Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Sliming, Part Deux:Flim-Flam Dujan Repeats His False Charges

3rd Degree Shillburn
Burning bridges and readers since at least 2008

It's a press release. It is sprinkled with gems like this:

DuJan, a marketing and fundraising consultant, has created a community that allows gays and conservatives to get to know each other in a respectful, irreverent, but always pro-America environment.

There will be a short pause while ex-Hillbuzzers stop rolling in the aisles and clutching their sides in a respectful, irreverent, but always pro-America way. As it is by Dujan **UPDATE** My good friend YAFB points out that it's actually by a Hillbuzzer who's involved with publicity, whose name I'm not going to use because it's not, exactly, her best work, and now back to our blog post in progress**, it is naturally five times longer than it should be--you'd think a marketing consultant would know these things, but really, his specialty has always been fundraising, hasn't it!

But let's be unDujanian and cut to the chase:
religious people don’t hate us as much as our own leaders do…as much as the Democrat Party in fact does," says DuJan, who has been the subject of smear campaigns orchestrated by liberal and leftist hate sites.

And guess where he links! "Thank you for your support," in which he replays the entire Grand Inquisition Hit Parade, from Snarkopolitan to George Soros to the Man In The Moon. We remember that tune, don't we! Pretty ballsy coming from the Conductor of the Smear Campaign Orchestra.

This classic tissue of lies (mattress of lies, more like) is dated 11/1/10. That was before Kevin Dujan made the mistake of letting his contempt for his readers, much less the truth, show a little too openly. The last time he attacked my innocent friends and me, I thought the entire Right-O-Sphere was going to go after us, but this time, his brand is soiled, and people are just beginning to become aware that Kevin Dujan is a con-artist and liar of the first water. Indeed, I might admire his inventiveness if it weren't used to injure other people.

But even though he's lost most of his audience, it's not like it hasn't happened before; he just reconstitutes, depends on short memories and the fatigue of normal people who try to deal with him, and there he is back at the delete button (which must currently be smoking), madly typing, or texting, away, bathed only in the glow of his Paypal logo, trusting that he can attract a fresh bunch of marks by feeding them star-spangled malarkey.

He's managed to convince a number of harried media producers with minutes to fill and no research budgets, that he is the go-to conservative blogger Bristol Palin can thank for her dance across America's hearts (or spleens, depending), through an "orchestrated campaign" of his own. Sounds like they're actually reading that press release. (BTW, Hillbuzz, says the press release, offers:
commentary and illustrations from several undercover Conservative and Independent contributors.

That's right, illustrators whose work is now appearing uncredited: you are "UNDERCOVER."

In the "Thank You For Your Support" post, (AKA "Mattress of Lies"), Dujan thoughtfully includes links to all the Right-Wing websites that picked up the story and passed it along. It brought him a great deal of recognition, readers, and money. It brought me a bunch of nightmares, a new-found appreciation for cheap happy-hour margaritas, and other ills I've detailed before. But now that I see it again, it strikes me just how handy those links are for, say, former Hillbuzzers (I'm calling them RefuBees) to use to make very clear that the "Boyz" of Hillbuzz are a single scheming shlub whose learning curve is flatter than his prose.

Brought to you as always by Mrs. Polly of Snarkopolitan, the undead blog~~oh, I was going to write such a different post until I read that press release! I had such a good Blingee! Oh, well. A lovely Thanksgiving to all. Mrs. P


  1. DuJan must be pretty desperate for donations to repackage that dried-up old turd in shiny foil paper and ribbons. And who knows, he may succeed in attracting a fresh group of marks. For awhile.

    But there's flaw in his business model that makes long-term success unlikely: He tells outrageous, easily disprovable lies, and he has a self-destructive streak a mile or so wide, which leads him to do dumb things like piss off the people he had deceived into supporting his unemployable ass.

    DuJan excels at wailing over his invented victimization, and it does attract attention because it fits the wingnut perpetual victimization narrative. But sustained attention is DuJan's krytonite; his claims don't hold up under even fairly cursory scrutiny, and he can't help but show his ass eventually.

    It would be kind of sad if the person in question wasn't a loathsome douchenozzle. But since he is, it's merely amusing.

    Oh, and now that we've dispensed with that unpleasant topic, a very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Mrs. P!

  2. I saw DuJan on some network fluff show, talking about DWTS.

    I like his new mouth-merkin. It disguises his weak jaw, and makes him look like a funny dwarf gladiator I saw in one of those old Steve Reeves "Hercules" movies.

    I assume he's growing a beard as a graft farm for his combover.

  3. Mrs. Polly, you are always so amusing! I love the moniker 'refuBees'.

    I passed on a snippet from this post to the other refuBees (the part about being under cover). Maybe it will generate some traffic. I hope so.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone!

  4. Over the past week or so, it occurred to me that no matter what Kevin accomplished in future (if anything), he would be known forever as That Blogger Who Gamed DWTS.

    Then I realized that he would wear this like a badge of honor and consider it a notable achievement.

    But now he'll be known forever as That Blogger Who Tried To Game DWTS But Failed.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  5. Mary -- Unfortunately, KD will find a way to weave that failure into his endless narrative of victimization at the hands of the America-Hating Leftist Conspiracy.

    That there is no such conspiracy -- or that KD's failures can be easily explained by his own ineptitude and/or utter lack of political influence -- doesn't matter. It's the hook that keeps the suckers lining up to click his PayPal button.

  6. Nobody as bad at logistics as I am could be part of a conspiracy. I can't even organize my kitchen junk drawer. If Kevin is ever attacked with a foam paint applicator or a bent spatula, then I'm your man. Or a twist tie.

    There's an automatic failure in the reasoning of sad sacks like poor old Harvey--they can't factor in their own personalities as reasons for their lack of success.

    Well, as Betty says, enough of that! I'm somewhat calmed to realize that Harvey's press release will be headed to spam-filter limbo if he does send it out, and his credibility as a Tea Party Conservative is pretty much in tatters. But enough of brining that turkey.

    @Stella P: Thanks for popping in, and a wonderful Thanksgiving to you! Regards to the rest of the RefuBees.

    And a healthy, peaceful Thanksgiving to all! Or, as Squanto would put it, Happy No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Day!