Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hillbuzz Makes Mountain Out Of BuzzHill, Using Youngest Palin

Kevin Dujan Erasing Reality Again
When Dujans Attack, Even Deleting Won't Help You!

Kevin Dujan complaining about deleted comments is like Casey Anthony complaining about bad parenting. But even after the makers of "only@brunch", a video apparently meant to be shown at his local gay bar, apologized and edited out an offensive remark he complained to them about, they are still the latest targets of his undying wrath, which has stretched now to five  six posts and well over 8,000 10,000 words. **UPDATE** And now includes harassing an anti-bullying charity started by famously pro-LGBT straight footballer, Ben Cohen, for the crime of having an upcoming fundraiser at the bar which showed this video two weeks ago.

Let's cut to the chase immediately: one of the participants in this video made an ill-advised comment about Trig Palin. To be specific, while discussing Michele Bachmann, one man giggled, "She looks like Trig!"  The other men around the table may or may not have heard the comment, which was neither responded to or elaborated on. They continued to talk about Bachmann before moving on to other subjects, and Trig was never brought up again.

That was the whole "attack" in its entirety. It was a mean thing to say, certainly, and stupid.
If you nose around Snarkopolitan long enough, you'll see that from way back, Snarko has no patience with people attacking politicians' children. Including the children of political opponents. And, it should be needless to say, no patience with attacks on any children, special-needs or not, at all.

 But because the producer of the video has edited out the offending footage, or inch-age, as the line was literally four words, and deliberately avoids repeating them, understandably enough, in his apology, almost nobody knows the extent of the "Attack On Trig Palin," to whit: barely existent. Which is utterly to Kevin Dujan's advantage. The less known about what was actually said, the more inflatable it is.

Kevin Dujan Deleting Reality Since Just Ever!

In fact, Dujan's lovely plans for a leading a crusade in Trig's name fizzled somewhat when the producer immediately gratified the wishes of anybody who truly wanted satisfaction on behalf of that little boy. Here is the apology posted on the only@brunch website:
At the beginning of the discussion concerning the Michele Bachmann Newsweek cover, a co-host made an inappropriate reference to Trig Palin, the son of Sarah and Todd Palin.  The comment was tasteless and unjustifiable.  only@brunch, is not and will not be a platform for the deriding or ostracizing of individuals for the way they were born. Nor for the way people chose to celebrate who they are. It is with sincerity, sympathy, and empathy that I apologize on behalf of only @brunch and DowntownCupid Productions for the offensive comment."

 That would seem pretty complete to anyone not utterly dedicated to outrage farming. One of Dujan's own followers who did see the video before it was edited (as did I),  unwittingly demonstrates that he smells the manure Dujan's trying to spread, too:

Neil50p· 4 days ago
When I first read your previous post on this and watched the video I thought the Trig comment wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Then I realized how reflexively he made it, and am sure that was only because they make comments like that all the time. It obviously wasn't the first time he had used Trig as a punchline. (Emphasis mine)

As a follower of the World's Crappiest Cult Leader, Neil naturally tries to integrate his cognitive dissonance, but it's clear his first reaction was "Whuh? You mean that's it?" Then he adds a little interpretive dance number of his own, and feels better, all dissonance smoothed into a harmonic fantasia in the key of outrage sharp, minor. 

The producer of the video acted quickly after the first angry comment by"Hillbuzz"  on his YouTube channel. Dujan himself screencapped the exchange, showing that only@brunch producer Jared Hall took just one day to post his apology on his site and on YouTube.

That didn't stop Dujan from encouraging his Hillbuzzing devotees to swarm the YouTube comments, including this abusive little item, from somebody who thinks "decent queens" disparage gays who lisp:
Hillbuzzer Abusive Comment Courtesy Of Harvey Bilk

If only this moral indignation had been felt when  Kevin Dujan, back in August of 2010, asked on Hillbuzz, "Should children of a president never be criticized, especially if they are black?"  What on earth about the President's daughters, who were, I believe, eleven and nine at the time, Dujan wanted to criticize--but was held back by their blackness from doing,  it is beyond the scope of someone who isn't an Orc to divine.

Dujan later deleted that entire post, perhaps, I'd like to think, as a result of the scrutiny he received here.  But though he can wipe the schmutz off his own site, evidence of his willingness to attack young children of a political opponent exists on other sites (don't click unless you're willing to grind your teeth to stumps):

This sounds like the troll that popped up on hillbuzz, shedding bitter tears over comments about the daughters. In reply, I asked sweetly where this defender of childhood was when Sarah Palin’s
children were getting trashed on the left leaning blogs. Never got a response. 
. .
Because childhood should only be defended when the child belongs to the right parents.

Dujan admits that "Only@Brunch" did respond to, as he puts it, "great national criticism:" 

Jared Hall and Downtown Cupid productions could have easily edited out the attack on Trig Palin before the show aired; in fact, they’ve subsequently edited this part out of the current YouTube video they have posted (live since 8/21/11) as “Only@Brunch” has received great national criticism for encouraging gay men to bully children (just because they don’t agree with their mothers’ politics).

