Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hillbuzz Dujan Vue Part Deux: Where Is Kevin Dujan AGAIN?

Where In The World Is Harvey Bilk NOW?
                             Kevin Dujan, no longer Sub-Rosa

Helloooo Hillbuzzers again! This is your unreasonably friendly hostess Mrs. Polly, (just ask some conservative friends, in, um, high places ;^}) telling you to try looking up the Hillbuzz July '09 archives. Yes, try all you want, but you won't find them, because that was the last time Kevin and his many personalities went seriously, mysteriously, AWOL.

 Now I go AWOL from poor old neglected Snarkopolitan all the time, but then I am not trying to build a major online presence, don't hit people up for money, or inveigle them into doing pro-bono work for the Cause while keeping them entirely in the dark. (Yoo-hoo Admin~ ever wonder who "Chrissy" was? She was the one who did all that work before you, was mistreated, and left.)

Although Kevin eventually returned with what I call an "inflounce," scolding readers for their lack of faith and telling a heart-rending tale --during which he also backstabbed the bereaved 20-year partner of the deceased:
poor little Kevin!he was not too upset to get deeply involved in Chicago Young Republican politics, undisclosed to his readers, of course.

There is one thing on which you can rely: when he does return, his unexplained absence will result in a scolding. From him, to you, with passive-aggression and plenty of self-pitying "I type-my-fingers-to-the-bone-and-this-is-the-thanks-I-get!"-ing.

I'm sorry you guys have gotten involved in what is basically the World's Crappiest Cult: pleas for money, guilt-tripping, loyalty tests . "Eeyores " is a classic mind-control device. In Scientology, they're called "Suppressive Persons." In either case, questioning of any sort is given a pejorative classification, and everybody frantically tries to avoid being labelled with it.

It is amazing to me to see how people swallow the disrespect, and excuse it, over and over. Some  finally have enough and leave, and are replaced and it all starts again, but some just stay. Possibly they can't admit to themselves that clinging to the lashing tail of this untrustworthy, melodramatic, impulse-disordered ex-PUMA is a mistake?

There's plenty of info in the sidebar about Dujan and me, which puts all my cards on the table, and explains my stance toward him.  I got an anonymous tip about the situation over there, and so this post. You'll see from my archives that I don't spend much time on him any more; a Dujan-free life is a good, peaceful life.

I recommend it.

Brought to you as always by Mrs. Polly of Snarkopolitan, the somewhat somnolent blog, because this is no way to be spending Father's Day!


  1. I know how these things work and yet I'm still amazed at the delusional responses to "Admin"s disclosure that Kevin suckered his latest marks out of $5K to set up the new site and is leaving them to foot the on-going bills. Look how the remaining Buzzettes are seizing on any excuse -- Kevin's sick! (even though "Admin" admitted that they don't know that). Kevin's in hiding from death threats! Anything to avoid the realization that Kevin has stiffed them once again.

    Actually, I had thought that Kevin might be Kathleen. Although she lacks his prolificacy, she's got his self-pity and his "OMG leave me ALONE" moods down pat, not to mention his mean-girl spite (note her flame-war post a little further down where she exhorts her comrades to be polite and respectful in the same breath as she calls Mrs. Obama a Klingon).

    But if Kev were still around I don't think he'd let Admin's post out of the gate, so I'm convinced he's not Kathleen. OTOH I'm now convinced he was Uber-commentator Bev. He's disappeared, Bev's disappeared ... it's Bevin!

  2. It amazes me that these women carry on and make excuses for his disappearance. If they are true friends, why would they accept that they don't have a way to contact him immediately? It occurred to me that this post may be a way of drawing him out of hiding - a trap for a rat, perhaps?

  3. Mary, I haven't read much HB lately, but whenever there is either a scolding or the little fellow absconds, I usually hear about it.

    I don't think he was Bev, because her writing style was not ornamented enough, and she wasn't a fun sort of personality to take on. All the "boiz," and the Iron City Coffee Club, and the amusingly clueless sister were GlaMOORous characters from Eve Arden movies and Brideshead Revisited and Auntie Mame--Auntie Mame Revisited. I have to sort of admire him for putting out that quantity of fiction. Pound for pound, he'd beat out Dostoyevsky!

    There are always a few people in any cult who are happy to act as enforcers, and it used to be Bev and that Aussie lady. What I can't figure out is Newtlove;--but dear oh dear, what an enabler! Making his little USO joke, and, "Kevin's recharging."

    If he's recharging anything, it's Newt's credit card.

  4. Hi Mrs. P. Just wanted to stop by and say hello...never commented before (that I can recall...stupid Coors Light!) but I'm from the USO exodus (though, as always, I was a day or two behind everyone else...).

    I read the HB now and I'm like, stunned at what seems so obvious. Can you freaking imagine? "Oh, here is my blog I need you to transfer it over and also pay for it and write all the content. Also...the Democrats are out to go me so I need to go recharge for a bit kthanxbye!!!!"

    Sad thing is, the current admins really seem to be working their hearts out and seem thrilled to be a part of it. For which I do not blame's so nice to find your voice and feel empowered enough to share it.

    Anywhohow, thanks again for your part in helping people find their way out of that (insert cuss word here).

  5. I see your point, Mrs. Polly and I'm willing to concede that Bev wasn't Kev (or the other way around). I'm just more surprised by her disappearance than Kev's, that's all. That blog seemed to be her life. Maybe she saw the light too? Perhaps she talked to Chrissy. I hope she's OK.

    By the way I'm also surprised that the site claims 10,000 unique visitors a day (300K a month, 70K per week). I realize that number of commenters ≠ number of hits and that "unique" doesn't mean that the person never visited your site before, but it still seems outrageously high.

