Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hey, Harvey Bilk! Is It Too Late To Get In On the Hillbuzz Photoshop Challenge?

Freelance Gay Martyr Will Gaybash For Funds

Especially fascinating how you, a gay man who incessantly moans about the horrible times you have had dealing with homophobes, love to slam the president for "effeminacy." But now that you're getting traffic from all those new right-wing friends you've made, got to keep them happy somehow, and what better way than to make them feel at home with a little homophobia?

But, after all, you are running another fundraiser. I suppose "freelance events planners" can't be choosers.

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  1. We can't all be as butch as Larry Sinclair.

    Hi Spuzz!

  2. Allan, can you believe that the Lord of the Flies is unpopular in Boyztown?

    If it weren't for his imaginary friends "whose names I will protect with my life™," he'd be sitting home all day and night, pouring out cascades of dreck that have even his readers begging for mercy (Hi Karen!).