Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dancing The Electric BugZapALoo

Hail The Heavy Hand of Dr. Nooooooo!!!
Let us use Tesla's Power for Good!

Here at Snarkopolitan, we, that is I (have to stop doing that!) have a so-far unstated, because so-far unformulated, because so-far unneeded, policy toward moderation, dissent (a-hah! she's been reading elsewhere, again!), and trolling, what is it, do trolls really live under bridges, will people be declared trolls and zapped or will I be rude to them, etc etc.

From the past several months of snarking a particularly paranoid blogger's InstaTroll Kit, you can probably deduce that I am not going to want to do the same. And I don't like the designation "troll" anyway. If somebody shows up and keeps spraying graffiti on my sofa cushions, I might have to use the horrible Power with which Blogger has invested me, but disagreement, even strong disagreement, is not going to be deleted or considered trolling, even if reading the very words feels like being covered in fire-ants.

Those commenters I disagree with, I will answer, not delete, if I'm not too tired, busy, or preoccupied with pruning my Euphorbia), and I will do my best to adhere to my father's admonition,"Never say anything you wouldn't be proud to have on the front page of the New York Times." I also believe in being respectful to readers, but if somebody in my opinion crosses a line, I will say so. I think that's fair. I am talking about tone, not content. Yesterday, something along that line happened, and I invite anybody who isn't already bored and saying, "Good Lord, that post is running long...she's beginning to sound like you-know-who," to review the comments of yesterday (Snarkopolitan's only 100+ comment post, and likely to remain so!), and see if I was peremptory or unfair.

All right, enough of that! It's Saturday, and we're going to see Scissors Dancing!


  1. Heads up Mrs. P, AFinch here. I just sent the C4P peeps this way.

  2. Mrs. Polly, have you seen this?

    I notice that Harvey is maintaining a discreet silence while the 6 Buzzettes that are left are starting the all-too-predictable huffing about how they never liked Babs anyway.

    So I'm dying to find out if Harvey has ever featured a Babs-vs-Michelle crass-vs-class throwdown. Google says no and I sure don't want to have to look through his archives, cause I'm all out of eyeball bleach and I'd have to run to the store. But of course, even if I waded deeper into that swamp, any such thread would have gone the way of the USO/war widow rant by now.

  3. Oh dear lord, he did. Or at least the late lamented chrissy did. Poor chrissy, no wonder that never worked out. Always backing the wrong FLOTUS.

  4. You have a lot more class than YTZ4Me, I wouldn't have been so nice towards such crass comments.

  5. Well, that was odd. My link to chrissy's Babs-vs-Michelle matchup above goes to some other rant. My bad or has it gone down the Memory Hole already? Anyway, it wasn't worth linking to in the first place, I guess. Just the usual crass (Harvey 'n' the Buzzettes) vs class (no-one).

  6. Yes, obot, YTZ4mE's comments were curiously angry, especially since everyone else involved was so gracious about the whole thing.
    If you read over on (no, I don't have a life) the new site they have started,, she is furious that anyone would dare take her to task for her rather ungracious behaviour on this site.
    There always seems to be a YTZ4Me in every crowd of conservatives. They are always seething with anger, always claiming that the "libs" are telling them what to do and how to think, and they want everyone to "think the same", blahblahblah. This usually elicits ("Bev" is usually good for some of these) remarks about liberals all being communists.
    If you go to her own blog,, you will see she styles herself, unapologetically, as a conservative of the "retreat and reload", or Momma Grizzly, variety.

  7. In case anyone missed it. We're meant to be using: "Tesla's Power for Good!"

    Maybe the scissor dancing rubbed people up the wrong why (though I can't imagine why - it is perfectly delightful). For those not calmed by soothing scissor dance may I suggest A Kitten Riding A Turtle instead?

  8. Thank you, Mr. Flibberly; I am entirely in your debt for Kitten Riding A Turtle. Such a nice change from the usual kittens on a roomba!