  6. MaryRC, I share your "surprisement" about the site numbers. As for Bev, I do believe she was facebook friends with some HBers, who then were HTer's, who are now branch swinging, so maybe she has not disappeared completely. Even if she had seen the light, the way grudges are held around cyberspace, the logical route to take would be to disappear or take on a new identity. I seem to recall a Honeytrail post mentioning Bev being a facebook buddy and that she wasn't all that bad when away from HB. The reaction was something to the tune that she would not be welcome at HT and if she was allowed some would leave the site, but do not recollect if that was a conversation in the comments or from a discussion behind the scenes with admins. As I vacillated between banning and not banning, I am not sure where I fell, that day, in the conversation. I suppose I could go read through HT at Honeytrail Redux, but, "This is the day the drama died. Bye Bye Duwa'an'an pie, drove my honeyjar to the Tree-ee-ee, but the tree-ee-ee was bare. Oh, the day the drama died..." (The tune is rolling around the head, just don't have the words quite right. Doesn't help that I am amusical, either!)

    I hope you all have a great day. I thoroughly enjoy your snark and manners, Miss Polly. I miss those that posted at honeytrail and now post at the tree place. I was genuinely surprised (we all have a level of denseness or cluelessness in us, I suppose) when I forgot, one time, where I was, and out of familiarity, automatically posted at Christian Club House/The Last Refuge,at the level of "niceness"(or lack of). How cute. My comment was put through, attacked, then notified I would be forbidden from posting and my response to the admins response was not posted. Oh, loving kindness at its finest. It must be the "starting the day out right" that provokes such care and gentleness.

    There are two sides to every story, so, Miss Polly, I hope you enjoy the side (damage control) hence forthcoming from the spirtual guru or one of his ardent groupies. Oh, and speaking of gurus, many a guru though out history proved to be a con artist displaying the same skills as Mr. Dujan; some scamming for money, some for validation, some to ride on the coat tails of followers' credibility, some to manipulate women to do their work for them all while gushing over every word the guru says.......

    And only at a place called "Snarkapolitan" could some good ole fashion snark be possible. Thank you, Miss Polly, for the snark venue. You are a dear.

    With respect,

    What A Hoot (motley/yomotley)

  7. Ms What A Hoot (or whatever you call yourself now)-

    Shoulder, meet chip! I guess you know from first hand experience about grudge holding in the cybersphere, eh?

    Too bad you decided to pull the plug on HT - just think, you could still be the queen bee in your own little hive. It WAS you who called it quits, wasn't it?

    Then again, you could start a new blog, and post brilliant conservative commentary every day. You can't? Oh, too bad.

  8. Crikey, I've a brush fire here! OK, the official Snarkopolicy, being formed on the spur of the moment, is that I would like people to express themselves, but try to aim for civility when possible. But I won't censor anything but spam or really abusive, filthy stuff. We're all grownups, at least chronologically (we're all on a blog called "Snarkopolitan" which might seem to obviate that!), so duking it out is, I suppose, all right, but no kidney punches, and I might step in at all the wrong times because I'm new at this and was raised on a book called "White Gloves And Party Manners." My white-gloved hand to God, I was.

    OK! So, I was about to say to Motley, Hey there! It's good to see you, and I'm sorry to hear the post-Buzz trail has been thorny. I hope you all can eventually work it out, or if not, at least find a congenial place somewhere on the Internet where you'll feel supported and able to express your opinions freely.

    @Waltzing Matilda: What a nice comment. Thank you. Yeppers, KD pulled the wool over many eyes, and I think he inspired people, but also brought out the worst in a number of them, like Bev the Enforcer. There's a telling comment in the Admin thread that goes something to the effect that without Kevin, HB isn't as sharp, but it also isn't as gratuitously harsh.

    @anonymous 2: Are you carrying? Is it a pink semi-automatic, or are you fixing bayonets or what? The last altercation here caused somebody to pound out a screed which became the Viral Triumph of the Rightosphere. It was a proud moment, and to think it was inspired by little me.

  9. I'm unarmed, dear Mrs Polly. I simply object to being referred to as the 'ardent groupie of a spiritual guru'! We are all practicing our mantras, and I have dug out my book on transcendental meditation from a moldy old box in the basement. That ought to do it!

  10. With apologies in advance to the hostess for going so far OT:

    Mots, I say this as someone who cares. You are really beating a dead horse here. I feel partly responsible for you feeling free to comment at the Tree, because I did indeed ask you to do so, and in all sincerity. But I had no idea at the time that there were still unresolved issues. The thing is, even though I wasn't aware, surely you were? And FTR, the reason I wasn't aware is because none of the admins over there ever discussed it, or held it up for scrutiny or ridicule (not even "behind the scenes"), they just moved on and busted their butts to make a new homeplace. It wasn't until your comment got through that I had any idea that things hadn’t come to an, if not amicable, than an “agree to disagree” end. Because these are decent, honorable people who understand that things got a little crazy after that one thread, and so decided to graciously refrain from discussing a former co-admin in a public forum.
    I mostly find your comment amusing (you always did have a way with words) but I feel compelled to speak up for my friends, and not in an ardent groupie kind of way. I get that you’re upset about your reception at the Tree, but maybe you could have thought of a better way to make a comeback than dropping in under a name no one recognized, knowing that there were issues to be resolved between you and your former co-admins. Why not just start your own blog? I’m sure many of the Tree regulars would be delighted to stop by, as I’m sure they recall you fondly and miss you too. There’s even some cross-pollination (see, I can speak in code too!) that goes on and no one cares because basically this is just a group of people who want to hang out with their friends on the Internet, sharing their political beliefs and strategies and yes, very often stories from their lives.
    *sigh* Told you I would be long winded.
    Again, my apologies Mrs. Polly. I hate to get so far off the subject of your post and I’m afraid I’m just stirring the pot. But I just couldn’t let this pass.
    Stupid internet.

  11. Oh, and Mrs. P. I am still giggling over this:

    "OK, the official Snarkopolicy, being formed on the spur of the moment"

  12. WaltzingMtilda, it's entirely a seat-of-the-pants operation here, so I'm tryng to remain consistent. So far, a good rule of thumb seems to be: does Hillbuzz do it? Then do the opposite!

