Monday, November 8, 2010

Hillbuzz USO Post, or, What Have You Done To Attack A War Widow Today?

Can't Spell Flies Without Lies!
SAD SAX--no futuristic dystopia is complete without him!

They are all heart over at Hillbuzz. Proprietor Harvey Bilk, aka Kevin Dujan, exhorted his conservative followers to volunteer one day a year for the USO, with this encouraging call-to-arms:

"Conservatives need to start telling little Susie and Billy they have to miss ballet and hockey ONE DAMN DAY in November and December. There will be plenty of crap for you to buy at Costco the next day, I swear.

It is shameful you invoke God whenever it’s time to judge others but you love sitting on that butt of yours drinking your Pepsi instead of helping people who need it at the holidays."

That was bracing, wasn't it! It certainly frosted Dujan's new Rush-referred audience, as well as some of his regular Sarah Palinophiliacs. Dujan went on, ludicrously (and, as it was a Saturday night, perhaps drunkenly), to insist on his Rev. Moon-like edict, no matter what the real-life situations of his readers, posting simply, "What have you done for the USO?" and "Please elucidate" in answer to offended readers, including the widow of a soldier:

shelby68 Says:

USO is not organization which receives my family’s charitable time or charitable donations. My former husband already gave the ultimate sacrifice to the military and to the country. I think our family’s contributions to the government and to the military are marked paid in full.

  1. Hillbuzz Says:

    What do you do for the USO?

    If nothing, please explain why you can’t find one day a week to support our troops.

    Am dying to hear why you are too busy or important to volunteer.

    Please explain

Can't Spell Flies Without Lies!
A couple of Hillbuzzers tried to head Harvey (sorry, I just like my name for him best) off from the precipice, but he was bound and determined to jump:

JkR Says:

I think that you missed the part where she is a widow of a soldier KIA.

Oh, but Harvey hasn't missed it at all! Why should a soldier's widow get a pass from Harvey on the arbitrary symbolic service Harvey has picked out for her, or anybody, no matter how much they give in their own way, of their own free will?

(Here I would like just to note that no sane person, liberal or not, would accuse conservatives of laziness, or lack of charitable giving; libs may object to conservatives' choice of charities [those promoting the intrusion of church into state, for instance], but it's just plain moonbarking nuts to insist conservatives don't give.)

Hillbuzz loyalists performed thanklessly athletic contortions to excuse Dujan's weirdly inhumane hissy fit:

P Says:

Kevin, are you drunk?

  1. Hillbuzz Says:

    Why haven’t you listed what you do instead of volunteering for the USO at the holidays?

    I am waiting.

    I have not had a drink since Pride in June, honey.

    You want to call me drunk for calling out conservative laziness. So be it.

    Still want to know why you sit on your butt all day when there is stuff to be done.

    How about answering that instead of insulting me?

Can't Spell Flies Without Lies!
OK! Not drunk. Meth? Or not enough lithium, perhaps, but not drunk! And so the thread went, a study in group dynamics, peer-pressure, rationalization, and a master-class in passive aggression. "Don't worry," multiple Hillbuzzers reassured the outraged newbies, "it's a troll. It isn't usually like this. This isn't our Kevin."

My good friend Strangeappar8us suggests reading the thread while listening to the theme from North By Northwest, while I find the comments sound best read in Peter Lorre's voice:

"You must...excuse the master....he's not usually like this....he's been under a terrible strain..."

The fearsome KOS has hacked us! It doesn't sound like Kevin at all!--it's a psy-ops trick of Kevin's to toughen us! The excuses knotted up that thread and the open thread after it, but the Hillbuzzards also made clear why the astonishing nastiness and downright loopiness of the USO thread Kevin was no fluke. First, a rare lucid commenter:

Debra Says:

This whole “it was a hacker” theory has lost it’s credibility as the day wears on and Hillbuzz posts other posts. I’ll give Kevin a hissy fit, but he needs to at the very least acknowledge that it was a hissy fit, and apologize to the posters where he needs to apologize. Just calling Kevin or Hillbuzz out on something does not make someone a troll. And just because it may not have bothered you doesn’t mean that you get to tell us how to feel about it – you can feel like it was about absolutely nothing, but I was irritated by the post and I have a very high tolerance rate for that kind of stuff. I can blow it off after initially being steamed but others may not be able to, and I understand that.

Naturally, logic at Hillbuzz got Debra only mixed success:
  1. Suz Says:

    It’s not Kevin.

  2. Ad rem Says:

    Amen Debra!

