Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hillbuzz: Ask Not For Whom The Bull Trolls

Dujan Vue
Seeing the world through troll-colored glasses

To Kevin Dujan, the World's Crappiest Cult Leader, All the World's a Troll. Take his easy online Troll Recognition Course, available for only a few easy payments, and learn how the slightest dissent turns anyone, even a long-term supporter, into a troll! (worst crime: "Kevin, could you maybe edit this a little?") Watch as Bev The Enforcer drop-kicks discussions into the next time-zone ("This is trolling, and has to end NOW!") and thrill as hapless regulars try to absorb Harvey Bilk's rampant paranoia in instructional form:

"(2) Keep using logic and calm, reasoned tones with the trolls. Keep calling them out, but in a non-flaming, non-name-calling way. Just keep saying, “You might not mean to, but you sure sound like a troll for the following reasons…” or “What you are saying sounds really fishy, almost as if you were a plant sent here by the Romney Campaign or the Cocktail Party GOP establishment.

Very almost rational and non-flaming, there, Harvey. Now I'm beginning to wonder if you're not a DNC plant yourself, placed to lure conservatives into making an ever-more ludicrous spectacle of themselves as they cast each other into the Truth Pond and watch the innocents sink.

Special Blingee of Merit for Comment Most Likely To Finish Pushing Harvey Over The Edge:

Have you thought about setting up a paypal account (or something similar) for donations? I’d give in a heartbeat.

Harvey's Bilking Machine

Oh, I think he has, dallasbound. Good luck on your trip! Call when you get there; we worry. (H/T: my esteemed colleague and fellow-prosecutee--Betty Cracker. Hey Kevin--CASSEROLES. BOO!)

Brought to you as always by Mrs. Polly of Snarkopolitan, the undead blog, jolted to life by this very same Harvey Bilk, and serving the I Can't Believe I Was Hillbuzzed! Community since about yesterday this time. Hello, Recoverees!


  1. You are providing this ex-Hillbuzzer some much needed comedy. Thank you! It's so silly, it seems so ridiculous now that I'm on the outside looking in!

    Anonymous #2

  2. Ex-buzzer here. I've stopped posting but I can't pull myself away from watching the train wreck over there. Someone on the CNN thread asked him why he didn't advertise and he launched into a story about how he's been saving up for a new web platform but the designers who say they'll help him keep walking out on him and everytime he has enough $$ saved to hire someone, wouldn't you know there's another election that requires him to throw every cent he has at the candidate. It's all so obvious now. I cannot believe I fell for it!

  3. ...placed to lure conservatives into making an ever-more ludicrous spectacle of themselves as they cast each other into the Truth Pond and watch the innocents sink.

    Sheer poetry!

  4. The most troll like questions are actually coming from the long time supporters. Bev askks the troll question - what is happening to the money without even knowing that she is doing it.

    Bev Says:

    November 17, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    As much exposure as you’re getting now…may I suggest you put a paragraph up top requesting somebody help because with somebody’s backing…you could hire an IT guy to do this for you and it won’t cost a lot of money. Seriously, there are all sorts of IT people who are conservative who would love to do it. They just have no idea you need it. Do a game or a contest or something so you’re advertising for it.

  5. Anon #6 (??) It is always a new website, a trip to see Palin speak so he can report it or a new website.

    He's done the I love America thing and now the I love Jesus thing, I am still betting on him doing an ex-gay thing.

    What he will not do is become a card carrying Republican because, despite him becoming such a Christian Conservative it would have embarrassed Jerry Falwell, his schtick to the Conservative blogosphere is his "love of Hillary". If he actually became a Republican he would be just one of thousands of right wing blogs.

  6. If any of you former Church of Hillbuzzers (Reformed) are still speaking to Kevin, and I hope you don't mind me having a bit of fun at your expense here, maybe you could tell him that when a major news outlet asks someone for a comment on, say, the voting for Bristol on DWTS, they don't really want them to go off-topic and start talking about voter fraud in actual elections (The Dems vote their horses, dead friends, etc!)
    Not being totally uncharitable as far as Mr. Dujan goes, I wouldn't want him to look foolish, or for his remarks to be cut when he has a chance to appear on any major outlets.
    Oh, they were? Whoops.

  7. @ TBB love of Hillary .... I knew there was something off about that picture with Hillary. Her head was too big and there was a funny, fuzzy aura about her. I almost commented about it at the time but didn't was to get busted for Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

  8. I'm and ex buzzer and willing to identify my former Hillbuzz username "Sundance Cracker". The site is an entire fraud. Not sure how deep you want to know but it is a complete fraud.

    I tried an intervention approach with Kevin but he just deletes, then disconnects ability. Many are looking for me because I was on the site for almost two years. Oh well, Curtain removed, Wizard revealed, feeling pretty stupid..... Hopefully I can meet up with some good peeps elsewhere. Thanks for letting me post. (My wordpress username doesn't work here?)

  9. Sundance!!!! It's me, AFinch. I've been looking all over for you! Come over to Or hang out here (as long as Mrs. P doesn't mind).

  10. Hello Sundance, I recognize your user name. I believe you have to sign in on your own site before you can post on another wordpress blog, for some reason.
    Did Kevin actually block your posts? It sounds as if he has some serious problems, as you seemed to be a long timer and a regular.

  11. Well done for the bravery Sundance, beware of a vengeful Dujan making up lies about you (or worse).

    Not sure how much you have gathered but

    Kos does not "constantly attack him". I was just about the only person who wrote about Dujan on Kos and it was one of my least read diaries. I am not a Soros funded University lecturer.

    Mrs P has no connection with me other than the fact I read her blog.

    There is no new site.his new site has been a scam for much of the last two years.

    There are no other "boys". At one time there was one other "boy" but those entries are now deleted.

    Fran Eaton does not always attack him.

    Lee Roupas was a friend of his. Brady did not use any homophobic remark against Dujan.

    Even his local stories about the Pie Hole Pizza were nothing but lies to promote racism.

    His only recorded donation was to Hillary Clinton. Political donations via him do not get very far.

    DuJan claims to be a PUMA, a movement that started supposedly because of sexism, yet he runs one of the most sexist sites out there.

    With regard to Wordpress linking on blogspot - it is a bit crap.

  12. > TBB love of Hillary .... I knew there was something off about that picture with Hillary. Her head was too big and there was a funny, fuzzy aura about her.

    If it is a real picture (and to me it seems as real as the one that is currently on the front page of my blog);

    then it looks like a sticky substance has ended up on it and wiped off on more than one occasion. Yeugh.

  13. Sundance!!!! It's Ad rem. (Hey you guys, you can take down my comment....I was agreeing with Debra, not K!) I've been looking for you all week. Left you a message at The Blaze...or someone that had your avatar. Come over to Lucianne's or stay here, just good to talk to you and know all is well. ;-)

    ps...Polly, you're hillarious! ;-D

  14.'s Sundance and Ad Rem!

    I'm going to stay anonymous for now....I unfortunately used my name as my sign in and now I don't want them to know I'm posting over here. I may be a wee bit paranoid, no?

    Anonymous #2

  15. This is Sundance again.

    Hey AFinch, I know you guys are at the connection I can see your comments (that is how I found ya here), but my registration request is pending approval so I can't comment. Maybe tomorrow. Been searching for the "good crew" too.

    Man, there is so much to reveal. I could write a 200 page essay on the discoveries I have uncovered in the last week. And Yes, whoever is I am banished from the land of Kevin Dujans hillbuzz, well perhaps "banished" is not a good word, filtered and censored definately is. I think Kevin was too worried about me dissappearing altogether, for fear of a "Chrissy" situation. So if I post something positive about him it shows up after a couple of hours, but if I post a general question or comment to another buzzer.... well, fugghitaboudit..