    Complaining about comments not appearing is entirely understandable---this is Blogger, after all! Blogger likes to snack on comments; sometimes their bones appear outside the door of the back office. It's horrible.

    I deleted my first Spam comment just now! So sorry, Андрей. Boy, that Greek collapse must be cataclysmic for you to think my blog could do you any good.

    All right, everybody, carry on, Polly out.

  13. hee hee - I'm giggling over that too. and I totally intend to use it as precedent when I form policy on the spur of the moment. :)

  14. Tilda, You make my point about the label "groupie" to perfection.

    "I get that you’re upset about your reception at the Tree, but maybe you could have thought of a better way to make a comeback than dropping in under a name no one recognized,"

    You KNOW that I was not trying to make a comeback because 1). I posted a follow-up post explaining I had momentarily forgotten, in the familiarity of things, that I was on a 'limb', so to speak and also, as I had been using WAH (wah,wah, boohoo) for months it was not intentional to be sneaky. 2). I told you personally how I got to be distracted enough to post where I had no intention of wanting to be a part commenting, which was my mother had just died, I was bedridden (don't think told you had just got out of hospital) and waiting to be able finalise funeral arrangements. Now, why would you forget these things? I am making them up to play victim? Would you like the obit? Dr.'s note? You chose to forget these because????

    For everyone's information on the grudge issue:

    1) I copied the code to the original Prayer Thread and had TH forward it to Treehouse.
    2) I never intended to post to the site. All Treehouse admins know this.
    3) I was not upset about not being able to post. That is every site's privilege. I was saddened that Admins let it rest with how they wanted me to look and were not honest in correcting for others that knew Motley, especially after knowing I had no intention of being a regular.
    4) Tilda did not clarify to readers that I had been invited to post by her, an administrator, and let the "imaging" of me being sneaky slide.
    5.) Sundance quit HT, two others followed. I pulled the plug, not out of spite, but out of protection, as the trail had been “USOed” I knew people would be able to reunite, at least those that wanted to (which were not very many, actually). So, I was not heartless. As to all the posts being lost. They were not lost. As shown with the prayer thread, they were all retrievable; just a time consuming exercise.
    6) A grudge does not inspire one to give a heads up about negative cyber talk about the site. Which site heeded and made correction but then was snarky about it; lashing at those that were complaining (although by fixing admitted complainers were correct) and using the Lord's Prayer to do so.)
    7) I am not jealous or desirous of a blog of my own. I never was a blogger in the writing sense (even at HT) and have no desire to come even close. I did not want a site like Treehouse and only wanted a couple of articles a day, with the open thread/community being the main squeeze when HT existed. I did not even want what HT had become. So, why would I start to crave being a prolific kicker-outer-of-other-peoples'-writing now?
    8) No amount of labelling Mots as grudging or hanging on or beating a dead dog or being jealous can change the fact that Mots is NOT bitter or holds a grudge or wants to be like SD or covets the new site.
    9) Shoot! Wish I could come up with two more points to make an even ten!
    10). Oh, I got a #10. This all started with me responding to Bev disappearing and I was trying to point out that, “Duh, of course she disappeared. She would not have been welcome or forgiven (Lord's prayer anyone?) and is hated/despised in our cyberspace circles.” (In reading back, I see I misread and the “disappearing” was in reference to HB not cyberspace.) Just think, my lack of reading comprehension got the Big 'D' (drama) rolling..... ;)

    Clarification is not holding a grudge.


    Thank you Miss Polly. You are a gem.

  15. Ms WAH/Motley -

    You are the one who persists in applying unpleasant labels to past acquaintances, and picking apart every little speck of lint. Drop it already. You dislike Sundance Cracker - always did - and I don't know why. Because others don't dislike him, and choose to work with him, apparently makes them "groupies".

    Folks at the tree have NEVER said bad things about you in public. We have always contacted you by email. We have never used the tree to publicly chastise you, or answered questions about the ending of HT by piling on you. Why don't you drop it? I'm sorry you have been sick and that your mother died.

    No one was USO'd. You know very well what was going on in the background, and you know that an admin was attacked in real life. You know that we couldn't tell our commenters the details of what had happened. You know that we (including you) believed that our buddy Ali was a KD supporter and knew what had happened, that the same specific verbage had been used - once by KD, and once by ALI. The rest of us kept believing that, and you didn't like the idea that we were getting pushback, so you took your toys and went away. Yes, admins were ready to quit, but no one had yet done that, and you gave us absolutely no notice that you were going to delete the blog. You admitted to us by email that you were sorry you had done it. Apparently you have changed your mind yet again.

    While I'm at it, I think you are really upset because you can't control things or us. You always wanted to control everything because you are the one who originally set up HT. We asked your permission for everything - at least all of us did except for SD every now and then. You can try to make trouble - I think that's what you want to do - but you can't control us.

  16. Regarding #6, it took me a minute to understand what the hell you are talking about. The "correction" you mention had nothing to do with your email to Tilda. The site you referenced as the source was not the source. The source is unclear and the content has been sent around on sites and in email for at least three years prior, unattributed. The Obama posts were corrected before your email, because the one guy who complained he wasn't getting proper attribution had already been addressed before that. And his site is simply an aggregator of other content on the web. Most of his content is not original, and he admits it. In fact, many well known sites are set up that way. Give yourself credit if you want to, but the facts don't.

  17. Hello there, just wanted to pop in and say to both sides, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

    Everything out there stays out there, and while I was looking around for other mentions of KD's outlandish behavior, I came across a conservative site (proudly RINO, btw!) which summed me up as a liberal blogger who let Hillbuzz refugees regroup under "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" policy.

    I'd have to say that's fair, although I do have this inveterate White Gloves & Party Manners tendency overlaying that, and you all were such nice guests. What I don't want is for people to say, "She's letting X or Y air our dirty laundry for her own nefarious purposes!"

    I still am anti-censorship, and don't mind if you want to use this comments section of a blog with almost no visitors usually, but it is still findable. So just bear that in mind, say what you need to, and I'll step back out.