Then, uber-devotees showed how the inherent awfulness that is the Hillbuzz way inevitably makes itself manifest:
Karma Says:

Hurt fee fees vs troops who are risking their lives.

I don’t have the ‘holier-than-thou attitude’ and ‘you deserved it’ mantra. I noted the difference that conservatives here take when the snark is pointed at them and rather than liberals. Like it or not. If you can dish it out but you can’t take it…that is hypocritical.

Also the indignation started before the lady with the ‘former husband’ who gave the ‘ultimate sacrifice’ posted. She didn’t really call herself a ‘fallen soldier’s widow’ but when looking at the time stamps. It looks like HillBuzz went down the list of whiners and posted the same basic question.

“What have you done for the troops?”

Like it or not that isn’t an offensive question to ask a military widow even if he saw that she was one.

If anything it honors her husband by a stranger thinking of the troops. Of all the vets I know, the bonding experienced in war and to the soldiers who are still alive, run deep. Without fail they want the men who have passed and are still alive to be appreciated….even if they never served together.

You can still pretend hurt fee fees are more important than appreciating the troops. But I can’t and won’t….military families know the deal. Chances are high your beloved father, husband, son, wife, daughter might not come home during war.

The argument still stands even with the victim card thrown by you. Donating time to troops vs hurt fee fees over a post…ugh…makes my stomach turn it is so lame.

So, finally, we have arrived. Enough with the posturing: to "Karma," and the real true Buzzdolts, Harvey the BlunderGnome is completely justified attacking the fallen soldier's wife; she's playing the victim card!

Playing the victim card brings us to Dujan's original post, which remains deeply offensive for all sorts of reasons not observed by the wounded conservatives:

First, if anybody is so suggestible as to take Dujan's tone of aggrieved martyrdom seriously, then that person would have to conclude that helping people with AIDS is unrelievedly awful. What a disservice to AIDs volunteerism that would be; fortunately, most sensible people will question the veracity of many parts of Dujan's, as usual, unsubstantiated tale of persecution, this time by his "clients:" people with AIDS who hate him for no good reason at all!

"I am not asking you to bring meals to AIDS shut-ins and clean their apartments on holidays – I do that too, it is NOT fun, and the people I do this for are always mean to me and resent me for being healthy."

Those who have actually done the work will know that terribly ill people have their ups and downs, but if the PWAs receiving the tender care of Kevin Dujan universally hate him, something else is happening besides jealousy of his health (nobody could envy his mental health, for instance).

Ingrates! Those terribly ill PWAs are always mean to poor Harvey! And he feeds the homeless, too, even though:

"I am not asking you to feed the homeless – I do that, and it is scary and terrible."

How odd that my experience feeding the homeless (goodwill-purchased bread machine, many homeless men and women enjoying happy still-warm loaves and East Village cheese store bargains--it's still open, btw, go and buy wonderful cheese!--) was heartwarming and restorative to all of us. I feel selfish for enjoying it so much, instead of suffering as Harvey Bilk does when he does something good. Once a year.

It would be hilarious if it weren't so horrid. Richard Dawkins himself would pray for the day of judgement just so the shade of the husband whose wife Harvey and his buzzing ghouls insulted could rise up and stare these grotesques down as devils drag them into perdition.

Can't Spell Flies Without Lies!

Brought to you as always by Mrs. Polly of Snarkopolitan, the undead blog, in between stretches of real, genuine, pleasant, non-Buzzy living!


  1. I think Dujan is heading for a breakdown of some sort, if he has not already had one. It doesn't look like he's going to apologize to anyone for all this nonsense, but that doesn't seem to bother this Cult of Harvey.

  2. "I think Dujan is heading for a breakdown of some sort, if he has not already had one." How can we ever tell?

    Seriously, though, this is obviously a sick, sick person, and living inside his head is surely a punishment in itself. My fantasies for him involve court-ordered counseling and a chastity belt for his laptop.

    And as for APOLOGIZING...! Like fun! The Lord of the Flies at Hillbuzz does not apologize; he is apologized to, constantly. What a crummy cult! The love-bombing only goes one way; he does not love back. He sneers at his followers: CAN YOU REMEMBER TO DIAL THIS NUMBER, HMMMM? and scolds them, promises them tweets and photos of himself at events which he then never, ever posts, and nags his only flesh-and-blood co-bloggers, like Chrissy-the-hypochondrilated, to do ever-nastier photoshops, while he disappears without notice.