    Don't know were to start. Except Chrissy is NOT on vacation. Never was. Kevin attacked her, she don't want to talk about it. Her and Angelisms. What a creep. Then he tried to cover it up by blocking her and hiding what happened. She was heartbroken and mucho tears were shed. She is in a good place now though.

    I'm gonna stop there because something in the back of my mind says I'd better wait to find a place to talk outside of public view. I know KD googles his name daily to see where his ego has landed him and out of an abundance of caution as TBB states. I don't know how 'dangerous' he is but considering his entire psychological house of cards could collapse if I keep writing, I'll err on the side of caution.

    TBB, you have no idea how unstable and totally bizzarro the entire Hillbuzz story is. Absolutely unfrigginbelievable. I'll attach a poinient comment from a Dr. friend of mine below which will provide a clue:

    I am just myself…what I write is pretty much who I am. I always assumed everyone was like me. But I learned quickly that people who have problems with their real life tend to use the internet to form a more likable (to them anyway) version of themselves. And like you described, it can get out of hand.

    I am just myself…what I write is pretty much who I am. I always assumed everyone was like me. But I learned quickly that people who have problems with their real life tend to use the internet to form a more likable (to them anyway) version of themselves. And like you described, it can get out of hand.

    "[sundance] you are just yourself...what you write is pretty much who you are. You always assumed everyone was like you. But you just learned quickly that people who have problems with their real life tend to use the internet to form a more likable (to them anyway) version of themselves. And like you described, it can get out of hand... way out of hand"
    In this case much more than a personality was created. A complete alternate reality was created. That is a very dangerous creation if discovered.

    So I will just leave it there for now, and keep the rest for another day. A safer day perhaps.

    Great to hear from you AFinch, thanks again to this site snarkopolitan and Mrs P? I'll touch base tomorrow if not at the connection, then here. Love to all....


  16. Dammit, my post says it was published but I don't see it. I'll try refreshing. B back swoon.

    Soo cool to see Ad rem, AFinch and crew. Man Do I have a BUNCH to share.

  17. Sundance again. ok, easiest way to do this (as opposed to a rewrite) is to link to gatormoms page (link at bottom) you can read some of the details there.

    Man I sure hope this is safe.... TBB has me worried. I know KD googles his name every day to see what shows up. He needs to. Read the story and you'll understand.

    Love to all.

    (link here)

    Mrs. P. and snarkopolitan team, thank you for this place to reassemble. I sincerely appreciate it. Hope this has not been a distruption in your site.

  18. AFinch, you've been scrubbed. Check your posts from today. GONE. Within a few minutes of you "outing" yourself here in response to me... coincidence?

    Oh well, I am seriously praying for Kevin.

    I can see you guys at the connection but cannot join because my profile is awaiting approval. Perhaps tomorrow.

  19. Hi Buzzers In Recovery! You're welcome to hang out here for whatever jollity it affords you. I've no idea how long it's going to take for Kevin/Harvey to implode, but there's a backlog of his nuttiness archived here under "Harvey Bilk," for those who're interested. Whether it strays into horrible flagrant Liberalism! I don't remember. I think it's is more the Crazy that transcends all boundaries.

    Blogger is an incredible pain to comment on, so if you have trouble, keep trying; sometimes it will tell you a URL is too long, or it will shake its head and say, "No can do, my man!" and then you'll see yourself published twice. Just know that it's not The Enforcer coming to wipe your work away, it's just sucky Blogger, sucking again.


  20. Sundance...

    I just sent AFinch a message at Lucianne's after I noticed her disappearing act too. I left a message for you right after hers, so I'll be gone in minutes too...I'm sure. I couldn't get on Lucianne's site most of the day due to "site maintenance", so you didn't miss too much. Gosh it's great to talk to you again. Oh, I left a message for you at The Blaze too...or at least someone with your avatar. It's on the B. Walter's biggie, just letting you know where we were. Thanks again to the gracious Mrs. P. for allowing all this homecomming. Ad ;-)

  21. Ad rem, all is good. Hopefully we'll be connected tomorrow if I get approved for the Lucianne site. Do you guys post every morning or do I just need to hunt the thread I saw? I think AFinch must have REALLY hit a nerve with Kevin. AFinch is gone completely.

    The USO post has also been scrubbed totally. 11/6/10 Gone! I had linked to gatormom above, but after she read the totality of the info., she sent me an email and deleted all comments from her blog. She got too nervous about all knowing ALL the mountainous lies, everything coming out. She asked my permission to delete and I said "heck yeah", she changed her profile and deleted her e-mail out of fear, then changed her avatar. That should tell you how freaky the entirety is.

    I'm afraid a psychological house of cards is gonna come crashing down. Kevin needs "Bev the trollhunter" now more than ever. Hence you will notice their warm and fuzzies to eachother. Why?.... simple answer "blind trust", she "blindly trusts" him and doesn't even know what she is actually defending. That is another psychology all together. oh well.

    I just hope when all this false personality creationism crashes down he doesn't go 'postal' on himself or others.

    If you can still comment, ask when Chrissy is coming back from vacation?

    All the best


  22. Folks, under "reference pages," you'll find the USO post, entire, and thread, both on this site, and in the pitiless google cache, the memory that does not quit. The reason for the little spots of color are that I put a very large chunk of Kevin's deathless prose into the google searchbox. What that does is call up Google's snapshot of a webpage, very specifically, with all the words in the phrase highlighted so it looks like 50's wallpaper.

    And look at the previous thread here, b/c Chrissy is NOT coming back, is NOT on vacation, so says one of your own, "Sundance."

  23. Sundance.,,

    I was wondering what happened over at G-mom's. Checked there and you had just the one post. Oh, and her new avatar threw me too. Now I know the "rest of the story". Wow, and Nov. 6th. gone... like it never existed. Actually I'm surprised he kept it up as long as he did.

    Yeah, the symbiotic relationship twist the "Troll Buster" and her master is a convenient one. I could do my thesis on that one if I ever chose to go back to college. I mean the very minute anyone starts to be a little too probing, BAM...she's there like white on rice! Pretty soon I was feeling my blood pressure rise just seeing her avatar. It was time to leave.

    I got an e-mail from "Infinity1st" telling me the whole story with Chrissy. Just occurred to me, I better not say more. Many other people I don't want to involve in any needless retribution. About once a day someone brings up Chrissy...usually on a "Class vs. Crass" posting. It goes unanswered. Everyone is way to busy accusing each other of being activity that K seems to encourage.

    About the posting at Lucianne's. I think someone just starts up something called a "wall" at the start of the day. It's one of those listings on the upper left of the page. Yesterday it was P, today it was AF. Since I'm west coast, It's always been there for me...I'm spoiled. ;-)

    In the morn...


  24. Sundance....

    I'm now history too....POOF!

  25. Very funny blog. And you actually seem "sane".
    Ex-Buzzer here too.

    Re: Lucianne ... how do I find fellow Buzzers? I've never read that site. Is there a "HB Recovery Group" link?

    Would love to more on the Chrissy story ... esp after she was busy collecting postcards from all the loyal Buzzers for Kevin.

    As far as the supposition that there are no "Boyz", YTZ organized the meet-up in DC on 8-28. She would be able to confirm if just K showed up or if all the "Boyz" showed.

  26. Anon at 1:01 am - go to, select TheConnection. You can read all posts, but have to register in order to post. Look on the main page for a familiar face or name.

  27. AFinch here again. A thread for today is already up at in the main lobby. Just confirmed I have been scrubbed from Hillbuzz. I was able to read Sundance's account of things at g8tormom's site before she took it down. We should all be cautious, but I really don't think he will try anything. There are too many of us now and many of us were loyal supporters and HB defenders. As Sundance said, if it's Chrissy v. Kevin, Chrissy wins. Likewise if it's Sundance or Ad rem or any of the many others. Having defended him so strenuously, I now feel an obligation to let as many people as possible know that he is a fraud.