  18. Anon. I did not "always dislike SD". At no time during the HT experiment to I indicate I did not like him. Adults realize that just because two people disagree, it does not mean they do like each other. Heck, if that was the case, I would have to not like everyone I know!

    Why was original comment put through in the first place answered with a chastisement? Why not just ignore and zap from moderation to trash? Wasn't it sort of cowardly to post, image as sneaky (concede could be perceived that way)? But why not put up second post from commenter explaining intention/admitting site misinterpreted? There was no need to even acknowledge the first comment; just an opportunity to what was it you said you never did? Publicly chastise? Really, anyone who reads our mutual haunts knows I practically disappeared until I inadvertently commented. So where does all the wanting to have control over you and wanting to cause trouble come from? A few of you admins even know I wrote the playbook for everything you just wrote. People are very predictable.

    Sundance also did not give notice he was going quit. (Just thought I would throw that randomly out to gel with your logics). Dear, an admin was a tool on the facebook fiasco (my opinion and, of course, me saying so does not make it so) and are a now tools here on Snark. I still am sorry the private blog that we ht admins shared was prematurely axed and have not changed my mind about that.

    No one (least of all ME; don't have that kind of power) is going to burn down the forest the Treehouse is in. It will stand. If you have done your job correctly, I will be the fool and the Critters will come out smelling like roses (or maybe ground moss). That is how it works. And for the children reading, here is a classic, old standby 'tree' joke:

    How do you catch a squirrel? Climb up a tree and act like a nut! Yuk yuk!! (Thankfully for Treepers the biggest nut of all was kept out of the The Last Refuge.) Smokey the Bear would be proud of the "Keepers of the Treepers".

    Anon, I will always have a soft spot for you. I appreciate your combination of sensitivity and firecracker. I count the little window of time we worked together as a treasure. In honour of the good times, I offer you the last word. Go for it; I will not respond.

    Miss Polly, have you considered opening Snarkopolitan for Mediations/Conflict Resolutions?

  19. Oh man, Miss Polly, I posted before your polite (mannerly) suggestion! It is amazing how this all sounds like a bunch of teenagers. Or maybe like third graders? Obviously, we all have a little bit too much time on our hands the last couple of days. Either that or not enough real problems to solve in our own individual, small worlds, eh?

  20. Chrissy the HyphenatedJune 22, 2011 at 4:28 PM

    Hi y'all. Chrissy here. No need for quotation marks around Chrissy. It's actually my name IRL.

    I took 4 months off from blogging to heal up and get my bearings after I broke with Kevin (pre-USO). A couple of my HB-refugee friends stayed in touch and encouraged me to feel better and get back to work asap, for which I am grateful. It helped a lot.

    I'm now in my 16th consistent week at PoliNation! No flame threads, no fights, no tears, no hours long phone calls with upset people on the other side of the world.

    I feel sorry for Kevin, but I am also grateful for all he did to help me step up and find my voice. I did do a lot for him, but behind the scenes, he did a lot for me too. So while I prefer a Kevin-free world these days, I don't hate him and most of my HillBuzz memories are positive enough that I still use my HillBuzz mug occasionally. :)

    Anyway, RedPill noted at that you had said something nice about me, so I jumped over to say howdy do and post my linkies. I'm being careful not to let blogging take over my life (again), so only participate like this on other blogs once in a blue moon.

    I have a Blog E-mail service for folks who just want to get my stuff without going to PoliNations. Though I hope y'all will at least go one time to check out our daily Grudge Report. Pete does a great job with it!

    If you want to get on the bloggy list, email me at

    No doubt Spammy will eat this comment because of all the linkies below. (Sorry 'bout that, Admin.)

    Here are my addresses. The first is where I post my blogs. The second is Chrissy's Site Bites where my 2,500+ (and growing!) graphics are archived. The third is where i sell my original, one-of-a-kind jewelry creations, and the fourth is where I have some of my political graphics for sale on t-shirts, mugs and other cool stuff.

    Oops, the moon is fading back to white. Gotta go!

  21. Sorry, Mrs. Polly. Will stay away this time. Mots, I'm sorry you are so bitter. There was a time I would have welcomed you back with open arms, but no more. It is not a matter of forgiving, it's a matter of forgetting, and I can't do that.

  22. @Chrissy: your linkies did get you caught, and I'm not used to this newish blogger feature, but you're out now. Congrats on getting yourself under sail again.

    @Anon: no apologies necessary. My comments section would otherwise be dust bunnies and tumbleweeds, not that there's anything wrong with that. It's what I'm used to.

  23. I was once a regular at HillBuzz, and since my default position has always been to think well of people until they give me reason to think otherwise, I will admit that I was taken in by Kevin DuJan -- until the USO thread caused the scales to fall from my eyes. After that, I was a regular at Honey Trail, where I was similarly fooled by Sundance -- until the event that brought about Honey Trail's demise showed his true colors, and I realized he was no more to be trusted than Kevin. Sometimes it seems like everyone just wants to make a cynic of me.

  24. I felt more "burned" by Sundance, in the lead-up to HT demise, than by Kevin on HB...maybe because my opinion of SD was higher to start with. I don't know. But he has NO credibility left, in my eyes. I have never posted on LTR, nor will I. I am disturbed, in many ways, by people I knew and respected on both blogs, who have managed to continue posting happily on the "new" blog, as if nothing untoward, unseemly, and downright ugly, had ever occurred on HT.

  25. Sundance probably wouldn't let you post on his blog anyway.

  26. Kudos to Motley for having the courage to pull the plug on a blog that, with the cyber-lynching that went on in the "flaming pants" thread, had gotten WAY out of hand. If she didn't do it perfectly, oh well. Nobody does things "perfectly" all the time. She was brave enough to put a stop to a nasty display of mob-think. I will always admire her for that.

  27. "Cyber-lynching" sums it up perfectly.

