Monday, February 22, 2010

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Thank Heaven The New Agenda Will Speak For You!

That's Why The Lady Is A NAG
A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but hardhats are a noblewoman-by-marriage's best friend
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Oh hell's bells, just consider this a visual supplement to Betty Cracker's wonderful post.

Just like poor old neglected Snarkopolitan, Betty Cracker's blog looked like Coney Island in January, before it was also jolted into life by a dimwitted neoMcCarthyite schlub who thought she'd be a convenient target, and easily intimidated. And once again, he was predictably wrong.

Now, the dimwitted neoMcCarthyite's chum, Elizabeth Cady Siskind, Voice of All Women Mostly,
is holding a "tribute" to noted Fox populist Lady Lynn Deforester, who deplores elitism unless it's a decrepit acquired-by-marriage title accompanied by an ancient pile in the very best part of London. This would be only half as laughable as it is if it weren't that Lady Lynne holds onto her tatty honorific even as Charlton Heston held onto his last gun, all the while condemning the President, who grew up fatherless and only recently finished paying off his college loans, as an elitist.

But as Betty points out, the New Agenda's pose as "Voice For All Women," is certainly belied by the behavior of its one-and-only visible representative, a woman who is not averse to a few dirty tricks,

Here's a Siskind quote Betty pulled out, which I have decorated to lighten the burden of realizing that women as puerile, snide, and just plain childish as Amy Siskind could have a rolodex full of lazy producers who accept them on short notice as viable mouthpieces for women's rights, and living rooms large enough to hold a half-dozen "prominent" dilettentes whose pretentions are enough to impress fools into parting with their money.

Behold Amy at work, answering an unfortunate who made the mistake of asking an honest question:
Is Siskind A Drip? It's Unanimous (Less One)!

brought to you by Snarkopolitan, the undead blog, cataloging just some of the dishonesty and dirt, because we are only one person, and we work, but not on Wall Street!


  1. Dear Amy,

    As exciting as an evening with Lady Lynn would be, I must tender my regrets.

    I note that the event will also feature Maria Bartiromo. Sadly, I am presently under the care of an audiologist, who advises me against exposure to her voice in a live setting. I do hope you all have a smashing time without me!

    Best regards,

  2. Aw shucks, thank you verra much, Mrs. P. The aforementioned dimwitted, neoMcCarthyite schlub certainly has succeeded in activating a previously dormant contingent of snark-purveyors, hasn't he? I am proud to join you in that enterprise.

    I'm considering Andrew Breitbart as the next target for a torrent of bloggy derision. I've been reading about his recent antics at CPAC, at which he whined non-stop about the coverage of his protege (the faux-pimp). In light of Breitbart's role in promoting Harvey Bilk's baseless smears against us, his caterwauling annoys me more than usual.

    Not to suggest any collusion, but a pasty person like Breitbart could really use some Blingee adornment. Cheers!

  3. As demonstrably stupid as Amy Siskind is, it's not impossible to believe that she was an "executive" on Wall Street. Hell, anyone who can believe that Lady Humpsalot For-Bling isn't an "elitist" could believe in the infallibility of credit default swaps.

  4. But Lady Lynn is just one of us common folk.

    A common folk who is the protagonist of her own Ayn Rand novel, true, but common folk nonetheless.

    And I second Breitbart. He apparently declared victory in the war on liberalism three weeks from now, so we probably need to congratulate him on his smashing success to come.

  5. I find it almost incomprehensible that the similarities between President Obama and a Killer killer whale have never been commented on before. What have we been thinking, to miss these trenchant and obvious similarities? I guess, like the entire Conservative Movement, we must have been wandering around in a dream. Thankfully, mine, at least, didn't include them. I think I may also decide to exclude the remarkable similarities between two unfortunate targets of the highly insightful Conservative Commentariat whom, on closer scrutiny, I find not quite as similar as advertised. Such are the prerogatives of lucid dreaming.

  6. I can't seem to post on the right thread, for some reason. Could it be that the Blogger machinery could stand some adjusting?

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