    Thanks again Mrs. P. I'm sure you're enjoying hours of entertainment seeing this unfold and I'm happy to oblige if it makes up for my past transgressions.

  28. Is it anything to do with Chrissy's racists are stupid post? She disappeared after that.

  29. TBB, I think it has to do with a request (read correction) that one of the Buzzers made to Kevin regarding a remark he made about a particular religion. That person was cruelly verbally punished, and the thread scrubbed immediately.

  30. To any of those scared of "the wrath of DuJan", he wont repeat that "who is " series again. I'm pretty certain of that. Don't worry if he does his State now has some of the toughest anti cyber-bullying laws in the US.

    He is also well aware that I know that and Wordpresss are well aware of that as well.

  31. I have published some instructions about how those of you have donated to the cult of the buzzards can potentially get your money back.

    The most important - report it to paypal.

  32. I have put in a request for a new name/avatar at Lucianne, so hopefully within the next day or so, I can post at the connection re: HB melt-down. Have not seen any posts/comments by Sundance over at Lucianne -- am also looking for Old One. He stopped posting @HB for a while, or maybe he was blocked for saying something contrary to the regime's world view.

    ~~Recovering HBuzzer.

  33. Hey guys, Emma here....I've started the process of registration at The Connection and thank Ms. Polly for allowing us to chat here as well. It has meant a lot to me to get acquainted with patriots across the country, and I'm tickled to locate a covey of you as it were.

    I had suspected some issues earlier, but that USO thing, and then the following nonsense really got weird: I've in touch with a couple of commenters via personal e-mail and commented to one of them that KD acts like the father in a abusive family part of the time ("Yeah, I abuse you--and don't you dare say anything or you'll be in big trouble") or like the cult leader ("yeah....we've got secrets. You go telling any of them and you'll pay). I ended up concluding that he simply can't deal with normal living so is reverting to the "in-the-closet blame game" ("everybody hates me") or the democrat standard approach of destroying anyone who disagrees with him. In either case, he's doing in spades (and very publicly) what he accuses everyone else of doing. At best, his site is nothing but a stream of consciousness thing. Anyway....glad to catch up with some of you. I'll try to find you again when you go "behind the wall" (or whatever?) at Connection. I don't understand yet how that works, so AFinch....please leave a note on the main page when you disappear off the main lobby....and thanks again to Ms. Polly. I will be following and learning to know the folks here at snarkopolitan as well. Cheers, Patiots! Meet at the Old Mill! We ride at dawn. Emma the Bluejay

  34. Morning all Ex-buzzers!

    I'm on the west coast, so I'll always will be a little late to the party. Re signing up at Lucianne' shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes. I think you have to pick an avatar in order to complete the process, because after I did that, I was immediately in.

    Wow....wish I could have read Sundance's story before it was taken down!

    See you at Lucianne's....Ad rem ;-)

  35. Hi Emma! AFinch here!! Good to hear from you! I'm glad you're in touch with some others. I've tried to reach out to Chrissy and Angelaisms and G8rmom via email but have not heard back from them. I'm guessing trust is not high among us at the moment, but having been scrubbed by KD, I should have tons of street cred now, right?

    Thank you again Mrs. P for providing us with a "safe haven".

  36. Emma/Ad Rem et al:
    I'm waiting for an e-mail to complete my reg@ Lucianne ... want to keep in touch, so don't disappear!

    FWIW, Bev and Cherry are all over the "defections" here and @Lucianne. It seems like a "purge" will be coming soon to HB. Long time commenters who remain are seeing their posts put into "moderation" before being posted.

    "serving the I Can't Believe I Was Hillbuzzed! Community since about yesterday this time. Hello, Recoverees!"

    Hilarious, Miss Polly it! <3

    It's a nonstop train wreck...

  37. Emma again...AFinch, I've popped a note off to some of those friends as well. To the extent that they had invested themselves personally I suspect they are just that burned and keeping a low profile at the moment. I just wanted to remind them that we value their gifts and their friendship and don't "expect" them to be or do any particular thing at this point. Just desire for them to be able to catch their breath and rise up again, as their hearts obviously desire to.

    We sure do benefit as well by just being able to VISIT WITH ONE ANOTHER as Americans who are standing up to fight. Emma

  38. Hi Emma....

    I was trying to get my post out quickly and didn't notice your message right above mine. So glad to see you made it here. You just go to Lucianne's main page, scroll down 'til you see something called "The Connection", click it...takes you to the "Wall", or the chat page. Every morning one of us will start a new thread...I'll always be late 'cause I'm west coast. If you have log-in poblems let us know.

    All the best..

    Ad rem

  39. You're welcome, all. I'm running low on Orville Redenbacher watching the Unraveling, and am a bit bemused to be serving as lifeboat to a sinking Democrat Destroyer, but it's the decent thing, the satisfactory thing, and the downright fun thing to do, and so we serve who only sit and blog.

    ~~Note to Miss Emma~~
    "or the democrat standard approach of destroying anyone who disagrees with him."
    Perhaps you didn't see my long velvety gray Donkey Ears! =;0B

  40. Oh yes, Ad rem, I fixed my piece concerning your comment. Wading into the sea of HTML since it was wearing its Hillbuzz formatting was too much for me, but I put instead that Debra got a "mixed response," which takes in your agreeing with her. Hope that will suffice.

  41. Hey all former buzzers, Emma, AFinch, Ad rem et al. I'm still waiting for the final approval email for the Connection, been almost 24 hrs now... not sure how long it takes, but do stick around there and wait for me.

    Happy that AFinch was able to see the discussion I had with gatormom before it was cautiously deleted. For all others we can dialogue when we all figure out the Lucianne giddy up. I'm interested in Integrity1st take on the entire fiasco. Don't feel silly AFinch about being caught in the fraud. We all were. Especially me. My wife said, karma is a bitch as far as KD goes, and I agree... bad, bad mojo all around. But, ya know me.. throw dem ju ju bones and tell momma 'da baby is ugly' when needed. Nothing, and I mean nothing, ever wrong with honesty.

    'THAT' my fellow recoverees is what integrity is all about. We was duped. Duped I tell ya, and we need to assemble together recognizing that 'our little integrity team' did nothing, NOTHING, wrong. Nor do we have any reason to be backtracking, hiding, deleting, scrubbing, or trying to maintain a false guise. Only those with alterior motives and hidden agendas need to engage in such duplicity.

    What is sad, to me, is those left behind who still out of sympathy and compassion, cannot yet understand, or see, the removal of the curtain. Yes, I felt like a fool for a bit, perhaps still do, but I now know the truth. Something didn't feel right for more than a while,.... like looking at a picture by pixels when you stand close you can't quite tell what it is, but when you stand back.... WOW, it ain't at all what you originally thought it was.

    Moderation is pre-screening. Remember that. And why would one need to pre-screen? Well we all know the answer now.

    Those former buzzers here now are good people, great kind hearted people, decent talk as you are people, with no alterior motives or hidden agendas. You never had em'...I know that because through the year(s) I have gotten to 'sense' ya, learn about ya', and respect your character... True Character.

    Our trust has been broken. Compromised beyond repair. But, you, those right here, are trustworthy. Know that, and do not let your feeling of being duped allow you to doubt yourself. Hopefully this 'connection' place will provide a big reunion hug. Hang on.... we'll figure it out. and a big thanks for Pat and AFinch for scouring us all up.

    Plus thanks to Miss Polly, for letting us all chat while we regroup. Seriously. Whether or not I agree with your politics (I have no clue) I sincerely appreciate your allowing this respite to take place in your web-home.