    @AFinch: thanks for the heads-up! I think either they're out for the evening or face-palming. Or else they really don't like scissors dancing, in which case, how sad.

    Mr. Polly and I went to the Museum Of The American Indian in downtown NYC, and saw the greatest combination of break-dancing, riverdancing, and kazatska, all done with immense verve, improvisation, and wit. I was raving about it on the previous thread. If you ever have a chance to see any, GO.

  9. I think you were fair.


  10. I see the ex-buzzers are planning to avail themselves of any and all consumer protection laws available to them as Americans in their pursuit of justice against Kevin Dujan.
    Yes, my head is going to explode, and I hope some right-wingers are nearby when it happens.

  11. @Anonymous XHB: thank you. The parts of the government that need to go are always the parts you don't need. Then,you turn into someone like my dear Conservatarian friend whom I've known since we were in college, whose views in no way interfere with his being on Medicaid, the excellent NY Healthplus version. He sees wonderful doctors, he gets the prescriptions he needs, he was operated on for two different life-threatening and exceedingly painful conditions, and he'd be an unproductive invalid without it. In order to remain friends, I have not pointed out this discrepancy, and he doesn't read me. I hope.

    Still and all, I hope they get the Duj to take down their work, for a number of reasons. ;^}

  12. I think as long as we let them have blogs like the Honeywhatsis and the appearance of Free Speech, they'll remain mostly anxious-but-docile.

    By all means, though, let them have DuJan...and hope he distracts them from the Lame Duck Congress, which needs to do its nefarious work "under the radar" and quickly, while their minds are still fogged by the tinkly, sparkly "good will" sedation of their upcoming Christian holiday.

    Then, finally, Dominion will be ours. Bwa-ha-ha, etc.

    Sincerely yrs,

    The Ghost of Socialist Paradises Yet to Come

  13. Heh. DuJan is now linking to YTZ's "fixed bayonets" rant so he can milk some traffic from one of his escapees.

    Charming man.

  14. He's like Lyndon Larouche, glomming on to whatever bait is most appealing to draw them in, when he really has no consistent belief system, except the cult of himself.

    He's also doubled down on Pepsi, the drink of Lazy Conservatives Everywhere! in one of his flurry of late Saturday Night, inspired posts.

    What the Pepsi obssession is I do not know. When I lived in North Carolina, everybody drank Coke, referred to as "CoCola." Don't know what the Lazy Conservatives were drinking; never met any.

    BTW, Harvey: Cucumber sandwiches? YUMMMM. Arugula? YUMMMM. Cucumber Arugula sandwiches? With Miracle Whip, it's Delicious Detente!

  15. Then again, I'm not sure whom to root for in this situation, since both KD and YTZ are candidates for a canvas sportcoat.

    On the other hand, if we ever fight the Peloponnesian Wars again, my money's on YTZ. She's even got some 4th Generation warfare chops, and probably knows her Liddell-Hart. If she weren't such a nutcase, we could probably have a lovely chat about Scipio Africanus.

  16. BTW Polly: Now that YTZ's wacky Spartan Women manifesto has gone viral, I intend to hold you personally responsible for the the first gal with a pink AR-15 who shoots-up a row of digital parking meters yelling "Molon labe!"

    All you did was ask her to be a polite guest, but that was apparently enough to shift her into Lee Harvey Warp-Drive. I hope she has a friend (or two) brave enough to talk her off the ledge.

  17. Strange, I see the DH looking over her shoulder, saying, "er....Honey? Honey?" while thinking, "I hope my CO never sees this I hope my CO never sees this I hope my CO never sees this..."

    None of the rant excuses her bad behavior, of course, and I suspect that's what stings her most. It took a lot of maneuvering to get herself into aggrieved-party formation, but perhaps that's what happens when she goes on maneuvers.

