Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's Called A Search Engine, Sugar Cube; Hillbuzz Lets Fly At Michelle Obama

Bentson & Fleesum, Attorneys to Harvey Bilkere
Perennially stuck doorbell of intolerance Harvey Bilk of Shillbuzz thinks Michelle Obama is no Jackie Kennedy! Well, we think * Harvey Bilk is no Lloyd Bentsen, either. Though he may be a Bentson, though that is a matter upon which we prefer not to speculate.

Posted without links, begging your pardon. Ever since Shillbuzz shocked poor old neglected Snarkopolitan from a ten-month coma into painful hyper-vigilance, I, I mean, "we," have been averse to linking to the easily-located drive-up window of deep-fried foolishness at Harvey's One-Stop All You Can Hate Shack.

Nevertheless, Snarkopolitan is, thanks to the signal service of Harvey Bilk, awake. And not particularly pleased with him or his little coterie of garbled armchair Marples. So Snarkopolitan will from time to time pop in to Shillbuzz's little enterprise, though don't expect me, I mean us, to keep up with all the nonsense, the vapidity, and the smearing. I am only one person.

*and by "we," I mean "I," but if Harvey insists on using the plural, I may as well avail myself of it as well. Though isn't it eerie that all the writing on Shillbuzz is in the same reedy, nasal, querulous drone?


  1. Anyone who has ever eyeballed a picture of Mr. Shillbuzz (I have -- he was rather ubiquitous in local media for a while) can say safely that he is not exactly an oil painting himself. So Glass Houses, Stones, etc.

  2. "Reedy, nasal, querulous drone" -- you've nailed it exactly, Bett -- I mean, Mrs. P. I bet that drone emanates from beneath a hideous combover too, but that's pure speculation.

  3. And of course, Michelle Obama is a highly respected First Lady and will go down in history as such. Harvey Bilk is just a ratfucking grifter POS. He's failed at life and he knows it.

  4. Hello, She Who Must Not Be Named, and She Whom I Am Honored To Be Evidently Indistinguishable From!

    The whine of that sad little Mouchebag is so constant, it's hardly noticeable any more, but I thought from time to time I'd pick out a few choice stupidities.

    Yes, for some reason, Harvey Bilk has a hard time getting a date, with a voice like that! Imagine.

  5. Well, if you're not going to cross-post all of this snarky brilliance at the RR AT LEAST give us linkies!

  6. marin, I'm working up to linkiness; while the flies of Shillbuzz were crawling through my life and times, and my father's death and times here at poor old neglected Snarkopolitan, I was averse to sending them traffic.

    I would cross-post, but I think RR's had enough drama. However, since this is my own place, I can afford to sit here and take whacks at my attackers. Hello, Shillbuzzers! Sorry I can't devote more time to your enterprising nasal overlord, but I actually work, instead of begging for donations!

  7. How veddy veddy amusing you are, Mrs. P. I have no idea who this Bilk person is, yet I feel I know the full depths of his degeneracy, thanks to your so clever commentary. I think it must be good karma which has given you this golden and recurrent opportunity to exercise your abundant gifts in the area of critical lampoonistry. Ahem. Please continue. I find your droll remarks most diverting.