Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hillbuzz Open Threat-Note To Hillbuzzers: Oh Yes, That's Him Alright!

Open Threat! Who Are The Shillbuzzers Attacking Today?
Even the ever-suppurating neurons of Harvey Bilk must occasionally take an hour off from generating accusations of slander and bathetic jingoistic buffoonery!

If you landed on this page by accident, unlike the unpleasant creatures above, my apologies. These are the sad little colonists of Hillbuzz, whose owner is climbing his way up the political opportunist's ladder one whisper campaign at a time. It's a long story.

But my regular readers will recognize the graphic above, no doubt. Having a life to lead and all, I just can't equal Harvey Bilk's output, ever. But there should be a place to note his more egregious tomfoolery, and so, without further ado, Snarkopolitan's first open thread!

Mr. Dujan's readers are trying their best to excuse his nutty and unnecessarily vicious, self-ennobling, Holier Than Everybody, USO thread. No dears, you have simply been sucked into the imaginings of the World's Crummiest Would-Be Cult Leader. When I have more time, I'll illustrate exactly why yes, that IS Kevin Dujan taking a smarmy dump on you all.

brought to you as always by Mrs. Polly, who cannot keep up as she does not have the strength of the Mad.


  1. So, when is Mr. Bilk going to bring legal action against Ms. Snark Opolitan for stealing his logo?
    No sane person could possibly have that much hatred oozing out of them. In victory or defeat, Mr. Bilk is petulant, nasty, and prone to violent imagery. If you have a strong stomach, you can read the remarks he made, the day after the elction, about Palin "crushing" the "Democrat" (sp) party. I found them quite disturbing.
    Yet these people are always yelling about the "violent left".
    It was particularly disturbing to see him use the tragedy at Rutgers University to wallow in a 5000+ word pity party, where Bilk once again claimed that the Left was out to get him, he has suffered so much from all of this, but he's doing it to save his country, etc. Ah, sorry, Bilk, it's not always about you.

  2. Love it, Ms. Snark O'Politan.
    Oh, please don't confuse me with the "other" Hillbuzz.
    One of my favorite memes is when Bilk claims that any criticism of him is coming from a left-wing conspiracy funded by George Soros.
    One poster tried to trace someone's email and concluded that it had come directly from the White House. It seems that someone in the WH is sending out directives to "left wing operatives" to "troll" conservative sites!
    And these people are paid!
    Gosh, Mr. Soros, where is my check?
    As for the "USO kerfuffle, these people's brains must be wired very strangely if they actually believe that
    a)there is more than one "Boyz", and that
    b)they are having a family feud of some type.

  3. - I love it.

    I'm certainly aware of his lunacy, I reported him to the Feds. Mrs P is most definitely aware of his paranoia and was a very real and very innocent victim of his non racist self.

  4., great domain grab! Welcome. And, TBB, I owe you a hat tip for that amazing USO thread.

    Mr. Dujan is going round the bend---the gallons of prose that effortlessly roll out of him always seemed sick in quantity as well as substance, and I wonder if the headiness of the election and hearing his name rolled around Rush's rosebud mouth could have sent him spinning off the planet. Truly, it looks like a manic episode.

  5. Rather amusingly he has now borrowed your name for him as one of his made up friends.

    He's got posting rights at Palin's idiot worship blog, A fair chunk of them do not trust him and I do wonder when he will become rather too unstable even for them.

    Now that the GOP is changing its Primary rules so that they are spread out longer and may not even be winner take all, I look forward to the dau he sets up the Palin PUMAs.

    PUMA power will get Palin there. Just as they got the Presidency and the Senate.

  6. TBB, "Harvey" is now an imaginary friend of "Harvey?" It's an absurdist play!

  7. I see, as of this writing, that the USO thread is still there, at 163 comments. Most of the Buzzers are sure the site has been hacked, as they KNOW that Kevin couldn't possibly be so mean.
    These people are so paranoid and delusional that they have accused a regular poster, mostly on the basis of identical first names, of being the "Troll" from NH whose personal info was gleefully posted all over the site.
    I think Dujan has orchestrated, though this is perhaps too dignified a term, this entire thing himself. He loves to create controversy and strife, whether among his own followers or his enemies.

  8. I thought it was a pretty big leap in judgment myself,, deciding that I was the "nasty troll" from New Hampshire because of my name...which is SO uncommon, you understand, that it's impossible that there could be more than one of us in the US. And critical of Kevin. Sorry to post anonymously. I can't figure out how to show up as myself. I hope THAT makes you suspicious, too!

  9. Hello anonymous (I know who you are!)
    Susan the Troll here.
    Thanks for your nice reply on the other post, and also on the honeytrail site.
    I don't want to intrude over there, but
    I have to say you guys impress me with your caring and consideration for one another. This is especially impressive when I consider that most of you, I am assuming, have never met in person.
    Best of luck,

    Susan (no longer really a troll!)