Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Has Kevin Dujan Finally Been Called On The Carpet?

It's Not The Rug, It's The Filth UNDER ItPoor old neglected Snarkopolitan has not entirely gone silent; real life has outstripped any  manufactured Internet drama, much less the sporadically continuing Send-Your-Pennies Dreadful over at Harvey Bilk's  (aka Kevin Dujan's) Rushbo-approved Hyperverbal Hate Shack and Verbal Vomitorium.

But, after attending to genuine life-or-death issues for a year or so (and thank you well-wishers on behalf of our wonderful Strange, who's doing miraculously well), I decided to check in on The World's Crappiest Would-Be Cult Leader, and was delighted to find him healthy enough to churn out a seven-part series, in exhaustive detail, on dirty carpeting. 


 In a law office lobby. Where he was evidently to be deposed in a "federal civil rights case" involving the gay bar that has played a central role in many an adventure at Hillbuzz, the proudest of which may have been the Hillbuzzers' attempts to shut down an anti-bullying event to be held there a couple weeks after the bar showed a video in which one man made a mildly unkind remark about Trig Palin. 

 Yr. editrix hasn't the strength or inclination to don her hip waders and plunge into the vat of verbiage at Harvey Bilk's Bulk BS Warehouse, but we can surmise that whatever the reason for his presence on the grubby wall-to-wall, it was not a pleasure visit.

Harvey's excuse for sullying the reputation of Hinshaw and Culbertson's downbeaten broadloom is that it signifies "canaries in the goldmine" of the Obamaconomy, though antagonizing a firm of corporate lawyers speaks more to me of toys in the attic.

In any case, there's a simple explanation for why a white-glove law firm would have a sadly stained lobby rug: unlike Hillbuzz, it gets traffic.

Brought to you as always by Mrs. Polly of Snarkopolitan, the still not dead blog, because the problems of little nutjobs on the Internet really don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world!.


  1. Poor Kevin's pretty much disappeared after the great carpet caper!

  2. Anon, that was back in February, too!

    Perhaps he's performing community service. So many civic buildings need their rugs shampooed......

  3. Harvey's Blogtalk Radio Buddy Megyn Fox has been displaying her formidable powers of perception while allowing The Hillbuzzards to continue their fine tradition of coruscating commentary:

    bruce says:
    2013/03/11 at 4:20 pm (Quote)

    the only way a woman can protect her self from a man is with a gun because nothing else works.look how many woman are murdered each year because they believed the bull shit about bad,bad guns.i have taught my wife of 43 years along with our kids how to shoot and when to shoot. i have taught them never to trust any minority because they hate us and never to get into a car with some one you don’t know.we all carry guns for protection so join a shooting club where you will meet some very nice people who will by more than glad to get you started


    Emphasis mine, you betcha. The none-too-swift hostess finds no problem with Bigoted Bruce; her cheery reply contains an exhortation to exercise (although she HATESHATESHATES Moochelle for doing the exact same thing). She also says: My 7-year-old owns two air rifles and is a very good shot. Her sister at the age of 2 hit the target with an air pistol at an NRA event…so believe me when I say, we get it.

    Let's hope that simpleton's poor little kids don't get it. (Att. Megyn "Box of Rox Fox": cf. Jean Shepherd, "A Christmas Story.")

    Sweet perforated Jeebusfreaks on methamphetamines.

  4. Hi Mrs. Polly. If you've been too busy looking after Strange for the past year to follow Harvey (and it's good to see Strange posting on Rumproast again), you missed a wild ride during the months leading up to the election with Harvey spewing out reams of racist-tinged fantasies day after day, whipping himself and his followers into a lather, up until the now infamous meltdown on election day.

    If you want to plumb the depths of Harvey's shrivelled little soul, look up the Chicago Think Squad, the Obamas' move to Hawaii or Reverend Wright's match-making club for those on the down-low. Make sure that the hot-water tank is full because you'll need a shower later. Or if you just want a laugh, there are gems like this one.

    Since Nov. 6, though, he hasn't been in the picture much. I'm surprised. I would think that Romney's loss has been a plus for right-bloggers everywhere: the enemy is still in power, their audience is madder than ever and those clicks will keep on coming.

    But no, apparently Harvey has turned his bile on the owners of Sidetrack. I believe that epic saga of the lawyer's carpet has some connection to a lawsuit being brought against Sidetrack by a former employee, with Harvey as his witness if I understand correctly.

    I wonder if his current silence has anything to do with the lawsuit. The Obamas may rise above Harvey's attacks but the owners of Sidetrack may be prepared to bite back.

