gets almost no traffic. According to, it’s ranked 9,459,458 in the US and is so little-read that it doesn’t even turn up in the global Internet rankings. By contrast, our site, HillBuzz, is currently ranked 14,852 in the US and 95,972 in global rankings.

  3. If any of you Hillbuzzers are reading this, the only way DailyKos or Democratic Underground got involved is because BigotBasher cross posted his piece at those sites. Nobody over there cares enough about the HillPutzes to enter into any kind of a conspiracy. Pure wishful thinking on their part.

  4. Well, the Hillbuzzers are way ahead of me on who Bigot Basher even was - not that I even cared. Not having read his and JohnD's version of StupidPumas or even aware that until just yesterday that BB wrote Kos diaries or wrote at DU (yuck), hats off to the busy little beavers at Hillbuzz.

  5. This is nothing but an attempt to raise money from the idiots who read them, the basher did not "out" them, the guy hangs out with the republicans and he was very active in the MA campaign to elect brown. He was mad he was called a racist, that is what this is all about, basher provided links of him commenting like one. The hillbuzz who is clearly shows the guy as the one who owns it. Also there was no stupid pumas version, just a repost of the same article, no threats, no lies, just links to the guys own words. It's unfortunate that they tied polly to any of this however I had never even read Hillbuzz until I saw the post at rr with the banner redo. These people are nuts.

  6. I will simply say that poor old Snarkopolitan has been moribund since LAST MARCH, as is perfectly evident from the archives, but I'm liking being back a whole lot, so thanks, zany simpletons!

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  8. I've taken down the comment of a dear friend who left her real name and challenged the hilariously dimwitted flying monkeys to come find her, since I would feel responsible for what happened if they did.

    I am now reduced to moderating comments like a fearful, reality-averse PUMA. Well, not quite--negative comments will NOT be wiped, but I'll take any down that could inflame the situation.

  9. "I am now reduced to moderating comments like a fearful, reality-averse PUMA."

    yes, unfortunate! but there are vicious, overly dramatic crazies out there who will undoubtedly soon start a $$-drive to "support legal action" -- we are being victimized!!!

    Just wait. What a joke!

    would also like to say that some people need to get a grip on reality. No one word left online by anyone makes anyone "unemployable" "my life is in danger" "my life will never be the same" bla bla blahhhhhhhhh............

  10. I know you and I are supposed to be the same person, Mrs. P, but I had to chime in on the "hilariously dimwitted" flying monkeys. If you've noticed an uptick in visitors, it's because one of the flying monKeystone Kops actually managed to find the URL to this here blog and triumphantly revealed it on a Hillbuzzkill thread last night!

    It's a pretty amazing bit of detective work, given that the head Hillhuckster has broadcast the name "Snarkopolitan" all week in each of his endless attempts to shake readers down for $$$. It's not like you could just Google "snarkopolitan" and get links to this blog at the top of the page. Oh wait...

  11. Hi! This is an increasingly popular trend among the right wing. Someone appears to have gone and let them in our secret weapon, teh Google. Who told?

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  13. Betty, how nice to hear from me!

    Yes, how shall me and thee, or we, or I, or Joe Cannon, or Alessandro, since we are all the same person, escape the pitiless eagle eyes of the Shillbuzz du--I mean mar--er, loyalists???

    I want my liiiiiife baaaaaaaccckkk! I had to take down a one-post blog announcing a long-closed lottery for an apartment at the place where I live so that these buzzos wouldn't waste their hospital slippers scuffling around the place looking for me--it's a sign of guilty knowledge! What am I hiding??? What am I hiiiddiinng! Perspiring minds want to know!

  14. @Allan, don't worry, they'll "forget" all about it when it starts yielding results they don't like.

    If Mark Penn had used it during the California Primaries, Hillary might be President now!*

    *Kidding. No she wouldn't. She'd have been creamed in the general. (That's GENERAL ELECTION for all you Shillbuzzers trying to follow along. You know, that's when "count every vote" actually means something. Oh, that's right, you don't.)

  15. gimmeabreak said...
    Anon - I tend to agree. If a person is that concerned that their real identity might be compromised, the should not write blogs or comment on them, or in XXXXXXXXX's* case, be active politically if he so feared backlash for his views. Activists, politicians and prominent journalists and bloggers always receive threats - that's the nature of the beast.

    I wrote for a major online publication - quite opinionated and with may jabs at these types for nearly two years. I've never lost a contract or a raise or a promotion. My highly corporate employer gave not a whit.

    *gimme, I took the liberty of removing Harvey Bilk's real name, as, though he has been waltzing with GOP rats for over a year, both in print and on TV, he is nonetheless somewhat tetchy about.

    These people. But I sympathize to some extent; he's trying to ride his anonymity to fame and fortune. That's a rough one.

  16. But it's a matter of faith that "Dear Hillary" was FAR more electable than uppity Obama.

    Just ask Philip Berg. His original lawsuit was intended to force the DNC to select the "more electable" Hillary Clinton.

    The failure of this lawsuit is why we're now suffering under President McCain and VP Palin. No, wait, we're NOT, are we?? So much for THAT PUMA myth as well....

  17. how does one become a minion anyway? sounds like fun

  18. Hello, Mrs. Polly, I haven't looked at your blog in a long time. Imagine my surprise to find such a majorly modified format and such an uproar about the paranoia of the Can'tservatives! You seem to be taking it pretty well, considering the indignities they are attempting to subject you to. I will have to look back in at your blog more frequently, since it has become so amusing. Keep the faith!