    Warmest regards,


  42. Mrs. Polly....

    Thanks for the editing! Just didn't want my peeps to think I wasn't down for the cause....;-) Ad rem

  43. Mrs. Polly you're a delightful hostess. Can someone tell me where Bev and Cherry are feasting on the defectors? Would love to watch it.

  44. Sundance...

    Good morning! It shouldn't be taking you anywhere near this long to get that confirmation e-mail from Lucianne's. I got mine in 10 minutes! Yesterday she said some people had trouble logging in due to site maintenance. Perhaps your e-mail got lost in the confusion? Try logging in again.

    ps...I could hardly sleep last night wondering what was written at g-mom's site? I don't handle waiting for Christmas very well either. Ad rem

  45. Anon at 1:30...

    It's goin' down at!

  46. Well written Sundance!

    I might as well out myself, I don't have anything to hide. I'm Debra, the one with the fuzzy headed baby pics. :D

    After Bev's smackdown, I just can't post over there anymore. And with the heavy moderation, I don't think he'd let me anyhow! Thanks to Sundance and the others who tried to reign in Bev. Wow, she is something else, isn't she?!?

    I've been reading at HillBuzz for over a year, but only began posting comments a few months ago. Kevin can be quite funny. His snarky posts and the open threads are what kept me coming back.

    Sure, I had to overlook some uneasyness I had about certain subjects he'd cover. I think my standards are higher now and the next site I attach myself to will not be a one man show type place. When Mrs. Polly wrote that to be read is a honor (or something to that effect) it dawned on me how wrong it was that he would berate us for asking questions, or even asking for things that he had promised (5 part Restoring Honor Series anyone???)

    Well, now I'm out and proud!

    Thanks again Mrs. P for letting us hang here. And Emma is a sweetheart, she probably didn't realize you were a democrat! See, democrats can be decent people, too! :D

    Love to all,

    Debra FKA Anonymous #2

  47. Debra...

    Great to see you here! We are growing in numbers as the minutes tick away. We're all over at in "The Connection"...her new news forum. Register, get an avatar, and see you there.
    I'm going over to Hillbuzz to view the paranoia first hand...Ad rem

  48. Anon @ 1:34 What thread?

  49. I have no idea yet....probably on the daily "Open Thread". He might have a special thread devoted to the mutiny by now... he starts threads like every 15 min.! ;-)

  50. Hey those who think of yourselves as helpless victims, you are not.

    Google didn't like me reposting my advice on this page (what is it with blogger and long posts).

    Most important. Paypal is your friend. Report him.

    One poster on lucianne wrote this:-

    "Oh I donated. *****. To the tune of hundreds of dollars. I fell hook, line and sinker. I feel sheepish about it, but I will not be shamed into silence. My worst sin was being a trusting soul who tried to help someone who I thought was in need."

    Do not be shamed in to silence. There are ways of getting money back from cults. Even if you do not get your money back, you have been victims of a con artist and there are things you can do.

    (PS - "or the democrat standard approach of destroying anyone who disagrees with him" ahem indeed).

  51. @TBB That was me, AFinch. Thanks but I'm not interested in getting my money back. I'm just happy to be free and safe. (Man, that could have been a whole lot worse!) Now, if he starts trouble with me, that's a whole different story. I'll slap him with a lawsuit so fast his head will spin.

  52. AFinch... that, and just think of the victimhood K could glean from that. Surely he could write 10,000 words on the pain and suffering! Ad rem

  53. Ad rem,

    You're so right! AFinch

  54. Chrissy stuck up for angelaisms. I was her last straw, and sticking up for me was Kevin's last straw ("last", for him, apparently is two!). She has been very wounded by this. I don't know when she will be back. Everybody's gonna have to decide for themselves when they feel safe sticking their toes back in the water. I don't believe that when she does emerge, that she will want to talk much about what happened. I guess we'll see.


  55. Frankly...

    I remember reading your comments on the USO thread. The way the troll busters jumped on you was unbelievable! Housemom seemed to be the only person to recognize you, however, she proved to be a total azz in later comments. (Just ask Sundance..he told her off, and then some.) I noticed he finally took chrissy's picture down from the top right of the site today. She's on a family vacay according to K...must be an around-the-world-in-80days kinda thing!

    So glad you came out today, and glad I'm finally getting to know the real you.

    Ad rem...

  56. I'd have to see the "troll-busting" comments Cherry made before I'll believe that she did that. She very graciously stuck up for me when I was accused, by Bev and Aussie, of being the allegedly-nasty person from NH, solely based on our sharing a truly-common first name. I haven't had a chance to go and look at HB for her posts, but for her to subsequently join Bev in "suspected-troll" attacks neither sounds nor FEELS right to me.


  57. If you're talking about the exchange of hostilities, I did read that. My interpretation of it was that feelings were already high and more easily-bruised than usual, and that emotions (and repartee) simply got out of hand. It's easy to spout off on an internet forum. I don't think that, in and of itself, makes you either a troll, or a troll hunter.


  58. @FTN

    I'm not interested in having Chrissy spill all the details. I just want her to know how much we all appreciate and respect her. It infuriates me that people feel cowed by this guy. We were all duped, we have nothing be ashamed about!

  59. Cherry Walker Bev I am sending you a private msg concerning posts on Lucienne blog from some of our current and former HB's. You may share it with whomever you like.

    Beverly Harville-Schrider It's actually alarming to think that some weirdo has a blog completely devoted to attacking another blog.....isn't it? I think you call that somebody with an agenda.

  60. FTN...

    Is Cherry the same person as Housemom? Maybe I misread the comment you posted after mine.

    Ad rem...

  61. CherryWalker has/had the avatar of the screaming toddler in the angel costume. I haven't seen her post much lately.

  62. I am one of the people who sent K money voluntarily. I don't feel "ripped off" or feel that I need to get my $$ back. I didn't send $$ to send him anywhere, etc, I just felt that I was paying $$ for the entertainment I was being provided. It was entirely voluntary; no one twisted my arm; no one guilted me. I had deduced that K was using the donations to supplement his income; I don't have a problem with that; many bloggers do.

    However, the tone and tenor of the blog has changed dramatically, as has K's online persona, I fear. Where once there was a gathering of snark, snipe and free-wheeling ideas, now there appears to be a sense of groupthink and conformity.

    I have met K in person on 8-28; however, only K came to the meet-up in DC, and quite late in the afternoon. There also seemed to be come confusion about his return travel plans; we were advised one thing, and then later he was blogging he was at the National Zoo and the MC museum when he had stated he would be on his way back to Chi-town.

    Has anyone from Boyztown ever met Panda, Joaquin, or Sebastian Gray? I find it strange that Sebastian's posts also stopped.

    K also stated he was going to "try" and get to Des Moines to see Sarah speak. He never made it to Iowa, nor did he return my numerous phone calls while I was there. I found the whole thing bizarre.

    As for making "popcorn" .... as a Libertarian, I watch the implosion of the mainstream Dem and Repub parties with equal amusement. No side has a lock on virtue or has the high ground on policy issues and doing the work of the American people, for the benefit of the American people.


  63. Ms. Polly!! Emma here with apologies....I'm sure I would love your velvety donkey ears and do ask your forgiveness for not noticing them earlier. I trust that you will also find something admirable about my big leathery ears (I don't think I have a leathery heart!)...

    I'm far more motivated to be an American at this point than being a republican so, my gracious hostess, thank you for your gentle "Ahem!"

    Sorry I didn't repost sooner. Had to go to town (which out here in the hinterlands of western MN is a 30 mile round trip).....thanks again, Ms. Polly, for your hospitality of strangers.

  64. The mouseovers are the delicious buttercream icing on the blingee cake.


  65. Emma...

    If you haven't made it to Lucianne's yet, the rest of us are at Motely's new site...

    Ad rem...