  5. Thanks for the update, Mary. As you surmised, I've been running back and forth between Chez Polly and Chez Strange ever since his injury, which leaves not much time for the Dooj's nonsense. I was aware of his hilarious Election Day disaster thanks to the great Daily Kos article. After all the shrieking and dissembling Mr. Dujan indulged in while persecuting bloggers who'd done nothing to him at all, here he is attacked, openly and gaily, by Markos Moulitsas himself, and the little chump has nothing whatsoever to say about it! Well, if my insanely blinkered and totally wrong predictions had been snarked to smithereens coast to coast, I might want to retreat into recipes, too.

    Then again, that orange-jellified chicken and the Thanksgiving cranberry pizza are worth a couple of yards of abuse in their own right. I thought he worked in catering at one point? Perhaps it wasn't his racism that made him unemployable after all!

  6. Thankfully I missed the cranberry pizza but I did see the photo of the orange chicken and hastily clicked away. I'd expect to see that splattered on the sidewalk outside a bar early in the morning, but not as a before shot.

    Poor Harvey, he really does seem to have lost his mojo. I can understand his being somewhat crestfallen but I'm sure his acolytes still need him. Who else is going to compare FLOTUS unfavorably to other first ladies for them (I believe Edith Wilson is still waiting her turn)?

  7. Welcome back, Mrs P!!! Have you seen this update about the dudge-boyfriend's "lawsuit"? Somebody definitely has a hole in their vacuum bag:

    1. Thanks, Lee, for the update and the new definition for nutso! I hadn't heard that one, and anyone on the Doojwatch needs as many alternative descriptions for "crazy" as possible: Yes, Harvey Bilk & BF are both a few sandwiches short of a picnic. A few puppies shy of a litter. The bus lines don't go out there.

      Cake's not baked in the middle.

      If I ever get out to Chicago, we're going to have to go to Sidetrack and have big frozen drinks and let ourselves be offended by something, since frivolous lawsuits are the way to go in this terrible Obamaconomy. Aside from fleecing ones' cybersheep, of course. ; - }

    2. That'd be way fun, Mrs P!!! Or maybe we could sit in court to watch the expression on KD's puss when this case is dismissed as a plaintiff-in-the-ass.

      Altho I haven't frequented Sidetrack in, er-- decades, (Just there once about 12 yrs ago to deal with a difficult NY celebutante) I did meet Art Johnston, the original owner of Sidetrack & one of our defendants here, when the then teeny bar opened in '82. He's a great guy, full of positivity & joie-de-vivre. Has on occasion over the years very graciously offered to help me promote my own artwork.

  8. Well, I swan. The former Sidetrack employee turns out to be MyBoyfriendJustin. Thanks for this little revelation, leekay.

    I've gone back and forth about whether to believe that MyBoyfriendJustin actually exists, or if he was just another Panda on the dashboard of Harvey's heart. But up til now, if anything could convince me that MBJ was a real live boy it's been Harvey's caustic comments about Justin/Joseph's mom, CarolAnne. That woman has to be real because Harvey hates her with the heat of a thousand suns. He did not make her up.

    1. Mary, I was fairly sure Justin wasn't real simply because Harvey continually referred to "My boyfriend Justin" as if to convince himself that he existed. But, and tell me where you will ever read a like sentence at Harvey's Hateful Hyperbole Hideaway, I WAS WRONG!

      Poor schlub. Harvey's days of gainful employment in the hospitality field were torpedoed pretty much by his online behavior. No, Harve, not the conservatism; the perfervid, nasty lunacy that spells "uh-oh, here comes trouble" to any potential employer who conducts the merest Google search on you.

      The pawn, er, boyfriend's going to be in the same leaky boat: nobody's going to want to hire him. All he can hope for is to change his name or spend the rest of his work life in Harvey's Home For The Easily Offended.

      Harvey certainly is box-office poison to the parents of his love interests, isn't he? Remember thrice-married harridan Louella?

      Oh, wait. That was Sebastian's boyfriend's mother. Not Harvey Bilk at all.

      *Looks upward innocently, whistles a little tune*

    2. You're welcome, MaryRC. Found it on twitter while checking for reaction to the Big Case: not much there beyond a few anti-gay wingnuts retweeting it as more "proof", and neighborhood peeps who know Art J @ Sidetrack ridiculing it's gratuitous offensiveness.

  9. Thanks for the link to Louella-palooza, Mrs. P! I knew that every time Harvey launched on another rant about Carol Anne and her evil influence on her easily-befuddled son -- she tells Justin what to think and then Harvey has to tell him what to think all over again! -- it reminded me of something. My, Sebastian and Harvey had so much in common.

    Interesting to note from the article that Justin/Joseph "is now looking for a job as an architect". Harvey has in fact taken to referring to Justin as an architect. That's right, MyBoyfriendJustin the child-man, incurious, easily influenced, no opinions of his own, addicted to video games and needing to be fed, clothed and endlessly fussd over by Harvey, is working in a highly competitive profession that requires 5 years of study, an internship and rigorous exams. Oh, and he's a web developer too. Some days he's a web developer, some days he's an architect.