    They don't get saffron robes, Nike sneakers, or even refreshing grapey beverage. They just get the poison straight, and that's enough.

  3. Now they are saying that someone named "Susan" - that would be "Aussie" at #49 on the 10/10 thread (and they no hesitation, again, about making these assumptions and using someone's entire name) has "hacked" the site and posted using HB's email address.
    Is this the "denial" stage of grief, or are they just in a permanent delusional state?

  4. What they fail to understand is KevinDujan01 is the sub account, Hillbuzz is the main account and unless he is a complete idiot he would not give that password out. It is clear to anyone with a basic level of understanding about passwords that Harvey Bilk signed in as chief Hizzbuller went loopy on them more than normal.

    Someone who has as his donate page donate to me to burn the Democrats down is not a rational person.

    Someone who encourages people to carry out illegal election activity is not a rational person.

    An unemployed person who spends all of his money on unlawful election material is not a rational person.

    He has insulted Republicans before but those are Republicans his readers hate anyway (Mark Kirk). They just do not like that irrational hate being turned on them.

    STFR. Given how nasty some of his readers are I hope that they have donated their life savings to that nut. In fact they need to give more to show how much they love Sarah and America.

  5. Excuse typos you get the general point.

  6. They're a fascinating little social science lab, aren't they -- a one-way window into the workings of a personality cult (if only Harvey had a personality).

    The Leader does not apologize, the Leader is never held accountable, you must be loyal to the Leader. It's intriguing to watch his acolytes led by moon-faced little Bev (always willing to ride shotgun on the thought police patrol) attempt to shepherd the rest of the flock into the path of rightspeak and away from crimethink.

    They're not even subtle about it. Did the Leader have a meltdown moment? Look over there! Troll! Troll!!

  7. I love the regulars from Amy Suckslots NAG and the clown worshipping posters of the flatulence who all go off to worship at the feet of the Dujan.

    They have never complained about the sexism of Dujan. They have never said it is wrong to go after the young children of the President or the clothing of the First Lady. They all found an excuse for the foot stomping by Rand Paul supporters (how dare that Liberal get in the way of that nice mans foot).

    PUMA power.

  8. Watching Dujan and his followers is like watching limbo dancing. You really can not believe anyone can go that low and then they go lower still. Check out his latest TSA post. Then just gasp in awe at Bev.

    I am now convinced that he is far left loon impersonating some ultra-conservative. With great apologies to the far left and loons. If he is, it is the best scam ever in history. Bev will still be there to defend him to the last though. I Wonder how long he will have front page rights on Palin's blog?

  9. As the person who asked him if he was drunk, I have left HillBuzz forever. A lot of nice people went with me. BTW, I think 'Karma' is Kevin; just my opinion. I thought for a while he might have assumed the identity of 'Bev', since 'she' has nothing else to do but post on HillBuzz, but maybe not.

  10. Gracious, Anonymous, welcome to poor old neglected (and scandalously liberal) Snarkopolitan! Congratulations on your decision; I know it isn't easy to leave a community, even online, of like-minded people, much less post on the site of someone who was held up as a cog in the Alinsky Machine! (That always made me laugh, btw; I've never read "Rules For Radicals," but apparently one of the biggies is "make fun of your target," which I put in the "Well, Duh!" category of insights.)

    Your supposition about "Karma" sounds quite reasonable; there's no reason why Kevin wouldn't sock-puppet in support of himself, and "Karma" conforms to the twisty logic of Kevin's post, which an ordinary person would find hard to do.

    The population at HB must have changed over a few times, as the site drifts from embracing one icon to another, and the newer people don't know about previous shenanigans perpetrated by Mr. Dujan. Look at the missing month in the 2009 archives--Kevin disappeared, left not a single word as to what was going on, prompting speculation of all sorts of things happening---and none of the other "boiz" (whom I believe do not exist) stepped in to say, "Kevin will be back with you shortly."

    Then he returned to scold his readers, which I commented about:

    And of course, those coming in after that could have no idea that he is such a flighty (literally!), unstable person.

    Of course, poor old neglected Snarkopolitan fell silent, but I had no audience to disappoint. So cheers to Kevin/Harvey for jolting it awake!

    In any case, anonymous, welcome and good luck with your new, buzz-free life. It'll be much sweeter, really.

  11. Yes, TBB, they have gone even lower than anyone would think possible.
    The TSA post I could not bring myself to read. I wish I had used the same willpower concerning the Open thread, where George Soros, a Jew who survived the Nazis, is named as one himself. He is also called a few other words that I will not repeat here, as this is a forum of ladies and gentlemen, or at least sane people.

