Saturday, January 30, 2010


Since Harvey Bilk has decided to send you here, I thought I'd roll out the welcome mat:
Buy A Mirror, Babe
idiot's appearance changed to protect her identity from her personality

Update: So sweet of Harvey Bilk to dedicate a post to poor old neglected Snarkopolitan. Yes, it's true, Snarkopolitan ran a blog consisting of a single post dedicated to helping "socially conscious" neighbors try to get a spot in her apartment complex through a long-closed lottery! She or he is the evillist person!

So I took down the blog because it shows the apartment complex where I live. But if you intrepid dupes, I mean sleuths, of Shillbuzz want to waste your hospital slippers trying to track me down, I heartily invite you to try and find me. In the meantime, hit that Paypal button, before Bilk starts scolding you again!

Shillbuzz's Worst Nightmare, That's Who

Update Update:

Readers! We get readers!
Crackers Maggie, this one's for YOU!

Crackers Maggie Reads Snarkopolitan!
Nincompoop's appearance changed to spare her family the humiliation

alessandro: you rock


  1. Yeah, because the guy behind Shillbuzz is truly male-model material.

    She Who Must Not Be Named!

  2. SheWho, Mr. Shillbuzz's sartorial and tonsorial choices are the talk of Chi-town!

  3. Truly. But let's not get sidetracked.


  4. Also -- Harvey Bilk? Brill, m'dear!


  5. Well, as I said in another venue, go ahead- just admit you're Markos, Avarosis, Duncan, Digby, Wonkette, Gawker, Olbermann, John Cole AND David Plouffe cross-dressed as Howard Dean circa 2008 with a Donna Brazille wig from Especially Yours.

    That way, you'll be appropriately outed, the buzzy money will have been well-spent and freedom shall reign forever and ever.

  6. Good Christ, are the Hardy Boyz still trying to case this crack...I mean, crack this case?

    These are the sort of people who could walk into the corner of a room and get trapped there for days, because the walls come together and they're too dumb to turn around.

    Stay frosty, Polly. The casserole is in the oven. REPEAT: The casserole is in the oven. Wait for the signal.

  7. Strange, at the sound of the buzzer, the casserole will be served. By then, the cheese topping will have browned.

    gimme, I AM SPARTACUS!

  8. Mrs. Polly, that's too funny. I love the Maggie blingee.

    Please enjoy her "science" blog on climate change. Yeah, it's just as stupid as you would expect.


    If the snow and ice is capable of existing in this region when there is a temperature of more than 90F then I can see no reason to accept the notion that the Arctic ice caps are in danger of melting away.

    I'm surprised she hasn't choked on her own tongue by now.

  9. I confess, I've been amused enough by Maggie to Google her, and she's kind of sad, really. I won't out her, but her identity is freely available.

    Turns out she's retired and since she moved a couple years ago, she doesn't know anyone and is lonely and bored now. So it's sort of understandable why she enjoys fitting in with a group of bitter folks.

    It doesn't explain why she's so thickheaded, but I suppose some people are just like that.

    Later folks. Time to get my drink on.

  10. Necker, that is rather sad. Just exactly the sort of person ready for Harvey Bilk and his ilk (that works out rather well!) to exploit.

    I'm lucky; I only have this pack of cut-rate Clouseaus trying to hunt me down where I live. Maggie is engaged in fairly disgraceful behavior aimed at a complete stranger's real life, because she needs to feel bonded with somebody, and all she could find was these Buzzos.

  11. So Maggie is as adept at science as she is at sleuthing, huh? Quelle surprise!

    I'd have more pity for her pathetic need to secure a pat on the head from Hillbuzzard if she hadn't suggested that fellow goons visit a completely innocent bystander with a baseball bat (as screen-capped and Blingee-fied for all eternity on this here page). Ghoul.