    So if there really is a Justin and he really does want to be an architect, then Harvey World and Real World are inching closer together. As George Costanza asked, what happens when these worlds collide? I get the feeling we're about to find out.

  10. Glad you are back, even if I sit on the other side of the fence on most stuff except all things Duzzard(dujan/buzzard). I am beginning to think The Duzzard is a closet straight man screaming to get out. I mean, he is such a scam artist, such a flimflam about everything else Duzzy why not about his being gay? Does he doth protest too much? And if not straight then asexual? Is he merely a 'practicing gay'? For what it is worth, only a handful of conservatives give Duzzard the time of day as they don't like to be used and see right through him as a user of all things conservative to make a buck and attempt to get some fame to bask in.

    (One good thing about you being quiet these last months is you may have missed being a part of the great data mining on Americans!)

    Sincerely, WAH

    1. Oh my, I just noticed some grammatical errors in my comment; I apologize for sullying up the thread. ".... being a part of.." Ugh! "a" before "part". So unnecessary!


  11. HelloHello, WAH! Good to see you, too!

    For all we know, Harvey is an art installation being run by a feminist collective in Brooklyn, or a psychology experiment created by a talented 12-year-old for his advanced-placement homeschool class (child has major mommy issues, though).

    Thank you for your concern about my data, but since I've been online since Dubya was pres, I'm sure all our data R belong to the NSA anyway!

    (And don't worry about typos and such; we're just sitting around in our bathrobes eating popcorn, so a few misplaces articles will just blend in with the unpopped kernals on our carpet, which we are happy to report has NOT been photographed by pearl-clutching nutcases.)

  12. Mrs. Polly, have you read Joe.My.God today? Joe likes to keep an eye on Harvey, in fact he's got a tag just for him. Here is the latest:

    Long story short, Harvey may wind up at the pointy end of a lawsuit himself.

  13. more info:

    So did the lawyer show up and has the case been dismissed???

  14. The case does seem to have slid out of sight, doesn't it? Another victim of O's Chicago thug squad, I guess.

    Harvey is currently claiming that the boyfriend is out of town, so presumably not much is happening lawsuit-wise.

    By the way, Harvey's latest post, a querulous live-blog of a radio contest during which he fails to grasp much of what is taking place, is quite funny if you read it in the voice of Grandpa Simpson. Be sure to mutter "Dang-fool kids!" after every paragraph.

  15. He's also saying that "boyfriend" "Justin" may be moving back to "Arkansas" with his "parents."

    Which leads me to think, in HarveyBilk sleuthing style, that Justin's case has been dismissed and since he is no longer beholden to Bilk he is getting the heck out of dodge.

  16. I'm wondering if the case has been settled out of court with a confidentiality clause stipulating that Harvey has to finally shut up about Sidetrack. It would explain Harvey's recent silence, since otherwise you know he'd be live-blogging that thing.

    I suspect you may be right about the boyfriend; whether the case was settled in his favor or not, now that it's over he has other fish to fry.

  17. An update on Bradley Balof, the Chicago schoolteacher whom Harvey accused of being a racist porn star:

    Wotta surprise, Harvey's allegations were unfounded and now Balof has legal standing for a lawsuit against him.

    Bilk is back!

  19. Not only is he back, but there's video of him posted. I wonder who at that library branch pissed him off for him to switch vendettas from Sidetracks to the Library?

  20. Joe.My.God had a link to this on his blog yesterday. Apparently Harvey has teamed up with the only friend he has left, Megan "Not The Beautiful Actress" Fox, to harass these people. I think this may be Megan's kick at the can rather than Harvey's. Megan's mommyblog on PJ Media is a sight to behold. In one post she actually says "I am not in this for self-promotion or attention". Ha ha of course not.

  21. Dujan and Fox are still at it. I feel so sorry for the Orland Park Library folks:,0,7504124.story

  22. I checked out Mrs. Fox's scoldy mommyblog on PJ Media to see if she and Harvey were still harassing those poor librarians and I was amused to see that her latest post on the Fox family's misadventures at Disney World was obviously written by Harvey himself.

    The byline is hers and so presumably was the experience but the style is unmistakably Harvey's, starting with the pop culture reference to the National Lampoon Vacation movies that he drops in for added color but over-explains so that readers who might not otherwise get it won't feel left out.

    Then there's the ellipses, the parentheses, the fascination with money, the gratuitous swipe at FLOTUS. The insider information designed to make the readers feel like insiders too, but which he never gets quite right (Walt Disney did ask his employees to call him "Walt" at the beginning but by the end they hid out of sheer terror when they saw him coming). The loghorrea that spins a story that could be told in 2 pages into 7.

    So if Harvey's ghost-writing Mrs. Fox's columns, does this mean he's itching to get back into the saddle? Has accusing hapless librarians of child porn lost its thrill? Is Hillbuzz ready for another in-flounce?

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