  12. Still no apology. Still no explanation. He is however trying to make it all better by declaring his love for "the Sarah".

    I wonder what he will do if his candidate loses again. The PUMAs do not have the best record of success when it comes to elections, especially Primaries.

    The GOP are already considering rule changes to get rid of winner take all Primaries. Could he eek out a living from being a Palin Puma or whatever they will call their group?

    BTW - Congratulations "Anon" for fleeing that cesspit of idiocy.

    I would ove to know how many of his readers bought in to the idea that he was ging to develop a new website, sue a bunch of people becuase they were complaining about him, design a new website,sue random people just because and single handedly burn down the "Democrat Party"?

  13. Well, I don't think he's going to apologize, Thelma, but he will continue with his drone meme:
    Since I am the Jesus Christ of the 21st Century, and nobody could ever sacrifice anything more than I have, and I have been attacked by Daily Kos (pure ridiculousness), trolls, conservative gays, blahblahblahblahblah, you can suck it if you are offended by anything I say, and that would include anyone who ever sent us (me) money.
    Greetings, anonymous, and sorry you were treated so harsly.u

  14. His explanation - as well as playing the "poor me card", like all good con-artists it did not take him long to play the Jesus card to a bunch of Christian Conservatives.

    Another rung lower on the limbo ladder.

  15. I'll be having at the "Jesus" thread in a subsequent post, but for now, I'll just say, Holy Mackerel!

    One of his commenters pins him down cold:
    "It seems everyone wants to dish out a holiday meal, and many times it feels like our one-or-two day CEO volunteers (Christmas and Easter Only) can never be found the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas. It’s a personal gripe with me, and many times, it feels like the whole, I’m going to march down to (whatever) and serve Thanksgiving dinner is more for the volunteer’s own ego than any true, free-of-heart altruism.
    I say this from over 25 years of experiencing this first hand.

  16. It is really amazing. I always knew Kevin was a blowhard, but I enjoyed the give and take with some of the commenters at Hillbuzz, most of whom have also departed.

  17. Anon, if Kevin's horrendous posturings don't drive 'em away, Bev the Enforcer will:

    violet Says:

    November 14, 2010 at 10:36 pm
    You’re overreacting, Bev. Debraneuf’s post was polite and respectful. She was just stating her point of view, not insulting or berating anyone.

    Log in to Reply
    Bev Says:

    November 14, 2010 at 10:56 pm
    It’s called trolling…dragging on and on a disruption, distracting from the main goal of the blog. This is not Dr. Phil’s show. We’re not here to preach to Kevin. We’re here to combat the far-left. And this and those comments are trolling and need to stop.

  18. When Kevin starts selling a special drink to be consumed at a special time you can guarantee that Bev will be the last to drink it but the first one to call anyone raising concern, "troll".

  19. Oh my. I didn't know what you all meant by the "Jesus thread" so I took a look and I guess I found it. I had no idea it would be so chock-full of nutty goodness.

    Mrs. Polly, I can't wait to see your takedown.

    In a former job I used to have to scan a block of text and come up with a quick estimate of the number of words. I would guess that Harvey's Jesus post is somewhere around 5,000 words.

    5,000 words to basically say "Nobody appreciates how much I suffer, especially you jerks. Nobody but Jesus".

    Interesting to see that some of the Buzzettes aren't buying it although why they're still sticking around is beyond my comprehension. In a way I can understand Bev's I'll-drink-the-KoolAid attitude better than I can understand the perspective of someone who knows they've been insulted but won't leave.

  20. Some of us stick in there because there are some nice people over there. I always just took his snarkiness as that, snark. Nothing to take too seriously.

    I guess I'm going to have to find someplace else to hang out....hmm...this looks like a fun place! :D

  21. Is the latest Anonymous my friend C? Hi there! Pop on over to TheConnection. Did they ever post your comments? I haven't looked.

  22. No, but just one letter off in the alphabet! It's so silly that I'm afraid to out myself here! I've been lurking on Conservatives for Palin (sorry snarkopolitan!) how is The Connection?

  23. I have run into a few people over at the TheConnection on (sorry Polly)

    There are a lot of L-dotters who were posters and lurkers at hillbuzz.

    My name starts with P.

  24. This is hilarious. I feel like a Red Sox blogger hosting a sudden onslaught of refugee Yankee fans.

    All right, folks, since you are evidently migrating away from UltraCrazy Cloud-Cuckooland to what is in your opinion higher ground (lucianne? Where are my anti-emetic meds?), more power to you, in a strictly non-political way.