  28. The post at 11:46 - Like he/she said.
    The post at 12:16 - ditto, triple ditto
    The post at 12:32 - get a 'real' life. Who knowing the truth, would want to?
    The post at 12:39 - Motley's pulling of the plug was her finest hour. Prior to, HT was a wonderful place, but when people's true colors came out during the flaming pants, it was the best thing anyone could have done, as was getting to see who's who in the process.

    Ms. Polly: I have only heard great things about you, and you do not disappoint (except, of course, that you remain a liberal, but even still, you redeem liberals. God Bless)

  29. Leave it to Chrissy to come on here and stay with the politically correct. you're a class act girl, and I am so happy to learn where you have landed. Look forward to seeing you there. Don't ever change. You're the best.

    So many anonymous'. I'll call myself #332

    Thanks for this blog Ms. Polly. Hopefully the new HB followers will see the light. Unfortunately, those at the Last Refuge are headed for the same fate and haven't yet.

  30. That would be "anonymi". I suppose "anonymice" would work, too.

  31. If only you knew the nasty things Motley said about some of you behind closed doors (especially the "victim"), instead of in the light of day. I don't call that brave. I call it two-faced.

  32. Hmmmm...not sure which I prefer....someone talking about us behind our backs or someone cussing us out on Facebook. Tough call.

  33. Especially since the FB obscenities were gratuitous and unprovoked. How would we know what sharp stick was used on Motley to goad her, and for how long, before she started talking "nasty"?

  34. Not only that, the allegations against Motley for talking behind our backs are unsubstantiated innuendo, which, after the "flaming pants" episode, feel mighty familiar, coming, as they do, from the same sources. The aggressive, spontaneous f-ing on FB is known, documented, and open. Hmmmmm. Which to believe? Decisions, decisions........

  35. Victim. No quotes.

  36. WAH here -- Would not use Anonymous if knew how to get it through in the id process step of commenting.

    I absolutely did talk nasty about alot of people, on the private side of HT, and thankfully, people showed me I had traded in my individuality for gang-think when I partook in UNDESERVED nastiness. I was pure caddishness and two-faced. Hands down. I regretted it and began to be an observer only, which is almost a worse predicament in spiralling downhill one's character. In the end, I chose to support those I had betrayed when betraying myself. It has weighed on me because to apologise what I did "behind the scene" would mean I would have to point to others as they were a part of my ugliness and I did not want to reveal them. We all realise each person comes to their wake-up self-introspection with different timing and did not want to apologise if it meant tattling, so to speak. Particularly since those trashed did not know they were being trashed. I did mention my nastiness to a couple of people, in vague terms, when sharing HT with them and recently came clean, so to speak, with one individual.

    Now that I don't have to worry about exposing the rest of the gang members, as they just revealed it themselves, I humbly ask forgiveness and will do my best to track each of those I nastified and snarked on to personally apologise. (This will take sometime as I will have to go through hundreds of comments from the private side to make sure I don't leave out anyone). I thank those that admonished me during the "Ugly Baby".

    Again, I am sorry.

  37. Oh what the heck. I try and keep my mouth shut but the temptation to expose the truth always overwhelms me. First off, I don't know the background that caused Ms. Polly to have her feelings for Kevin, but I know enough of what he's done to so many others, I can only imagine. It is great that you are out there as a reminder or heads upper, because one can hardly forget the feeling from being duped, and played the fool that so many of us felt when we finally 'woke up' from our Hillbuzz, buzz. Hopefully the next generation of buzzers can be spared, but thus far it's looking like a replay.

    That being said, I don't just speak for myself when I say that the feeling of betrayal was all the worse when it happened, shortly thereafter, AGAIN, with HT. Sundance filled in for Kevin, and Pat P made Bev a saint in comparison. While I don't wish the experience on anyone it would be all the more understandable if Ms. Polly had experienced it for herself and didn't have to trust me, or others on that one. And this, of course, comes from people who once held Sundance in as high false esteem as we did Kevin.

    To those that say get over it, I absolutely have, but that does not mean I can't, and won't carry a grudge against those who unprovoked, and unjustifiably hurt other people. It's outrageous, unacceptable, and shameful. Grudges help to expose that so that possibly those same actions won't re-occur, but as it stands, I still see some very fine people being duped by someone who has now surpassed Kevin in deception. (And hey, at least Kevin wrote his own stuff, or gave credit to his sources!)

    Well, let the cyber attacks begin but I shall wear my grudge as a badge of honor to never back down from those who lie, deceive, and unjustifiably attack people, and then can't back up their actions. That ugly baby thread was despicable, and what occurred thereafter made it all the worse. Motley was heroic in pulling the plug of what was once a great place to hang, learn, and be among friends.

    I tried to sign in as Integrity1st but it would not post.

  38. Oh, and Motley, being one of those you disparaged behind the scenes, I never saw you admonished for the ugly baby thread? Rather, I saw you come on the thread, look around, try and figure out what the hell just happened to a once good place, and quite frankly, I found your comments appropriate and hysterical. When no one could rationalize or justify the cyber assassination of an individual that they could never prove was remotely what they said of them, you pulled the plug on the nightmare. Bravo.


  39. Thank you for your forgiveness, 1st. I am humbled.

  40. Where's Ali these days? Is she still commenting at that Poli place?

    I1st, I knew who you were without the id.

    Poli had no problem deleting comments I posted there in answer to I1st's nasty screed (as it is their right), and i didn't swear or anything, so I don't understand why Motley and I1st are still in a snit when that happened at the tree. Any comment I try to make at HB is automatically deleted. I notice some of the old group are still able to post there, including Ali.

    For the record, even if she wasn't directly responsible, I still believe Ali either knew about what happened, or helped after the fact. I'm sorry if I called some of you names in anger, but you said many nasty things to me and about my friends, and I have a written record of every word (including Facebook), so don't pull the innocent act. A real person from HT was attacked in the real world. We called Ali out because she was consorting with the person who made that attack - poor Ali! Her feefees were hurt!

    Motley, the knot you tied yourself into in order to explain what happened is amusing. If they believe you, they'll believe anyone. I wish I had the text of our conversations so that I could show what you said and did but, sadly, I don't.

