Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Would Hillbuzz Do Without Suckers?

Awful Merman
So since Kevin Dujan has managed to whip up a good profitable head of fury over a thoughtless aside about the youngest Palin, whose name Kevin constantly uses as a kind of all-purpose spray-on outrage freshener, you'd think somebody might question front-pager (and major contributor) Newt Love's thoughtless use of the pejorative suffix "tard." Wouldn't you?
love is a many splintered wingnut
Not feeling the Newt

Brought to you as always by Mrs. Polly of Snarkopolitan, the Undead Blog, jolted to life by the tender ministrations of one Kevin Dujan. Something of a mistake on his part, it would seem! 


  1. Good call on this one, Miss Polly! My non-professional assessment of KD is, even if he is six foot six inches tall, he suffers from a short-man's complex. Big time. He also is self-loathing and not happy about his "gayness". Just my two-cents observation. Oh, and did I mention in his sick way, he actually is hoping his association with Palin brings her down. He does not really like her. Really.

    Now on to the serious stuff. I just love when I check in here and you have something new up; best blingies around! Have a great day; glad you are safe!


  2. Thank you kindly, WAH~

    Kevin actually reminds me of a friend I had, although my friend had none of the viciousness or thirst for revenge that animates Mr. Dujan. This was back in the nineties, semi-enlightened times in gay acceptance, but my friend would not, could not, come to terms with his gayness. He physically resembled Kevin, too, which is kind of wiggy for me. As well, words poured out of him effortlessly, but cheerily, wittily, chuckling, burbling, churning with hilarious ideas about artmaking and poetry.

    His lows were extremely low, though. It didn't end well for him. His sister made a transatlantic call to me to ask if I knew why, and I couldn't give her an honest answer: he didn't want to disappoint his family.

    So I look at Kevin, and at his obvious talent for writing, and remember my friend. What a shame that this angry person has such an unquenchable need for attention and revenge. His writing is least phony when he's talking about Cleveland, where it was obviously no picnic growing up as a small, plump, gay kid.

    Sadly, it seems to have awakened an eternal thirst for Karl Rovian power and retribution, along with demands for utter loyalty, and a need to control the uncontrollable. I feel very bad for him as long as I don't think of some of the things he's done, such as hounding people for his own profit. If you'll notice, all the "sleuthing" posts get traffic that none of the others do.

    Sorry to weigh down the blog with such ponderous stuff! For the rest of the day, I promise, nothing but sparkly eye-candy.