    I hope it's evident now that I'm not the Alinskyite Axelrovian Demon that Kevin Dujan called me. I wonder how many of you saw the week of living fearfully that I and my co-bloggers went through as Kevin Dujan persecuted us, or saw the thread where my name and address were published, where I was called a b*tch with the apparent consent of Kevin Dujan.

    I know you have a community of online friendships as I have at my place, and I can imagine taking a site with a number of grains of salt (in Hillbuzz's case, a dose of salts : ^ D) just to hold on to them. But what did you think, if you saw all this? Perhaps you came in after this awful incident. Did you believe Kevin when he told you that another woman (I don't even want to use the poor thing's name) sent him downright psychotic E-mails, which entitled him to repeatedly publish her name, her children's names, her Ebay business? Now it is apparent, is it not, that he was lying about what she wrote him? And even if she were that psychotic, why would he engage and provoke a possibly dangerous antagonist? It makes no sense, as his tales of persecution, all unsubstantiated, generally break down when examined. (Look at the new Reference Page I just put up where major conservative Warner Todd Huston takes Kevin to pieces, all while cheerfully poking librulls like me with a sharp stick!)

    Are any of you from before the month-long unexplained absence, with subsequent inflounce and scolding? I remember the sad little "anybody there?" posts. All those posts were wiped from the record. Though only a couple speculated that he had taken the money and run, and most were many times more loving than I would say he deserved, they were all scrubbed, because, I believe, even Kevin realized they made him look bad.

    So I believe we have all had a run-in with a sick, dishonest person, which I think transcends politics. I hope as you all find each other at lucianne (blechh! blechhh! blechhh!), you will keep an eye out for people who adore mischief (you know I'm including lucianne in that designation)and toy with the lives of complete strangers for sport. We are both nearer to each other and farther than this weird Internet would have us believe; there are good, solid, honest people out there behind their pseudonyms, and there are people who think that proprietors of blogs they love are their friends, when they're not.

    All right! Lecture over! Watch this space for the continuing saga of the Fall and Fall of Harvey Bilk! Cheers, guys and gals.

  25. Sorry you had to experience that, Polly. In my case, I was around for a little less than a year. I did see some of the posts you refer to (the ones about she whose name will not be mentioned). I did not take part in persecuting anyone, and never would. Anyone who has ever been the target of an irrational attack, or who has not but is rational, would never do that.

    I separated what K does from others in the community, many of whom are very nice and intelligent people (many gone now), and not everything K did was bad. This last occasion was my tipping point, I guess.

    In an open forum, one can't control every word that is written there. This is true in every part of the political spectrum, I am sure you will agree. It is quite pleasant here at the moment, although I am sure I would not agree with you on a number of issues.

    In so many of these forums, comments descend rapidly to the 'your mother wears combat boots' level on a regular basis, with very little light and lots of heat. The Hillbuzz community, with all of its warts, usually did not do that.

  26. Polly (or is it Miss Polly?),

    I do remember those posts - I really didn't pay much attention, but I remember I went to Daily Kos to see what all the hub bub was about - you know, see all the persecution and what not - and I didn't find anything. Maybe I missed it in the open comments, but Daily Kos seems very professional, at least in their articles, and although not unbiased, they write articles that make me think. Usually a little too hard, especially anything on the economy. :D I kind of shrugged it off and didn't really think much of it - I was mostly there for the open threads and the snark. I'm sorry you went through what you did.

    I found your site not through HillBuzz's paranoid delusions, but through a google search of "HillBuzz USO" to see if I was stark raving mad myself to think that Kevin had lost his mind.

    You have confirmed my suspicions that there is only Kevin, not multiple Boiz. I've thought that for awhile now, it didn't really bother me though, if he wanted to use made up people as a story telling device that was fine with me.

    I'm someone who likes almost everyone, I don't care what someone's politics are and I don't have to agree with someone 100% to hang with them. I'm sure in real life we would hang out, maybe just avoid the topic of politics. :D

    In your opinion, which is less crazy (LOL!) the Conservatives for Palin site or Lucianne? Can you believe you are being asked where this conservative gal should go hang her hat? If all else fails I'm going to Ricochet. It's like 3 dollars a month but I love politics and love debate. That's the thing, I LOVE to debate and I don't feel like I can do that on HillBuzz without being called a troll. Ugh...Bev got to me, what can I say? LOL! Thankfully people defended me, but I don't want to be subjected to that everytime I don't kiss Kevin's hiney. The thought did cross my mind to keep posting just to piss her off, but then I think I would actually cross over into troll territory.