    By the way, it was Motley who attacked Tilda and I here without any provocation from us; we were just answering her nasty name calling.

  41. I1st and Motley -

    Do you really believe we "poked Motley with a sharp stick" and twisted her arm behind her back to force her to say nasty things about Ali and some of the rest of you?

    I hear the Brooklyn Bridge is for sale!

  42. Since my other comment seem so have disappeared, after it was posted, I will repost. Sorry if there is a duplication.

    Where's Ali these days? Is she still commenting at that Poli place?

    I1st, I knew who you were without the id.

    Poli had no problem deleting comments I posted there in answer to I1st's nasty screed (as it is their right), and i didn't swear or anything, so I don't understand why Motley and I1st are still in a snit when that happened at the tree. Any comment I try to make at HB is automatically deleted. I notice some of the old group are still able to post there, including Ali. For the record, even if she wasn't directly responsible, I still believe Ali either knew about what happened, or helped after the fact. I'm sorry if I called some of you names in anger, but you said many nasty things to me and about my friends, and I have a written record of every word (including Facebook), so don't pull the innocent act. A real person from HT was attacked in the real world. We called Ali out because she was consorting with the person who made that attack - poor Ali! Her feefees were hurt!

    Motley, the knot you tied yourself into in order to explain what happened is amusing. If they believe you, they'll believe anyone. I wish I had the text of our conversations so that I could show what you said and did but, sadly, I don't.

    By the way, it was Motley who attacked Tilda and I here without any provocation from us; we were just answering her nasty name calling.

  43. Well, well, this is all very interesting. Since I lack the thick hide with which some of my fellow former Honeys have been endowed, I have always preferred that if people have something nasty to say about me, they say it behind my back, rather than to my face -- that way I never have to know about it.

    On the other hand, I was probably never important enough for anyone to make nasty comments about in private OR public. I probably wasn't worth notice at all, until the night Sundance Cracker went off the deep end, publicly accusing another person of nefarious deeds on the absolute flimsiest of evidence, and acting as judge, jury, and executioner... and I failed to follow his lead. A few others likewise refused to follow, but most just went along with him, without demanding or expecting him to provide any actual evidence for what were rather serious charges. The whole debacle permanently disillusioned me about Sundance Cracker (I use the word "disillusion" in its positive sense, as in "disabused of one's illusions); in that respect, it served the same purpose as Kevin's USO rant had done a few months earlier.

    I don't hold grudges, but there is a world of difference between forgiving someone who has proven himself untrustworthy and trusting that person again.


  44. Yes, P, we deleted your comment on Poli, but if you recall we also deleted Integrity's. What we didn't do was post yours, and then attack you and not let you post again. If you don't see the difference in that, well, I don't think I can make you see it.
    "I'm sorry if I called you some names in anger" That's sounds really sincere. !!LOL!!

    Oh Mrs. Polly, we have yet again hijacked your blog. I hope you at least are somewhat amused by this!

  45. Discerning readers will see WAH/Mots and 1st identified themselves (except mots forgot in June22, 12:12 to identify) and nowhere say, "poked Motley with a sharp stick"...that is from yet another "anon".

    I appreciate the confidence the comment placed in me and regret the truth is, which I mentioned, I stand by the accusation of saying nasties about great people behind their back. I take responsibility for my own ugliness and do not blame others for my stupidness and lack of judgement. Also, this last anon comment did not sound like the anon I committed could have the word, and so I respond.

    Please indicate where Mots indicates belief in, "poked Motley with a sharp stick", and I will humbly retract it. (We know I have a track record of poor reading comprehension, eh?)

    Saying nasty things about Ali and not liking what she was doing and who she appeared to hangin out with does not justify the way she was publicly chastised and attacked. Although I saw the BUT for the first time after it was posted, as lead admin, I take accountability for its presence and not removing immediately. It was put up a second time without my input, as well. I took accountability, albeit slow, and there was no more HT.

    Oops gave the long answer when the short would have sufficed. Short answer: No I don't believe anyone, "poked Motley with a sharp stick." (Since you asked)

    WAM (What A Motley)

    **This is more than I have been on the tubes in awhile. I must get back to life, so since I will not be around, it is a good time to keep the darts coming
    =) =) **(Will stop in to read, chuckle, regret, but not post)

  46. Latest Anon., I don't know if it's possible to hijack a vehicle that's pretty much up on blocks, but for me, at this point it's like listening to cricket fans arguing over who bowled the last point. In any case, I don't mind, just remember the no kidney punch rule and we're jake. ;^}

  47. Also, sorry once again for confusion caused by the lameness of Blogger, which barely lets me comment. I just let another one out of the spam filter; don't quite know where it'll show up.

    Feel a bit like the Wizard of Oz in the hot-air balloon:

    Dorothy: "Come back! Come back!"
    Wizard: "I can't! I don't know how it works!"

  48. I don't apologize for giving Motley more credit than she feels she is due, re the "sharp stick" comment. Her admitted lapse in judgment is MORE than compensated for by her willingness to admit that she did wrong, is sorry, and desires to make amends...which is a DAMN sight more than any of the rest of the HT admins have ever done. Motley, I continue to salute you.

  49. One last post and I will stick to not commenting (There I go AGAIN, changing my mind!)

    Totally off subject....Miss Polly, I love the blingies on this site! Thank you for your graciousness. And your Bling! ("You got all them sparkles insured, Girl?" as a friend with a lot of faux bling was asked once and made me laugh)

    Best wishes,
    WAM (Changing my mind AGAIN with the name!)

  50. Oh, PP, Ali's around. I'm surprised you don't recognize her new name. We all hang on the FB page regularly. She's didn't slink away, because she wasn't guilty.

