Monday, February 1, 2010

Boy, You Try To Keep The Place Nice---

And then somebody goes and opens a window and the pests come in. In this case, two obedient Shillbuzzers, egged on by their Lord of the Flies, Harvey Bilk of Shillbuzz, believe they have pinpointed my exact address. Here they are, their twelve dirty little feet spotting up my study. This is the same comment as yesterday, btw, with "Michael F" referring to me, a complete stranger who has done nothing to anybody, as a "b***h." The new wrinkle is "High Energy Muscle Dude" (yes, really), who answered Michael F's call to find my "actual physical address".

Mike And Muscleduds spot something

Harvey Bilk, Lord of the Flies at Shillbuzz, is trying to out me, a private person who has never outed anybody on earth, as part of his continual fundraising efforts on behalf of himself. The Shillbuzzers have been crawling all over this blog, as they have crawled through other innocent people's, ostensibly to avenge his Lordship's "outing," an occurance with which I had nothing to do.

If the Shillbuzzers dig deep enough, they will find that I started this blog when my father was dying. I hadn't an idea what I was going to do with it; it was simply a refuge. Not that it meant to be private; I know the difference between a diary and a public blog, and I am not ashamed of anything I've ever written, or drawn, here or elsewhere. My father used to tell me "never say anything you wouldn't be proud to have on the front page of the New York Times." A tall order, to say the least, but I've tried.

So I knew my writing would be read by strangers, but I had every expectation that there wouldn't be many, and that the few that came would not be pitiless zombies on orders to exact some sort of punishment for something I had never done. Perhaps I was naive. Apparently, there is no way to protect anyone who blogs about something besides lolcats from being used as a political football.

But I'm not going to close my blog on account of the Lord Of The Flies (hobbit my rosy pink foot; he's an Orc trying to squeeze into a Hobbit suit). I've posted nothing on it since last March, if you'll check the archives; but I've had to revive it to deal with Mr. Harvey Bilk of Shillbuzz. If nothing more happens than that he becomes known by that moniker far and wide, it will be enough for me. And he will; before long, when you Shillbuzzers get hip to him, you'll be calling him that yourselves. But for now, you should see that this is a private citizen's blog. An innocent third-party being used to extract money from you. I don't go to your places and spot up the wallpaper. You don't belong here. Now get. Out. Shoo.


  1. I don't know if Anonymous is being sarcastic or not, but I don't weep for you, Polly. You're one of the most kick-ass dames I know, and I'm proud of you. Long after Harvey Bilk has dried up and blown away, you'll be rocking it out. Because you have talent, smarts, heart and compassion -- which the Bitter Bilkers of the world can never claim.


  2. Thanks, YKW, and I'm not weeping for myself either, with you on my side. I would be weeping for the wasted lives of the armchair stalkers if they didn't make themselves so ridiculous. But they do!

    I feel as if I'm in a high school production of the Crucible, directed by Christopher Guest.

  3. "I feel as if I'm in a high school production of the Crucible, directed by Christopher Guest."

    LOL, that is why I love you Mrs. P. (Well, maybe self-regard has something to do with it too since we are allegedly the same person!) Anyway, I'm glad you're not going to let that two-bit Harvey Bilk character run you out of the blogosphere.

    It's funny -- before this whole mess broke, I was thinking about pulling the plug on my long-neglected blog. But thanks to Harvey Bilk, now I know that even that dust-bunny infested thing can making screaming headlines at Breitbart at any moment.

    So mission unaccomplished, Hilldos. You've given us fresh resolve.

  4. Betty, your self-regard is heartily returned. Er, accepted. Oh, I just don't know any more!

    And yes, excellent work, Melvin Dudgeon. Two blogs that were comatose are now sitting up and taking nourishment.

    You're a swellllll political operative. Very smart. With people like you on board, how could a politician lo--oh, but that's right. He did.

  5. I got your back, Mrs. P. Now all I need is someone to get my front and then IT'S GO TIME.

    Wait, that leaves my sides vulnerable. So I guess I'll need someone to get my front and two more to get my sides. But then you better believe IT'S GO TIME.

    Wait--they wouldn't drop something on my head from above, would they? Hmm.

    Okay, so three people to get my front and sides, and a reinforced steel umbrella. But after that? I think you know what time* it is.


  6. gil, knowing that you're getting my back warms me inside. But what of underground threats? Exploding manholes, not unlike the one who tried to get me?

    Up-armoring is more complicated than I thought. But funny you should mention getting my back.....

    Stay tuned for more hilarity.