    We recently left a church because of what Kevin did - they were constantly trying to guilt us into church activity. There are a bunch of comparisons to be made between HillBuzz and this church we left, I won't make them here because it would take too long.

    Thank you for being a gracious hostess to these HillBuzz refugees!

  27. Coming back to add that I just read the Warren Todd Huston piece, have to agree with him as that was what I found too at the time - a big fat nothing. I appreciate how he gently poked fun at ya'll. I tend to view politics as more of a friendly competition then some sort of us vs. them mindset.

    Now, looking back, I'm annoyed that these things didn't throw up any red flags. Thank God I never contributed money to HillBuzz!

  28. I'm having bit of a difficulty posting a long reply to you all - so I will post it as an open letter on my blog, I hate blog gremlins.

    Just in short, there was an is no plot to get "Kevin". He is a nothing but nutty scam artist and it shocks me people like Rush fell for it.

  29. BTW the Kos article you are looking for is Scott Brown and a hate site, it is not too hard to find and it certainly wasn't an "outright attack on him".

    My “attack” hardly matches what he did. The wife of one blogger, who does not even go online, had her private and work details published. One female blogger was threatened with baseball bats. One university lecturer was theatened at work. Remember I had nothing to do with these people. My only connection with the other bloggers was the fact that I occasionally commented on their blogs, because they were interesting. I'm not part of a great conspiracy. As far as I know, neither is Mrs P. I can not say that for certain because I have no actual idea about who she is, although I think she may be Laura Bush. ;-)

    No-one asked what happened to the money though. No-one ever asks what happens to the money. My contact details are known. I have them on my blog. I have never ever heard from Dujan.

  30. Mrs P, I hope you do not mind me "doing an Amy", but here is the open letter I referred to earlier.

    Please delete if you do.

  31. Oh TBB, you are as usual 72.5% right. I know you mean well, but I must correct you before everybody gets hopelessly confused:

    1. The blog-owner's wife didn't have her work details published, it was the blog owner's details, picture from a professional website where he's listed, and the sort of oily, insinuating threat that you usually only find coming from villains in Dickens. To quote my blogfather: He also wrote about my wife, asking where she works and if “her employer know [sic] what her husband is doing,” even though, as I stated earlier, she has absolutely nothing to do with this blog or the blogosphere in general. Because he’s classy that way. This is from a FAQ, to which I'd link, but the blog-owner of whom you speak is deeply tired of the whole thing. Here is more from his FAQ (which is googleable if you guys simply must; I just can't bring myself to dredge up the whole thing all over again):

    Q: Have you heard from him since then?
    A: Yes, he sent me a threatening email at 4:23 AM on Wednesday 1/27 that mentioned my wife several times and someone he thinks is my current employer twice. It included the lines “I look forward to meeting you both in person soon.” and “Please give my best to [my wife’s name].” Imagine the hysteria that would have resulted if I’d sent him an email with similar lines. I would instantly and loudly be branded a thug and/or a murderer.

    "Please give my respects to (innocent woman whose name I am not fit to pronounce)." Uriah Heep lives!

    2. No blogger was threatened with baseball bats, as far as I know, but a completely unconnected, not even online person who runs a graphics firm and has the same last name as somebody who ran a blog-registering site where one of Kevin Dujan's targets was registered, was threatened, but probably, happily, never knew. I screencapped (and blingeed!) the threat:

    3. The university lecturer hasn't even got anything to do with this whole episode at all, was not threatened at work or anywhere else, and was a PUMA whose overzealous "friends" were making wild accusations (and from whom she has since split; she's ironically on better terms with my jolly little blog now than she is with the PUMA blog where she started)

    I want to be sure absolutely everything posted here is as accurate as possible, and, BB my dear, that is one of the quarrels my blogfather at the jolly little blog had with you, and yelled at you about, on a regular basis. Please check yourself more. It's caused me to have to go digging to make sure the record stays accurate, and I hope I've managed to keep it so.

  32. Refugee Anonymooses, the rest of TBB's account as posted here is quite accurate: he had nothing to do with any of us. There is no Soros-funded conspiracy (I wish! Staying home and getting paid for snarking? Heaven!). And my e-mail address is right up there on my blog, as TBB's is on his; we never heard anything from Dujan before he attacked us--with the help of most of the RW blogosphere. I have a friend who loves Instapundit (blarghhh!) who made excuses for his lazy link-to-anything policy that helped inflate this story: "how's he supposed to check everything?" Well, perhaps he and the others who gleefully pass along wild rumors should not be in business, then. Sigh. But of course that is their business.