That "great national criticism" being, of course, ludicrously, his own previous post. He then goes on to hitch up his Crusader tabard and complain about gay mockery of adult conservative Christians, which he describes as "bullying." Leaving aside the questions of freedom of speech and adults' ability to shift for themselves, how are we then to view his own spectacularly vicious mockery of Michelle Obama, from her physical attributes, in particular her complexion:

Kevin Dujan Can't Put His Finger On What Is Wrong With Michelle Obama's Face!

to the false "Whitey Tape" rumor he, along with Larry Johnson, promulgated

By his own definition, Kevin Dujan is a bully par excellence, although he's spent a lot of time trying to scrub his site of evidence. The infamous Michelle Obama "Whitey Tape" post is gone, although on other sites, once again, the evidence lingers on.  

Likewise, despite his scrubbing, he will always be remembered for his bullying of Shelby, the wife of a soldier KIA in the now deleted infamous USO War Widow Post back in November of 2010. Dujan senselessly attacked her (for not getting off her butt and doing more for the USO!) and, given more than the benefit of the doubt by his eye-rubbing, astonished fans, not only did not apologize, but upped the ante (and a middle finger), comparing himself to Jesus into the bargain.
Kevin Dujan Deleting Reality Since Just Ever!

If Jesus were truly like the Harvey Bilk of Boystown, confessionals would be interchangeable with iron maidens, and penitents would be praying burning rosaries.

Thank goodness Jesus has lower standards than Kevin Dujan. 

brought to you by Mrs. Polly of Snarkopolitan, the undead blog, jolted to sporadic life by a damnable thirst for truth, justice, and the American way!


  1. Poor Kev, every time he thinks he's gotten ahead of the pack and found a scoop that will launch him to national prominence, it turns out to be a dud that no-one outside of a 5-yard radius has ever heard of. This thing on YouTube. The Pigford "reparations". Something something AG Holder something guns something ATF zzzzzzz. You can't say he doesn't squeeze the last drop out, though.

    Lessee, what are they up to now?

    Justin's only job apparently is to cut out bits from Wikipedia's On This Day with the blunt scissors. Don't eat the paste, Ralphie. Justin.

    Bridget is rationed to one post a day. Kathleen is down to a couple of posts a week. But hey, Kevin does owe them money and a debt of gratitude. They're lucky they get to post at all.

    Oh, here's one: Obama should have hung this nice Norman Rockwell painting of little black and white kids staring at each other because it's obvious that they're going to be bestest friends in this most wonderful of all lands. But instead he chose the bad Rockwell painting of little Ruby Bridges being escorted to school by US Marshalls because he HATES AMERICA, THAT'S WHY. So he's the REAL racist.

    And one thing that never changes: Hillbuzz is still claiming 300,000 unique visitors a month. How is that even possible? I've never really understood how the Google "unique visitors" thing works but how can a site that has an average of 12 comments per post with half of them from the same shut-in claim that number of eyes on their pages? Do Justin's friends spend their afternoons after school lets out, walking from PC to PC in the public library hitting HB?

  2. Sorry, Mary~~we had a little storm blow in, so I'm seriously behind in my never particularly regular correspondence.

    That post about which Rockwell Obama chose to hang in the WH is off-the-charts idiocy. Why not this adorable painting instead of the iconic image that's in all the history books? The Racism Industry is trying to tear America Apart with its tedious insistence that the South was not all Elvis and live oaks!

    The traffic claim is also laughable. If the "affluent" readers of Hillbuzz are that desirable and numerous, why is HB plastered with YOUR AD HERE banners and mercy-ads courtesy of the ever-deep pockets of poor Newtlove?

    I think Bridget and Kathleen are probably just relieved to be off the hook for keeping the lights on and the red meat coming while Kevin was on his walkabout. I wonder if he paid them back: Magic 8-Ball says "Outlook Not So Good."

  3. Mrs. Polly, I'm glad to see via Rumproast that you and yours have survived Irene.

    What slays me about that "300,000 visitors per month" claim is that it never changes. Kevin disappears, Kevin returns, Kevin gets quoted by Rush ... never a blip of difference.

  4. As ever, there's no innocent person or good cause Dujan isn't willing to turn into compost for his outrage farm. What a repugnant little cretin.

  5. Oh but Betty, keeping the youngest Palin's name at the top of his blog for as long as Dujan can milk it is the best thing he can possibly do for that little boy!

    @Mary, thanks for the concern. We were luckier than the Carolinas or Jersey or upstate or Vermont. Still, since only 37 people were killed, none of them in NYC, obviously it was a hysterical overreaction and a made-up non-story.

    I have vegan jerky, btw, in case anybody's hungry.

  6. I admit I'm a little extra tingly after one sip too many of my Diet Mountain Dew, but Mrs P's blog & comments are so darn funny I may just go for another can! Thanks to you all for keeping me sane! #MrsPolly #Betty Cracker #MaryRC