  51. I agree, with what I assume is Integrity - saying nasty things about someone and then apologizing later? It happens, and if she said anything about me I forgive her. C'mon, Motley, are you sure you don't want to keep posting! :D

  52. Not Integrity. Let her get blamed for her own stuff. No need to take on mine.In the interest of full disclosure, I am FranklytheNut, and my first post was at 12:16 AM. I am the author of the "sharp stick," the "cyber-lynching", the "decisions, decisions," and the "victim, no quotes", as well as my last post at 1:34 PM. Make of it what you will. If the accusations against Ali were SO true that they had been carved on stone by the finger of God, and carried down from the mount, what was done to her was still wrong. Why the perpetrators feel no shame for what they did to her is something I will never understand. If she was guilty, they were worse. HT was a wonderful place, a refuge for people who had been badly burned by KD...and into that zone of supposed safety was lobbed a Molotov cocktail of snide accusations, sly suggestions, "Bingo!", and "Trust me," all against a woman who was not there to defend herself--who didn't even find out what was being said about her until 200-300 posts later, when she came online to find out she'd been tried, convicted, and executed in absentia. There. Is. No. Excuse.

  53. Anom at 1:42 - Wasn't me about the stick, but I am getting credit for a few posts that aren't mine. My latest comment is this:

    OMG, the audacity of invoking the victims name by one of the major annihilators (sp?) Have you no decency? Have you no shame? Have you no remorse for what you did, not just to your initial target, but to so many other decent people who treasured relationships on that site? And then you posted it twice. Pathetic. I hope Ms. Polly, and many, many more are learning of the ilk of those still clinging to their tree - - - hopefully their "last refuge."

    Any doubts, simply go to that Ugly Baby thread, and please know, ANYONE who questioned or did not go along with that lynching and become part of the Sundance herd/minnions has been banned, and/or attacked for not dutifully becoming a sheeple. As disgusting, (and wrong) as the Ugly Baby thread was, the efforts to sweep it under the rug and move on, pretending to be honest, and LOL, not censor people, is even more disgusting because you perpetuate the fraud. Again, I wear my grudge as a badge of honor against anyone who unjustifiably hurts [read lynches] people, and then goes on to defend or deny it. Nuff said.

    THIS is I1st,and I would love to confirm which ones are from Pat P, and will be even more interested to hear from the ALMIGHTY ONE. No, not Obama, SUNDANCE, and no, not with a defense, but a huge apology for all he has brought on. Lastly, why was it okay for HIM to post at HB, but Alli was disemboweled for the same?

  54. I1st, don't you know that being Sundance means never having to say you're sorry?

  55. FtN is absolutely right. There is no excuse for what happened on that UB thread.

  56. And one last thing, we never actually heard what Alli was guilty of, but we were all supposed to fall in line and malign and hate her. Unless, was it that she posted on HB? Oh God no, say it isn't so. One is to be publicly disgraced and hung out to dry for the act of posting on anothers blog??????????????????????

    Beyond that WHAT WERE THE CHARGES since you were all active in playing judge, jury and executioners?


  57. Frankly, no one could have said it better, and WOW: "If the accusations against Ali were SO true that they had been carved on stone by the finger of God, and carried down from the mount, what was done to her was still wrong."

    I would have only come up with the "what was done to her was still wrong."

  58. In hindsight, Kevin Dujan can not hold a candle to Sundance & Co.

  59. What a bunch of silly hens! I wouldn't know whether or not Ali was on Facebook, because I don't belong to your group, and am not 'friends' with any of you. You threw me out of your group, I did not quit (in case anyone thought I was "slinking away". Sundance has not commented here, and I'm sure he won't. He doesn't give a darn about what any of you are saying. Sundance was allowed to comment on HB the other day, but it must have been an error, because his comment was deleted. Ali's, as far as I know, is still there.

  60. "In hindsight, Kevin Dujan can not hold a candle to Sundance & Co."

    There's something I've been wanting to tell you guys for a long time.

    Kevin Dujan IS Sundance & Co.

    Feels so good to get that off my chest.

    *sniffles* Does anyone have an extra tissue?

  61. How disingenuous you are, Ms. Anonymous. Ali was a part of the FB group from the very beginning. There is no way you did not, as a one-time member of that group, know that she was also a part of a group to which you belonged. I'd rather be a "silly hen"--baaaaaaaaawk!--than a, hmmmmmmmmmm...must self-censor, like you.

  62. Last anon, I was answering an earlier remark that said:

    Oh, PP, Ali's around. I'm surprised you don't recognize her new name. We all hang on the FB page regularly. She's didn't slink away, because she wasn't guilty.

    I am saying that I wouldn't know NOW if she is on Facebook or not, because of what I said earler - I'm no longer a member of the group.

  63. If Motley is still around, I have an offer. I have permission to send or post a copy of the letter that Kevin sent to the employer of our former co-admin, and the answer from her employer to the governing State Disciplinary Committee in the state where she does business, as he apparently tried to have her formally disciplined for "cyberstalking". If you are interested, I will send it to you with identifying info redacted.

  64. I can also send you a screen shot of what Ali posted on FB. The verbage is very similar to what Kevin mentions in his letter.

  65. Just going to step in for another minute, on whether Kevin Dujan can hold a candle to anybody else in the witchhunting department:
    Oh, I think he can.

    Some of you may not know how this blog, which was dormant, came to be a compendium of Hillbuzz Hijinx. It started with KD setting his followers on "outing" me and other people for being part of a "plot" by SorosBamalinskyCorn or something (as I joked at the time "if only! I can haz Soros paycheck now?").

    Dujan got lots of attention for this, all throughout the RW blogosphere. So he extended his witchhunt as long as possible.

    Every day one of us was on the menu with a graphic created like this one made just for me. I won't link to the thread, but it's still up, and in it, Hillbuzzers hunt down my physical address, and find out my first name, which years ago I was trusting enough to use commenting somewhere. If I'd been stupid enough to use my last, they'd have included that too, but settled for speculating that I was married to the president of my co-op. They called me a "b*tch." All this with Kevin's gleeful urging, right on that thread.

    You may know how he mistreated the woman I'm just calling S.T., publishing her Ebay business name, and the names of her children.

    Another woman whose details he published was so threatened she filed a police report. Her home address was published, and Hillbuzzers posted pictures of it and of her father's gravesite.