    God, I'm tired of the victim sweepstakes! I did not ban her, nor tell her to shut up--I merely informed her that she was a brat, which stung like hell. There's one in every crowd, reminds me of co-op board meetings.

  18. What can I say, Polly? I admit I was dumb enough to hope that -- once they realized everything DuJan had fed them was a crock of shit -- they might re-examine all the OTHER crocks of shit they had hitherto been fed by a World of DuJans.

    But, no such luck. They've reconstituted themselves elsewhere as a Parallel Earth HillBuzz with All the Hate but only Half the Man-Thong Poutiness.

    Don't take it as a personal defeat. The Real World has already left the HillBuzzers and FreeRepublicans behind. It's only a matter of time before they show up on our doorsteps, desperate to trade their guns and Michelle's-Butt-Jokes for our overflowing larders of creamed corn and Tactical Bacon.

    When the day comes, we must remember to be kind, and share our bounty even with those who disparaged Liberalism in the frenzied throes of their Galtian Madness. Teach by example, Mrs. P. And if that doesn't work, electrify the lawn.

  19. Mrs. Polly: Exactly, for a person so proud of her deep connections to the military, YTZ seems to have very little self control.
    I see that, over on the honeytrail blog, that she is blaming the bigotbasher for her descent into fury, though I had thought my own post a little more snarky.
    Strangeapp: I don't see how these folks are ever going to change, seeing as they have the self-awareness of this keyboard.
    Though most of them remembered the "Who Is?" series and the hundreds of posts it engendered, none of them ever really participated, and would never do such a thing. I don't think we should expect their attitudes to change in the near future.

  20. There's someone named Simba Joe who accused YTZ of lying about people yelling "Baby Killer" outside Walter Reade. I looked up protests outside of Walter Reade, and found that Code Pink had been holding vigils there beginning in 2005 protesting the night arrivals of the wounded from Germany which they viewed as the Bush administration covering up visuals that might turn the public against the war. Here is an article from Stars and Stripes about it (By the Commutative Law of Shutting Out Unpleasantness, Stars And Stripes may now appear to some Conservative readers as a subversive publication, for which I apologize).

    Perhaps YTZ may have heard "Baby Killer!," and had the hood of her car punched, but, from my short experiences with her, I'm willing to bet that she was running over a Code Pinker holding a baby at the time.

  21. As a good paddie my reply to the silly (non) PUMA PUMA, whose reply to my rather polite suggestion to nt be a dick (as Strange put it) goes somewhat similar to this:

    In deciding whether one has stupid ideas or not, I got to implement mine in the government of someone she considers a heroine, she gets to spout on right wing blogs. Who's the Daddy?

    I do have to add for my own personal amusement that I never gave lots of money to numerous PUMA idiots.

  22. BB, I am too dehydrated to get into a pissing contest, but I will quietly observe that Strange was not referring in that comment to you. For one thing, nowhere did you ask YTZ to stop acting like a dick, politely or otherwise. Instead, with your "Lessons 2B Learned" posts, you rather, I'm sorry, BB, but you came on quite dickishly yourself: condescending and PUMA-obsessed. We are way, way beyond PUMA now. Most of the Exbuzzers (RefuBees?) at this point were never Hillary admirers, beyond the standard "I think she's Socialism Squared, but I was shocked at the disgraceful way the Democrats yada yada yada." (Am I right, few remaining RefuBees?)So I would appreciate it if you spared us the "loonys" and the "stupids" and the triumphal crowing.

    I love the ludicrousness of vying for proud title of Progressive Progenitor of The Bayonet Heard Round The Rightosphere. If you want to wear the Annoying Beyond Endurance tiara, by all means! She certainly mentioned you by name in that department!

    But I rather suspect that being called on her rudeness here is what really frosted her cookies, hence the reference to "being asked to play nice" in the title of her screed, or rant, depending. She doesn't mention the situation that inspired it, because it isn't very praiseworthy.