  66. Re Cherry's post to Bev: They are FB friends. I am a FB friend of Cherry's also. I think turning that message into a coordinated troll-busting crusade is some serious over-reaching. I've really got nothing to say to Bev; she's already said everything to me I'm willing to hear. But Cherry has been nothing but kind to me, and I will automatically put some negative interpretation on her words. They were both accused of something. One of them heard about it, and told the other. Why does it have to be more than that? If we're going to talk about HB paranoia, let's not import it here.


  67. Let me correct that to say, "I will NOT automatically..." Sigh.


  68. @FtN I almost wonder if Cherry is trying to make Bev see the light.

  69. @Susan/FtN:
    I am FB friends with Bev & Cherry...I sent Cherry a private msg expressing my feelings and my concerns.

    I missed whatever drama you had to endure, and for that, actually, I am grateful. Ignorance is sometimes bliss, but I am sorry that you had to go through that.

    Many former Buzzers are now congregating at Motley's site she set up.


  70. > She very graciously stuck up for me when I was accused, by Bev and Aussie, of being the allegedly-nasty person from NH, solely based on our sharing a truly-common first name

    That other Susan sent an email asking Dujan t explain something. He then made it in to an attack to get you donating $$$s. She then queried that and he went even crazier. She never wished he got aids.

    In fact the only person nasty about people with aids was Dujan. I know plenty of people with HIV and they do not begrudge others for their health. It was one (just one) of his lowest of the low type of remarks.

  71. That's why I said "allegedly-nasty". At this point, I'm even willing to believe that Fran Eaton is really a sweetheart!


  72. I have heard back from Cherry. She kindly and patiently explained some things to me about the situation and some of the allegations being made about K and Buzz HQ.

    I am not going to make excuses for K, or the horrid USO blog, but I do feel now that some of the allegations that have been made are unwarranted and unfair.


  73. You can check with Fran Eaton as well her email is available online, she hardly knows Mr D. She is more interested in winning elections for the Party he claims t support. Not exactly helped when you have someone like DuJan spreading lies about the opposition candidate that gets you slimed and your own candidate as well.

    You may also want to chase up Pat Brady as well. The GOP chairman DuJan said insulted him.

    You can then chase up the gay sauna. etc, etc.

    No truth has ever been printed by Dujan, except perhaps his name and his paypal account and that he donated to Hillary need the end of her campaign (basically when she had lost). This whole thing was planned and executed.

    Like an evangelical preacher who was busying himself with prostitutes, too many wanted to believe him.

    I'm not sure he could get away with Palinbuzz in the same way.

  74. > I am not going to make excuses for K, or the horrid USO blog, but I do feel now that some of the allegations that have been made are unwarranted and unfair.

    I'd love to hear which ones.

    As you are are also a long term PUMA and a regular at the New Agenda, I'd also love to hear how you justify the sexism.

  75. Chill out. The proprietress doesn't have a problem with her new visitors so it is more than a bit gauche for you to start in on them.

  76. If this is to be a true circle of "friends", you're going to need more than a common opponent to make it happen. People are disappointed/disillusioned/distressed/fill-in-your-blank with HB. We got it. Any other points of common interest, or is this it?

  77. Emma emailed me trying to find "Honey is the Glue that Binds." Anybody want to help her out?


  78. Anon at 7:51 PM - The members of this group have always had common interests, and sometimes disagreements, but conversations will always be possible and enjoyable. Right now the HB thing is the main topic of discussion, but it won't always be. What's your problem?

  79. Emma - try this link:

  80. > Chill out. The proprietress doesn't have a problem with her new visitors so it is more than a bit gauche for you to start in on them.

    I did mean it politely, I would love to hear about the latest justification of Dujans actions and I have always wanted to know how the regulars at New Agenda could reconcile their support of Hillbuzz with their support of the sexist posts at Hillbuzz.

    A nice polite cross-side forum where ideas and views are openly exchanged and debated is more than needed.

  81. ^^ their support of feminism with their support of Hillbuzz.

  82. I'd also love to hear sensible discussions about alternatives to the free grope you get if you fly via the USA.

    My own view is profiling does not work, despite what you may think it is not Muslims who hijack planes it is largely Christians. Someone actually hijacked a plane demanding to see the pope.

    My own view is increase intelligence sharing between the airport authorities and the security services. Funding for that was cut by the governments as part of the "peace dividend" when Soviet Russia fell. That money was never really put back.

    After 9/11 the US got the expansion of the the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security. Both overpriced kabuki theatre. Amsterdam has ran out of space to fit all of the stupid machines.

    (pleased to see I got my wordpress id (but not avatar) working)

  83. A note to FranklytheNut - I have been meaning to write this since I saw it on HB.
    I am terribly sorry to see that the Buzzers were accusing you of being me!
    Oh, I never sent Dujan threats of any sort, and do not use homophobic language.

    Kind Regards,

    Susan (The Troll)

  84. For Emma:
    I could not make the link from Lucianne work for me either to get over to Motley's place. They are looking for you!! ;)

    Hopefully this one will work:


  85. @TBB:
    Enjoy inventing things out of whole cloth?
    "As you are are also a long term PUMA and a regular at the New Agenda, I'd also love to hear how you justify the sexism.".

    (a) I am not a "long term PUMA". I supported the PUMAs during the 08 nomination process and the election. I donated to Murphy for her PUMA activities and to Heidi Li for advertising/communication. Supporting the PUMAs and being offended by the misogyny of "I've got 99 problems, and a ho ain't one of them" et al, isn't the same as being a PUMA. That would imply I was ever a Democrat. Not.
    I do read riverdaughter, uppity, pumapac, notyoursweetie, etc because I enjoy different viewpoints and the quality of writing is generally very good. Uppity posts items of interest to me that I do not see elsewhere on the inner tubes.

    (b) "New Agenda"????? I had to google it as I had no idea what you were talking about, and it made me recoil in horror. Not quite. and lewrockwell are sites that I am seen frequently at, not their ideological polar opposite.

    Thanks for playing.

    ~~ YTZ4Me

  86. jsg, thanks for minding the store for me a little! Yes, TBB, we are observing company manners, the way we would with our relatives around the table at the holidays. For instance, you have found a topic I believe may unite the nation: we are NOT getting nekkid for the TSA! Or, NO TNA FOR THE TSA! ;o) Now that we've established New Anonymous, AKA YTZ4Me, is not who you were thinking of, perhaps we can avoid rolling around with our hands in each other's hair? IOW, settle, BB.

    Newest Anonymous, I'm just sittin' here. This blog started cataloging Hillbuzz insanity after Kevin Dujan did some ugly, ugly things to me, friends of mine, and complete strangers. I have a page devoted to it:

    Lying about my poor little blog, about what I am and do, and exhorting his followers to not only find my 3D, real-life location, but publish it, is appalling, and possibly prosecutable, but I'm just not much for litigation(can't afford it, for one thing. A number of KD's targets have spent serious money on lawyers' advice concerning him).

    And I didn't even get the worst of it; besides Susan, whose travails you all know now, another woman in the Chicago area, who lives alone with her elderly mother, was completely terrorized. She had her entire life, which had been cheerfully open, gone through with a fine-tooth comb, heartlessly, relentlessly. I only had people using my father's final illness to try to guess my age, so I got off relatively easy. Actually, that was the last comment on the Get Polly thread; I think some people may have realized they'd gone too far, realized there was a genuine human behind the fun, and, I hope, felt a bit ashamed of themselves. IMO, one of the worst features of Harvey Bilk's Hillbuzz is that Dujan pulls people into behaving beneath themselves.

    So I have every reason to be plenty frosted at Mr. Kevin Dujan. And I agree, that isn't much to hang a blog on. But I wasn't planning what to do with this blog; I'm just glad not to have to be afraid of this little yutz any more. And yes, it is entirely satisfying right now to be hostess to escapees from the World's Crummiest Cult, with its loyalty tests and trollophobia and bottomless begging bowl. But I've only a medium case of Schadenfreude; I don't want to see Harvey become an unemployable Ward Of The State--although he's done so much to hurt himself online, getting work may be as rough now as he once (actually, constantly) complained it was.