    Anonymoose #3, I can't possibly tell you which site is less crazy; it's like asking a vegetarian which cut of meat you should buy! I hope your next home will not post the DONATE button as the first thing you see,for one thing. And if the blog-owner thinks he or she is God's gift and the readers Just Don't Appreciate All The Hard Work, yada yada yada, that's another red flag. Nobody forces anyone to start a blog, and being read is a privilege. So a NO WHINING rule might be a good idea.

    Another thing to watch for is amount of censorship. The negative-attention-craving of some trolls who won't quit is entirely different from people who just have a different point of view, as those of you who have scars matching Bev's dentures can attest!

    Finally, trust yourself more than anything you read on the Internet, including this right here! All those forwards you get? Anything that tells you to send it to all your friends is probably false, unless it involves lolcats, and possibly even then. {o%3

  33. Mrs. Polly, I appreciate your effort to be accurate, and your advice. I, for one, never forward anything without checking it out myself, and I often tell folks who forward inaccurate emails to me that their emails are, indeed, inaccurate, and in what way. I am an IT professional of one sort or another, and I am plenty skeptical.

    I do take people at face value until I have reason not to trust them (you are included, of course). If I open myself up to another human being, and they violate that trust, then shame on them and on me if I trust that person again.

  34. Mrs P, thank you for updating me. I need to correct you on the University lecturer, a lecturer who worked at two Birmingham universities, who happens to shares my same name and also a forum name I used used previosuly was indeed threatened by hizzbullers. I will point out that it was not by Dujan.

    That university lecturer has nothing to do with me.

    Thanks for correcting me about the wife reference, I will correct my letter. I do have to say that to me those threats make it worse.

  35. Soz for typos and I do have to say I was right about the threat to one of the bloggers. One of the Hizzbuller posters suggested visiting a totally innocent bystander with a baseball bat. It was not Dujan that posted that comment but it was not deleted. No one objected either.

  36. BB: Oh! Sorry, BB, I thought you meant quite another University lecturer! Yikes! That reminds me of how they decided I was married to the president of my co-op; over 2,000 people live here, and they had the names of a male and a female who lived here, ipso facto QED, MARRIED!

    As for the baseball bat threat, that's what I blingeed: a HB commenter suggesting steel-toed shoes (hardy har har) or a baseball bat be visited upon this person whose crime was having the same surname as some other completely innocent and peripheral party. All that is minutae, really. You're right about Harvey's actual threats being even worse than you'd thought.

    Of course, anybody objecting to anything on Hillbuzz usually gets pulled, and, anonymooses, be careful, because he harvests and publishes IPs. I think if there are enough of you, you won't get the treatment that poor she-who-can't-be-named got from him, but Harvey's, as he says, "relentless."

    Publishing IPs or using them to hunt commenters is generally unethical. The only exception I can think of is when the comment is substantiatedly hateful or threatening. Joe.My.God put his commenters on an assignment to find the person who posted "All fags must die" to his blog, and though I was of two minds about his doing that (was it a specific enough threat? Was it some stupid kid?), JMG readers traced it to Senator Saxby Chambliss's office. It wasn't some stupid kid, it was a staffer (and also some stupid kid) who we are told was fired.

    In any case, anonymooses, this is good old Blogger, a basic template, and I don't have access to your IP accounts, even if I wanted to misuse them, which I don't. So feel free to continue to visit, in your cloaks and deep-cover get-ups for Dujan's sake, but this is a safe place. And by all means good luck with finding a home blog where you can continue to try to tear down most of what I hold dear! I will do the likewise to your fondest dreams for a government so small it needs to sit on a telephone book!

  37. Another Hillbuzz refugee here. I started suspecting KD several months ago, after nearly a year of reading and commenting. I'm a little embarrassed to admit I did fall for the schtik and sent him $$. I'm not sure what finally did it -- I think it was the constant promises of great things to come with no follow-through. Then a few weeks ago he was supposed to host a radio show and never showed up. Then C4P (probably the most active website supporting the candidate for whom he is supposedly "all in" in 2012) held a meetup in Chicago last weekend--in his backyard-- and he doesn't participate? Odd. Even so, I never dreamed he had the nastiness in him he displayed on the USO post. I was among the initial deniers who have since left. Thanks for providing us with a temporary home.

