Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Hillidaze! Requiem For A Real Turkey

Great Gobbling Goof!

Amazing. He has time to put up eight posts by two PM, despite his exhausting schedule of nonstop altruism. No matter how done he is, he still keeps gobbling!

**UPDATE** Fourteen (14) posts on Thanksgiving, including Arts and Crafts with all his friends, whose pictures, nay, even pictures of his friends' hands making crafts, never appear. I can understand their reluctance. The Internet is a crazy place. The Shillbuzzed Community's sympathies to new Dujan victim M. M. (He gives her full name and location, of course! I hope she doesn't have an Ebay business to expose!)who will shortly be feeling the full effects of her unwitting exposure to the World's Crummiest Would-Be Cult Leader. This is why I am not yet ready to let bygones be bygones. The World's Crummiest Would-Be Cult Leader will continue to cry victim while victimizing others, which just burns me.

Oh well. Enjoy your day, friends, however you spend it. We're able to talk to each other, and I'm thankful for that.


  1. Yes, but all those homeless gay orphans and shut-in AIDS patients and sick vets hate him for his selflessness and nobility. So maybe he went home early.

  2. Did anyone read Sarah Palin's "Thanksgiving Message" on Facebook? What a pathetic, small, whiny person she is. She's an embarrassment to every American, and most human beings in general.

    DuJan, as usual, can't crawl far enough up her ass -- although I suspect the Palin Family swore out a PFA on him after they saw what a creep he is on TV.

  3. Polly, I think we all know DuJan's "hate email" is a fake, and I suspect the same goes for his "friends" and his "Thanksgiving dinner."

    I'm sure this was just another normal day for him, sitting at home in a rubber thong, posting patriotic hate-porno and waiting for Sarah Palin to call him up and hire him to be her Campaign Manager.

  4. Pathetic, small and whiny, along with racist, sexist, and hugely delusional could also describe Dujan and his "followers", though, and this is something to be thankful for, they seem to be quite diminished.
    When the Hillcreeps aren't furnished with a story about the Obama's "lavish" lifestyle on which to comment, they amuse themselves with speculating that the President and Michelle might be enjoying some "blow", and serving "cheap vodka and Mountain Dew", along with burgers from "Fat City". I am sure that these, along with several other cultural markers mentioned in the post, have no racial connotations.

  5. DuJan has always denied RAAACISM! in direct proportion to the amount of blatant anti-Black bigotry he promotes/permits on his site.

    That's what racists do, and have always done.

  6. hillbuzz, I've been seeing remarks like that at HB since forever. The resentment felt by the Hillbuzzers at being labelled racists is intense, and in Harvey Bilk's case, I always thought he knew very well that his invoking the worst stereotypical caricatures for the mild-mannered occupants of the White House could not be anything but racist. He's just genuinely dishonest, and putting out red meat for the worst in his readers is typically manipulative.

    Then there are the Hillbuzzers who would happily welcome any blacks--as long as they espouse the Conservative values: the Clarence Thomases and Allan Wests. They think. They point to their willingness to embrace these black conservatives (and their unsympathetic views toward the majority of the same civil-rights legislation that got them to where they are now)and say, "How can you call me racist?"

    I wonder what Justice Thomas would say, however, about what'swrong with Michelle Obama's face? and other posts where whites are slamming typical physical characteristics of black people, from the width of their noses (how dare she have a nose job and not be an example to the young of her people!) to the shape of their behinds. What should we call that? I'm pretty certain no Hillbuzzer would be eager to show that thread to any blacks, conservative or not.

  7. i was surprised to see a perfectly reasonable comment from Darra$h Murphy in that old thread. A thread I may add that was shortly before the first of the help Hillbuzz move to to a new site scams. A month or so later he went offline for around 6 weeks and came back with a sob story about everyone he knew suddenly dropped dead.

    This is when "Sebastian" disappeared

    This s when he returned with a sob story that would just melt the hearts of anyone with a paypal account

    Happy Thanksgiving and mad shopping day peeps.