    So to anybody wondering, what is her game, anyway?, this is it! Ideally, KD would realize he needed help, and seek it, but I don't think that'll happen. The next best thing is that a coterie of ex-Buzzers send out warnings near and far, which is as close as we can come to rendering him harmless. I don't know, perhaps in a month or so this will be a no-traffic blog devoted to pictures of Euphorbia Milii, pantomime horses, and gingerbread recipes.

    By the way, my email address, for anybody who wants to communicate privately, is up there in the masthead:

    Now back to playing nicely!

  87. Pantomine horses??? Why I'd come back for that!

    Mrs. have been a most gracious refuge for our little group of exiles, and for that I thank you much. We're all in the process of comparing notes at the present, but are capable of seeing both sides of this story now. Talk about us nicely when we're gone now!

    Ad rem

  88. You're going somewhere? ; ^ )

    Ah, the heady days of 90 comment threads! Heady day, anyway.

    I have a number of posts which, as I may have said, are past their freshness date, but I made the Blingees for them, and by heaven, they're going up, so watch this space. And as you reconstruct the narrative of what actually went on, please feel free to throw Snarkopolitan a line, or do it privately, because naturally, you know, a person is curious.

    BTW, at the HORRIBLE! LIBERAL! BLOG! where I am a co-blogger (Trigger warning: very mild DWTS joke--hey, Trigger, Pantomime Horses--oh well.)


  89. Mrs. P...

    Oh, not to worry! I'm sure many of us will continue to drop by, I know I will. When I said "gone" I meant only in the short-term. Wild pantomine horses couldn't drag me away from your next post. ;-D

    Ad rem

  90. Oh yeah, Mrs. P, we'll be back to see your next post, for sure!

    Like Ad Rem said, we want to thank you for being such a gracious host. What a strange couple of days you have probably had! Some of us (me!) probably deserve a good natured tongue lashing for ignoring our gut on so sooooo many issues. Thank you for giving us wise counsel instead!

    Many thanks,


    P.S. Good God I hate blogger for making me hit "post comment" twice.

  91. To the REAL Susan, from your imitation, your shadow, the follower in your train. I apologize for ever believing anything Kevin said about you. All he did to me was trash me anonymously, which can't even begin to compare with what he did to you. I find myself unable to stand in your class, so don't you go apologizing to ME!!


  92. Mrs. P:
    I thank you for throwing open the doors of your electronic salon and allowing us to warm ourselves by your fire as we read our soggy roadmap and deduce the next course of action.

    I do not challenge your experiences with M. DuJan, and for whatever harrowing trials you were forced to wade through, I am deeply and genuinely sorry. I have had a similar experience in the spring of 08 with a group of O-bots who, upon becoming quite perturbed by my continued online insistence of some type of independently quantifiable proof of Obama's fitness for office and the responsibilities concomitant with same, elected to "report" me to the Secret Service for alleged "death threats" against then-candidate Obama. So I can emphathise entirely with your experiences of dealing with persons not quite of sane mind and body.


  93. You're welcome, YTZ4Me, and Yikes! Were you visited by G-men?

    Ironically, those same people are probably moaning now that Obama is not the Dennis Kucinichy super Progressive they thought he was and hasn't given them want they wanted, NOW NOW NOW! I wouldn't be surprised if they were reporting him to the Secret Service.

    I actually ran across a genuine death threat against Obama on the Huffington Post: the comment specifically said that if Obama won, the guy was going to go looking for him with a gun. That I reported to the Secret Service, and I had to teach a lovely guy on Long Island somewhere, I think,how to navigate the cascading comments at Huffpo, over the phone, till he saw it. Then he reported it to Washington, and I have no idea what happened after that.

    I'm sure it didn't occur to your antagonists that wasting the Secret Service's time on their petty online squabble actually endangered Obama; the Secret Service is stretched pretty thin.

    "independently quantifiable proof of Obama's fitness for office"

    Would that be what I think it is?
    You may, or may not, depending, enjoy clicking on the "Orly" category to see some pieces I did on that lady.

    Cheers, everybody!

  94. The only PUMA I know who got formally reported to the Secret Service was one who used to frequent Larry Johnson's House of Loony.

    Larry did a post calling time on the super crazy and saying he will report anyone who makes threats against the then President Elect Obama to the Secret Service.

    Said loony did not take that seriously and made a very direct threat. Larry Johnson runs a real house of loony, it is not quite as bad as Hillbuzz but it is nearly there, he is also a Consultant in the Security Industry. So given the Industry Larry works in, he reported the Stupid PUMA. Larry actually boasted about how much she cried when he told her.

    Of course said loony turns up at Hillbuzz. She reported on there that the Secret Service turned up nearly a year later at her work with all kinds of details.

    The lesson here, even if you think Bush was a monster, Obama is a Communist, or in 2016 #45 is a lunatic, do not make stupid threats online. It is illegal. You will get visited by Men in Black and they will not be quite as cool as Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

  95. First of all, thank you Mrs P for being such a congenial hostess. As an ex-buzzer, I really appreciate the fact that you let us hang out here, rent free, when we needed the space.

    I was interviewed once by the men in black (don't know remember which branch; think it might have been FBI). It was about 1980, and we had some Russian gentlemen visiting for business reasons. We were told by the G-men that these Russkies didn't have permission to be in Detroit, the arsenal of democracy, so they wanted to know what they men were up to during their visit. Since all they did was look at the machinery were were building for them, and eat and drink a lot, there wasn't much to report, so my story isn't very exciting.

    I was interviewed once, informally, by the local police about the murder of a man I knew. I was a regular at a bar that this man also frequented, and they were looking for the back story. He had a girlfriend, and I knew her slightly, but the story is that she and I, and two other of our friends all had the same first name, so the cops were trying to sort out which one of us was the bad girl. Anyway, it turned out to be a painting contractor who had worked at their house. It as a home invasion, the guy tried to protect his family, and they shot him.

    Sorry for the long boring post.

  96. Stella, you're welcome. What a horrible story; I'm glad they found the murderer. A friend of mine wrote a book on NY's cold-case squad, before the TV series popularized it, and with the financial problems police depts are having now, cold cases have gotten much colder. That's a lot of murderers out among us.

    Aside from the Russian spies, G-men, murder, cops, and possible case of mistaken identity, though, oh what a boring post! You're banned! :^)

  97. "By quantifiable" I mean a track record.
    As's the South Side of Chicago doing these days, after being touched by Obama magic as a "community organizer" and later state legislator. I guess a bad habit picked up from my days interning in HR -- I prefer to review/analyze actually verifiable achievements, over made-up wishful thinking and self-congratulatory verbiage on resumes. But, then, that's just me.

    And yes ... I agree with you about the dangerous and frivolous use of the SS agent's time. He had to drive 3 hrs, one way, from Fresno, to interview me, at my home in military quarters on a super-secure base. Even he admitted the whole thing was ridiculous but was sent by Washington.

    I know first-hand two other people who were also reported and interviewed by the SS during the campaign; one, as a result, was driven to start the East Texas Tea Party and her own blog, Freeze the Fascism.

    I hardly think pressing the point in Feb of 08 that there was no paper trail/academic record on Obama's accomplishments or history of problem solving = a death threat. Apparently in some quarters of donkey land it does.

    Personally, I sincerely hope that nothing untoward happens towards Obama or his family; not only because in stable representative forms of government, we do not solve our differences by assassination, but can you imagine having to be surrounded by the martyred Obama buildings, train stations, airports, schools and roads for the rest of your days? Shudder.

