Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hillbuzz: Rrraaaacist Or Not? YOU Be The Judge!!!

Shillbuzz Convenient Black People Aggregator
Oprah & Tiger, brought together by Pisscylla Herself!

Harvey Bilk, Lord of the Flies at Shillbuzz, certainly is preoccupied with the posteriors of black women! As someone who does what he does to what's left of his crowning glory voluntarily, you would think he'd know when to leave other people's physical characteristics alone! But no essay on Oprah's butt would be complete without talking about Tiger Woods...for some reason. At least not at "freelance events-coordinator" Harvey's One Stop All-You-Can-Hate Shack. I suppose the Daily Hate does count as an event, of sorts.

Brought to you by Snarkopolitan, the undead blog, cataloging just some of the stupidity at Shillbuzz, since we are only one person! (And we have a job.)


  1. I ran into a journalist yesterday who did a little feature on Harvey Bilk during the general election last year. He was most interested to hear about the latest shenanigans. That's all I'll say. For now. ;)

  2. Oh noes, A! Harvey's nonexistent libel lawyer is going to need a much bigger retainer! Time for another fundraiser!

    Shillbuzzers must be wondering what happened to THE MOAST IMPORTANT INVESTIGATION INTO THE AKORN-KOORDINATED ATTAX!!! which vanished into the mist as fast as you can say "cyber-stalking is a fourth-class felony."

  3. Hey Mrs. Polly --

    Glad to see your blog up and running again. I always enjoy your commentary over at RR.

    I was checking out Harvey Bilk's site over the weekend and found some truly disturbing stuff; an obviously fictional (yet portrayed as real) account of HB (in the plural) meeting someone named "Simon" and the conversation that ensued. Really eye-opening and again, very disturbing. Makes you wonder about someone's fantasies regarding violence aimed at women.


  4. A., Bilk is depending on his credulous readers' unfamiliarity with gays, and is evidently feeding them what they like to hear, while at the same time ignoring the immense amount of misogynistic raving against Michelle Obama on his very own site.

    Though I can't say definitively that "Simon" is fictional, the fact that Bilk sets the story at the largest gay bar in Chicago, a simply enormous, loud, and festive obligatory tourist stop, makes the story quite suspect. Furthermore, the term "fish" has been used by gays and straights for decades (Fats Waller's "I Want Some Seafood, Mama" comes to mind), but Harvey seems to be hanging around with a really rotten lot of people. I worked in a drag bar for a couple of years, and was never subjected to conversations such as he describes.

    If some of the D.Q.s he claims to know read what he is pushing to the Teabaggers, they would snap him in two.

  5. Mrs. Polly -- Thanks for taking the time to respond to my comment. That's some crazy ol' site over there. What's really weird is when the commenters include photos and links to their blogs! "Come visit me! I'm a bigot!!" Yike.


  6. Yeah, it's really hard to see why Ole Harv's "events planning" career is in freefall. Here's a free tip -- most people outside of Teaparty Central prefer NOT to have insane conspiracy freaks in charge of running high-profile public events. Especially insane conspiracy freaks who put their racism and misogyny on proud display, all the while denying the ocular proof of those actions. (Oh, I'm sorry, does misogyny not count when it's only directed at black women and toward women you're trying to out on the internet for the purpose of harassment?)

    Because crazy though this may sound, especially in a city like Chicago, there are a lot of women and black people and black women who hire events planners, and why give money to a racist insane douchebaguette when there are tons of perfectly competent non-insane people to hire? And most of those people wouldn't dream of, say, rifling through a client's database for imaginary "enemies" to post on their blog as a fundraising shill, as one could easily imagine the Vindictive Weasel of Boystown doing, given his track record.

    In other words -- if your job depends on having a good public image, don't smear yourself with shit and walk down Main Street at high noon screaming "Lookit ME, everybody! I'm covered with my own shit! Now, let's talk about the sweets table for your next soiree. I'm thinking chocolate fountain!"

  7. it looks as though Harvey Bilk, who was so scared of outing that he sent hordes of haters all over the shop looking to beat up any random people that took their fancy is now wanting to out Democratic donors. His idiot followers are going after lawyers, I hope the lawyers get back in touch with Harvey Bilk.