    It's such a lesson in context; it's going to be printed up on fake parchment in a calligraphy font and distributed at Tea Parties across the nation, I'm sure, but a goodly number of people, especially service members, would look at the "martyred Obama Airport (shudder)" exchange and shudder themselves, or at least, blush.

    BB, you were viciously attacked for nothing by Hillbuzz, and you've been far more diligent than I in keeping track of all the insanity--DuJanity, if you will--and you meant well with your various bits of advice. I even think you are entitled to enjoy rubbing it in a little bit. So I don't want to argue with you, BB.

    Setting my watch for the ObotinChief outrage post against the hypocrisy of Mrs. Polly, under bus refs, etc.

  23. Well if there is a tiara going and if you really, really do not want it, I shall wear it with pride round town.

    In shock news an angry rant by a right winger about nothing in particular goes viral across the right blogosphere.

  24. "It's such a lesson in context..."

    It's a wingnut pattern for sure. They constantly recycle that Reagan quote about guarding freedom lest we spend our sunset years telling our grandchildren what it was like in America "when men were free," yet they fail to note the quote was plucked from an exhortation to oppose the socialist terror of...Medicare.

    Similarly, YTZ pens a stirring resistance piece exhorting fellow wingnuts to take up bayonets to combat the oppression of...good manners, being gently admonished to not be an ass, etc.

    Funny stuff.

  25. I thought I was the one who PO'd Warrior Woman, but I'll pass on the tiara and simply exult in the beautiful fruit-basket the Secret Service sent me for telling them where all the ex-HillBuzzers fled to.

    If I rat three more of them out, I get a Certificate of Citizen Vigilance signed by Big Sis!

  26. You definitely did your bit, Strange. I'll give her that she left your pithy admonishment alone in her comment section, when she's all "my blog, my way, offenders will be taken out and mocked" and like that.

    I'd feel less secure about the FIX BAYONET screed if I didn't know her aim was so off. (Hint to her platoon-mates: definitely keep her in front of you. And be prepared to unstick her bayonet from fence posts, chicken coops, and newspaper vending machines.)

  27. Awww Mrs.P, outrage post? I do think at times you are a little harsh on the BB and I am bound to disagree with you at times however I still love ya!

  28. obotinchief -- Both you and BB have a long history of being supremely dense, but you obviously don't even remember the recent past:

    "I find it kinda ironic that Mrs. Polly or whatever she calls herself nowadays has started to milk the anti-hillbuzz bandwagon for all it’s worth, she was one of the first people throwing us under the bus when the shit hit the fan last year."

    PS: You don't have to love me, even a little. Douche.

    Is anyone else reading the Honey Pot? One of them is frighteningly close to sussing out the Russia/Soros plan, which means that a lot of US could be getting the Cook's Tour of a FEMA Camp, real soon. We need to distract them with something. Perhaps a celebrity dancing show?

  29. Strange: Yes, they are going off on a relgious tangent right now.
    If Obama is a Muslim, why does he want to sell us out to the Chinese?
    This has me all confused.

  30. Such class Strange.

  31. BB -- I thought I handled that rather delicately, all things considered.

  32. BB, one of the things that I like about you is that I know you wouldn't write oily compliments on somebody's blog at the same time you were slagging her on a buddy's blog.

    Strange has my eternal gratitude for being my protective big blogbrother. He watches over me and throws a few well-aimed elbows from time to time, and as far as I am concerned, he is the quintessence of class.

  33. I made this when the original bloggy war happened (for the BigotMasher). But he said he was all anti flash... so you can have it instead.

    It's on drop box... so it will stop watching in the end. May someone mirror it for futurity!

  34. Mr. Flibberly, it's the nicest present! Thank you! It's brilliant. And Flashy. Don't know what BB has against flash---this site is lousy with it!

    I'm going to move it somewhere up front where we can all admire it properly. Many thanks.