  38. I love how you are counseling us - you are like a cult exit counselor or something!

  39. > I love how you are counseling us - you are like a cult exit counselor or something!

    Well it is not as though people were encouraged to give money, hung on his every word and were harangued in to committing acts of criminality or anything. Of course you were also always free to question whether the Leader was right without fear of reprisal.

    Anon #4 (?) seriously, keep him well away from ANY Presidential campaign. C4P having nothing to do with him at the Chicago meet up sounds like an eminently sensible decision in fact. The biggest threat security has is a highly erratic, unstable "fan".

  40. Thanks for the corrections Mrs P, I have corrected my letter.

    It may amuse you to know that based on Hizzbulller info, one idiot PUMA was attacking that poor hapless lecturer, whose crime was that he shared a similar name to me. It was a key part of her Primary campaign against a long term Democratic member of Congress. She did manage to get 18% of the vote and she had a total of 18 donations.

    18 is strong with them

  41. To all the ex Hizzbullers, brownie points for finding the name of the military spokesman for Al-Qaida in Europe.

  42. Abu Dujan al-Afghani? Hey, TBB, just brownie points? Don't I get a prize?

    Wonder if Abu and Kevin are related.

  43. Mr. Dujan's whispering campaigns against various politicians by calling them gay smacks to me of self-hatred, and so it makes some sense, or is at least of a piece emotionally, when one remembers Dujan's repudiation (that's with a P, the way that perfectly good word OUGHT to be spelled!)of ethnicity, as in hyphenated American. His rant against Polish doughnuts springs to mind. (mmmm, fried, with jam....who could hate on those dear little things?)

    There's a new post up, btw, and I've a hint for everybody: MOUSEOVERS! That's it.

    StellaP, you get Pazcki Points. They're delicious!

  44. Our office consumes dozens of Pazcki from Hamtramck every Fat Tuesday. Thanks for the points!

  45. Did he really say that pazcki are bad? Missed that one.

    By the way, did you know that the state of Illinois and city of Chicago officially celebrate Casimir Pulaski day? In 2011 it will be on March 7. Kiddies are out of school and everything.

  46. Stella, I'm on a mobile, on a bus. So this may not work, but here goes:

    YESS1what can you say about a man who has contempt for a dear little jam dumpling, save that he leads a drab, unenviable existence?

  47. Another former buzzer here "Sundance". Posted and read the site for a little less than two years. I just rec'd an email from "chrissythehyphenated' a former contributor, friend, and author on Hillbuzz. Kevin had stated repeatedly she was on vacation. That was a flat our lie. I have mucho recent discovery about the entire false premise of the site and Kevin. The gig is becoming unravelled as more and more begin to take note. I have to post as "anonymous" because my wordpress username isn't working here. But I can confirm that much of what Mrs. Polly has suspected and outlined is absolutely true. There is no buzz crew, there is no buzz quarters, Hillbuzz has only one person involved in the entire site and that is Kevin Dujan, all other "site profiles" are aliases of Kevin. Chrissythehyphenated has brought a new enlightenment. Anyone have questions?

  48. That's quite interesting! I wouldn't mind hearing what Chrissy has to say, if Polly doesn't mind you posting it here.

  49. Hey sundance! This is Pat here. Also heard from Chrissy by email. Also heard from Motley. I would love to hear the whole story. I saw your other post about gatormom, but her site was scrubbed by the time I got there. Most of this about K I suspected. Have you talked to anyone who met him in DC? He talks about other 'boyz' being there but they are always conveniently somewhere other than where he is.

  50. I am saddened to hear about these events, and have my own to relate, though it's probably not on par with the one of the insulting remarks to the veteran's widow. I post on Lucianne as ZurichMike and hope to see some of you there. Looking in particular for AmsterdamExpat

  51. ZurichMike, don't know if you are aware, but your ex-buzzers have started their own blog,

  52. hysterical thread – Dujan caught up in his own sense of invulnerabiltiy (guess the breitbart & rush shout-outs went to his head in a big way!).

    ha, biting the hands that feed, how foolish!

    THAT SAID..."Amy Suckslots NAG" (seen here in the comments referring to amy siskind) is sickeningly misogynist.

  53. btw, (this may have aleady been noted) the conman pulled his nasty thread and all the comments that went with it.

  54. Hi, I didn't pay much attention to Bilk recently, so I've only just heard about this. Wow.

  55. If you want to understand the post in question, look carefully at the timing of it.

    What happened that week ruined everything this poser was really working for.