    No thanks. One and done, then please pack him off to his Presidential library where he can make the bitter one happy by making "real" money giving pedantic speeches to the adoring masses. If we are lucky, he will finally be off the TeeVee and it may be safe to subscribe to cable again.


  98. I was wondering when you guys would start snarking about Mrs. Obama again, figured you couldn't go much longer without getting out at least one "bitter" comment.
    I would think you wouldn't want anything to happen to Obama or his family because they are fellow human beings, and though you don't agree with the Presidents policies, you realize he has the best interests of this country at heart, but this doesn't appear to be the case.
    "Made up wishful thinking" and "self congratulatory verbiage?" sounds as if you are describing Kevin Dujan, strangely enough.

  99. YTZ, ramped-up emotions cause people to behave crazily. I don't know what those people who were cursing me out on Hillbuzz did the rest of the time: I'm sure they thought of themselves as good people, yet they participated in a mob mentality, urged on by someone whose bona-fides were entirely lacking. He never provided proof of any sort for any of his fell stories, but drew his readers into terrorizing strangers over the course of a long period of time, so this was not just one doofus picking up the phone to get even; it was many doofuses working together because they were overconfident that they were in possession of the one and only truth. That's dangerous.

    I am very sorry you had that unnerving experience, and I hope you did not feel endangered by the visit from the G-men. I hope that "threats" called in frivolously by childish nincompoops are prosecuted, because it's certainly illegal.

    The innocent people hounded by Hillbuzz, whose information was put online, did feel, and in fact were endangered by Dujan's, and his overeager followers' actions.

    Since you take pride in being an analytical person, how is it you were fooled by Kevin Dujan, and for so long? Admittedly, he's a glib little article, but considering the number of projects promised and not delivered, considering that, as one of your astute friends pointed out, "He's been a lifelong democrat for 20 years, and he's only 33? Hello?" and considering that all of the "boiz" had the identical, exhausting verbosity, how could you not have figured it out before it was pointed out to you in spades?

    I'm sorry to be taking this short tone with you, especially because we have all been on good terms, and I hope to maintain them. But this really worked my nerves:

    "I prefer to review/analyze actually verifiable achievements,over made-up wishful thinking and self-congratulatory verbiage on resumes. But, then, that's just me."

    Perhaps you prefer to, but you certainly fell down on the job concerning Kevin Dujan, a genuinely dangerous nutjob who has your friends seeking comfort in private blogs away from his beady little eyes. And I find it offensive that you would come here and be such a snip.

    Although I am a liberal, I am not, and the jolly little blog I write for is not, cravenly Obama-worshipping. My position has been and is, that I'll be happy to discuss his policy failings,and successes, just as soon as I'm done addressing the bizarre, insane, and the mean, which comes from the overexcited left (they didn't get what they want! Obama's just Bush 3!) AND the far right, which seeks to deny him his own citizenship, passes around purported naked pictures of his mother, and attacks his wife and children for their appearances, for features they can't help, like Michelle's behind and her nose and Sasha's feet. Is this any way for grown people to behave? Is this what good people, who want this country to be its best, do?

  100. You'll see, if you look at my other, non-Hillbuzz posts (yes, there was a time!), that I do not approve of Sarah Palin (I might throw the same accusation of lack of record at the half-term former Governor, by the way; I wasn't going to do it with my other guests, but then, they didn't poke me with a sharp stick, and now I'm riled). I've gone at her pretty hard. But you will also see that it is all directed at her actions.

    Finally, I tried to imagine making a remark like, "I just hope (fill in the Republican) isn't assassinated not only for his sake, but so I don't have to live with all the martyred (Republican) bridges and toll roads etc etc," and frankly, I can't see myself, or most people who have the slightest sense of decency, doing it. Mmmaybe, in a private email to friends who were of a similar mindset? But likely not. Because it's just plain vile. Even as a deliberate provocation, it doesn't work, because it simply makes the speaker sound, dare I say it?


  101. Miss Polly:

    Thank you for your honest reply.
    And my criticisms about Obama are based on his actions -- or shall I say, dearth of them.

    I can not comment on what may or may not have happened with you and some posters at Hillbuzz. I was not part of that activity and although I am sure that you still have some raw emotions over it, sniping at me because of your experiences is a little much. I don't go about cyber-stalking people etc.

    And the blinky-snarky opinion piece here about Kevin's site is so...sophisticated? I thought it crass, but as a guest, refrained myself from expressing it.

    And you do sound extremely defensive of your party's pick to lead the free world into .... ??? At least Kevin DuJan isn't reaching into my pocketbook to go around globetrotting and insulting and alienating friend and foe alike.

    Nor is Kevin DuJan responsible for refusing to formulate a workable policy on Afghanistan -- the results of which are being borne by the young men and women fighting and dying over there -- more casualties on Obama's watch than in the entire duration of GWB's presidency. 3/5 has lost 14 Marines in 7 weeks. Obama has done nothing to earn my respect, nor has the entire Cabinet to be frank. Paul Begala rightly stated that you can't win an election with just "eggheads and African Americans", and I think it's pretty obvious to all that you can't run an Administration with them either.

    So, no, I do not retract my statements or emotions about, in my opinion, the most self-absorbed, narcissistic, and frankly, incompetent person you could have chosen out of the entire pool of candidates.

    If the donkeys are so upset about the way Obama is being mocked and derided by the public, then maybe they should have picked the higher road when disagreeing with GWB's policies.

    Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot. BushChimpHitler is funny and oh-so-clever when the Progressives parade around vile paper-mache puppets and imagery comparing the President to Hitler. And let's not forget about the "dream fantasy" mockumentary "Death of a President" by Gabriel Range. So I think the Progressives have already popped that cherry.

    Spare me your fauxrage.

    I'm beginning to see why you may have had contretemps with M. DuJan.

  102. It was "Chimpy McFlightsuit," if you don't mind.

    Also, I'd be grateful if you'd show some respect for your hostess...even though I'm sure you're still smarting from your recent, thorough duping.

  103. YTZ, I mentioned my experiences not to accuse you of participating directly, but because first, you felt it necessary to mention yours, as part of some kind of tit-for-tat. I am not responsible for the oafs who called the SS on you, nor did I get close to them, the way you did to Dujan.

    Everyone else who has come here has been circumspect of my feelings, as I have of theirs, because we share a common bond, that of having been used by Kevin Dujan. We have all pulled our punches; you are the only visitor to raise her? his? voice in my parlour, here.

    A number of your former Buzzmates like my blog, and complimented me on my work. I guess we will all have to bounce along in our happy, blinky, crassness without you. Quelle tragedie.

    All right, who's going to pick up these broken teacups? If she throws any more, I'm getting the net.

  104. You collect the shards, Mrs. P., and I'll open the window and use this nice little peacock fan to air out the room. Woooweee! Bodily functions are natural and all, but most folks have the courtesy to step out on the veranda before letting it rip. Mercy!

  105. Bless you, Mrs. Polly, for doing God's work here. Not everyone I know would offer sanctuary, succor and gentle encouragement to a group of people who, when last seen, were hunting you down like a runaway slave with instructions from DuJan to ruin your job and your life, and, if possible, stalk and terrorize you in person.

    Fortunately, the collapse of HillBuzz has dealt a staggering blow to Conservatism in general and Sarah Palin in particular, since Americans are now convinced that the Tea Party movement is entirely under the control of Psychotic Gay Men with a fetish for banana hats and Mamie Eisenhower. Our children will grow up knowing the Constitution only as a homoerotic party favor, and believing that the Founding Fathers celebrated the Declaration of Independence by giving each other handjobs in a hot tub. Score 1 for Our Team. Thanks, HillBuzzers!

    BTW: It appears that your guests have comfortably settled into a fine new Patriotic Playhouse, where they can snark to their hearts' content on Michelle's booty and plot their Star-Spangled Vengeance against Menudo, George Soros and General Sherman. It's a shame they don't like my Historic Black Muslim Impostor President, but I figure they have at least another six years to work through their disappointment.

  106. StrangeAppar8us, I don't know where to start with such comments. It seems a bit hypocritical to accuse others of 'snarking' when your own comments contain so many, and don't you think it is a bit of a overreach to say that the collapse of Hillbuzz (which has not collapsed, btw) is a 'staggering blow' to Conservatism in general and Sarah Palin in particular'?

    I was a commenter at HB, but I never hunted anyone down 'like a runaway slave', and I don't believe that any of our other refugees did that either.

    As for the 'Patriotic Playhouse', I would like to think that we are all patriots, and I am sure that Mrs. Polly is one.

    I don't like 'your historic black president'. And it isn't because he is black. One of the problems with him is that he is supposed to be my president too, and he sees people who don't agree with him as 'the enemy'. And I don't like George Soros, as I don't think he is a friend to anyone in this country. I believe he manipulates markets and politics in this country, as he has done in others, for his own satisfaction and personal gain.

    As for Menudo and General Sherman, I haven't thought enough about them to comment.

    As for six more years, I certainly hope not. Personally, I think 'your president' may decide not to seek reelection, but we will see.

  107. Adding to my last comment:

    Regarding Menudo, if you are talking about the band, I can't understand why you would call your band 'tripe'. Maybe it works in Spanish, but no so much in English.

    If you are talking about menudo, the food, I have neve eaten it but, since my great grandfather was a German sausage maker in Peoria, I have been known to eat other suspect foods. As a child I loved scrambled eggs and calf brains, and I really love fresh liver sausage.

  108. I had this long comment typed out and when I tried to post it I lost it! Oh well, let me just say this, kudos to Mrs. Polly for hosting these lost hillbuzzers when they needed it the most, I would have not been so courteous. And to StellP, if Sarah Palin is all you got I would start looking forward to 2016 cause 2012 wont be your year.... oh yeah another thing, the threats and attempted acts of violence and intimidation by your hillbuzz friends was real, were any of the refugees involved? Go back to the January-March archives for your answer, you just might learn something about the people you associate with.

  109. Stella P, my apologies. I left my comment specifically to outrage YTZ, who had thoughtlessly importuned the kindly proprietor of this blog with a raft of formulaic wingnut indignation. It seems to have worked, and YTZ appears to be applying the Primal Scream approach to catharsis on her own blog.

    PS: I was referring to the Hispanic boy band Menudo, which was just my spritely and comical way of trivializing whatever the hell it is that makes HillBuzzers so gosh-darned peeved -- a mystery as opaque to us Liberals as a bowl of motor oil.

    And, yes, we are all patriots, but some of us have outgrown the bunting and firecrackers.

    Sorry you got caught in the crossfire, and sorry you don't like my Personal Savior, the Mighty Obam-Ra. He's just a decent guy who's trying to keep this country from eating itself alive, without much help from a public too distracted and benighted to realize he's already done it twice.

  110. Obotinchief, I never mentioned Sarah Palin. The Republican party has a lot to offer. There were a lot of fine young Republicans elected to office this month - both on the Federal and State levels, your standard white folks, hispanic white folks, and persons of color.

    The Dems reelected Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid, Jerry Brown, Charlie Rangel - all a bit long in the tooth, wouldn't you say?

    By the way, just who of our refugee group are you accusing? What proof do you have? It isn't my job to do your work for you. I am convinced that our little group is clean.

    Take it easy on YTZ. Married to an active duty officer, has had a lot of experience with military haters, shall we say.

  111. Okay, back from a lovely afternoon watching Peruvian Scissors Dancing, which is what breakdancing would be like if it were combined with riverdancing, floor gymnastics, tap, and the Barber of Seville. Oh, and Russians? Sorry, kids, but sit down. Just sit down. Kazatska can't hold a candle. I love you, but it's over.

    Now then. ObotinChief, I have no reason to think any of the refugees were part of the Hunting Of The Snark; they've said so, and that's good enough for me. We're going to take people at their word here, as much as possible.

    As far as your not being as courteous, I'm sure you wouldn't be.

    @Stella; if you like scrambled brains, this is the place for you!

  112. Obot, I don't like your blog. You are a hypocrite of the highest order, calling out conservatives for behaving badly, while behaving badly yourself.

    You're no better than the people you claim to be so disgusted by.

    Having said that, you are 100% correct in your accusations.

    Stella, simply enter 'stupidpumas' in the search bar at HB and it will pull up all of the posts Obot is referring to. It's a very simple thing to do and doesn't require much work or research.

    There was a definite lynch mob mentality going on, and yes, some of your friends were involved.

    I happen to like blog drama, on both left and right, much like rubbernecking an accident on the highway and followed the entire blaga from beginning to end.

    You and your friends should be shamed. You may not have participated in the actual lynching, yourself, but by frequenting HB and continuing to comment there, you enabled Kevin to continue his hatred and lies, in all of it's victimized glory, up to this very day.

    You helped create the monster, yet wish to take no responsibility.

  113. @Stella; Having been to YTZ's blog, I can see that. She makes a truckload of assumptions, though, including assuming I, for instance, support Obama's policy in Afghanistan, which I do not. I think we should get out of that country, but then, what happens when the Taliban come back? And no amount of money has produced a win for any Western power. And you know what? I haven't an answer, either. But YTZ's assumption that all liberals hate the military is completely off; my father was in the Navy, my lovely wonderful supervisor was in both Iraq wars--a total of two years in active combat, and I am very well aware of how thankful I should be that people like him submit themselves to putting on a uniform instead of nice soft civvies, getting into a transport, and going somewhere that's 130 degrees where they will be subject to mortal danger, in defense of me. I understand also that her husband's unit suffered serious losses, and am heartily sorry for that.

    1. Ytz4mee is about one rant away from being Baker acted. Scary broad.

  114. Yes, I'll confirm that there are no military haters among us Rumproasters. In fact, there are former military in our ranks. That the libs are military haters dates back to the Vietnam War. While some to the extreme left might fit into that description, you'll not find them with us.

    Being against a war or two (which is being shared more and more by the right) does not make one anti-military.

    You'll also not find among us blind "obamabots". We generally are just trying to give the guy a fighting chance.

  115. Thanks for linking to that comment Mrs.P, I kinda figured you dropped in to the bigotbashers place every once in a while.

    Truth hurts.

  116. "Yes, I'll confirm that there are no military haters among us Rumproasters."

    I'll second that. My husband is a veteran. He played piano at posh NATO cocktail parties in embassies all over Europe to protect YOUR freedom. (He was in the Air Force band.)

    That said, I do find today's wingnut fetishization of the military positively creepy. Like when Palin asked if we're fit to tie Joe Miller's combat boots. Uh, yes?

    My family is kind of like Lieutenant Dan's in Forrest Gump -- at least one from each generation was involved in every single military conflict in US history. I appreciate that proud tradition and honor the service and sacrifice of every generation of military veterans from all families.

    However, I think it's dangerous to lose sight of the fact that the military is made up of flawed individuals and is itself a flawed institution -- like every organization of human beings on the planet. There's a fine line between according individuals and institutions the honor they've earned and engaging in mindless, uncritical worship.

    I just have to go Godwin here and note that the last time people demanded that civilians defer to the military in ways large and small, including stepping off the sidewalk to let soldiers pass, it didn't turn out too well for the world.

    We're not there yet, thank dog, but one way we get there is for people to lie about dirty fucking hippies abusing soldiers and accuse those who don't support the wars of hating the troops. Another way we get there is for would-be political leaders to set military personnel on a pedestal and suggest no civilian has a right to criticize or question a veteran. That way lies fascism.