    He threatened the wife of one blogger. I'll let the blogger describe it, but I won't link because he is sick of all of it, and has actually left blogging:
    He also wrote about my wife, asking where she works and if “her employer know [sic] what her husband is doing,” even though, as I stated earlier, she has absolutely nothing to do with this blog or the blogosphere in general. Because he’s classy that way.

    The cyber-stalking and hatred he committed and inspired changed the lives of a number of people for the worse, permanently.

    Dujan has cost strangers who'd done nothing to him both peace of mind and lawyers' fees. Some of the people on the Get Polly Page I would classify as downright sick, likewise those stalking the poor female blogger whose father was mocked. (That page exists, but after the police report, was locked.)

    I don't mean to minimize what you all are feeling about what you went through both with Kevin and subsequently. And it's sobering to see how easily one may be led into acting cruelly towards what are in the end people, actual people, out there, because the internet, makes it so easy. It's worthwhile to sit down and try to understand what happened, and how to keep it from happening again. But I thought it necessary that I add in my perspective, because talking trash and making accusations within a blog community is certainly not a good thing.

    Kevin Dujan tried to damage people not just online, but in real life. And he inspired people to be their worst selves for him.

    There are numberless Internet blowhards and paranoid conspiracy addicts clamoring for bandwidth, but very few cross the line Kevin did.

    Sorry for the rant. But I needed to get it off my chest. Even four days ago, Kathleen over at HB was repeating the lie that Kevin had received death threats after being "outed" on Democratic Underground and Daily Kos.

    DU and DK pretty much never noticed that he was alive, much less sending him death threats. The Warner Todd Huston thread is worth reading on that score (plus see him throwing buckets of cold water on Librul heads! Fun!)

    On the plus side, I did make a coffee mug out of the Get Polly picture. So it wasn't a total nightmare.

  66. Mrs. Polly - I'd be interested to see the screencaps if you have them on who 'sleuthed' for KD that day. I'd be curious to see if it's anyone from our Ugly Baby Thread. I looked at Kevin's site and the comments are no longer up. Darn!

    What Kevin did to you was very, very terrible. I think the other poster was comparing USO to UGLY Baby, but when you compare what he did to you and others with the UBT there are many similarities. Although he went further and his commenters posted addresses and harrassed you! Yikes! I'm so sorry you went through that!

  67. Thanks, Anonymous 4:58. Didn't know the comments were taken down! Not sure, who was in on the the hunt besides Aussie, who most emphatically remained a Dujan loyalist, and "High Energy Muscle Dude," whose moniker made me fall on the floor laughing; I Blingee'd them both. That'll larn'em!

    In any case, I'm out of the sleuthing business, either end, I hope, except for Kevin Dujan, and even him I don't want to see hunted to his home address.

    Unless it's "County Jail." I could live with that.

  68. Message to Kevin Dujan: Luckily, I do have the hard copy printed out, and on disk. And cyber-stalking is still a fourth-class felony.

    @Anon., I just don't want to get hip-deep in sleuthing sleuthers. I'd like "sleuth" taken out of the dictionary. Heck, I'd like them to change the name of the play!

    (If you haven't seen the film with Michael Caine, it's very good.)

  69. No problem, Polly, I don't think it was the same guy, anyways. I just would have found it funny.

  70. Number One Mind-Changer here. Actually the gang all went out so I have a sec to type; fifteen minute or so of no life.

    I am fully aware of the letter sent by Dujan but that does not justify how things were handled. So what? We knew, or thought we knew the Ali/Kevin connection and we were being played. Taking her or anyone down in that manner, even if suppositions were correct, was not and is not my style. The threat to one of the admins is not relevant, in my opinion, to the manner in which it was handled. The fear was HT was being played to look silly by K&A and there was some "let's bust them" going on (me, too). In the midst of this was when one of the admins got the letter and boom. Time to rush in and rescue/protect the Honies--at a very high expense indeed.

    In fact someone with Dujan experience even reassured admins that she and many others had been receiving the letters for some time.

    It sort of is like a tossle between two of the teens today on the homefront. One was being very obnoxious/making threats to a younger sib; Another sib wanted him to stop. Of course Obnoxious One did not. Frustrated Protector One resorted to violence to get Obnoxious one to shut up. Using the logics of the letter/threat as justification for the Ugly Baby, violence by Frustrated One was appropriate and, as a parent, I should tell Obnoxious One it was his own damn fault. I should reassure Frustrated One it was noble to protect sib and his actions were right on for the situation. Really?

    Miss Polly, I had read around Cybertown bits and pieces of your historical connection to KD but this is the first I saw it all together. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps you, most of all, understand and identify with both sides of the HT fiasco.

    WAM (Oh great WAH was crying-ish and now WAM makes me think, "Wham bam, thank you, Ma'am.") I am probably going to have to change my mind AGAIN!

  71. WAM back again but this time not because I changed my mind AGAIN but because I forgot to address the offer for the facebook screenshot of what Ali said. No thanks,has it been forgotten that all the fb conversation had been screenshot and put on the private side of HT? Thus, I already saw them and that "angle" has already been in the "evaluation mix". Thank you for your thoughtfulness, though. Perhaps others would be interested in the letter and screenshot, but I see the latter as a repeat of the BU and really, I think we can agree the horse is dead. Gone. The vultures have finished off the carcass. Just bones left. R.I.P WAM

  72. Kangaroo court: A kangaroo court or kangaroo trial is a colloquial term for a sham legal proceeding or court. The outcome of a trial by kangaroo court is essentially determined in advance, usually for the purpose of ensuring conviction, either by going through the motions of manipulated procedure or by allowing no defense at all.

  73. Ms. Polly:

    I can't tell you how much I enjoy your interjections and wish I had your gracious hostessing skills. Are you sure you aren't one of us because you're so reminiscent of the 'old' days where ugliness didn't raise it's ugly head until WAM, BOOM, SMACK, DESTROY interrupted our little world and showed us who's who and what's what. There is most definitely a herd or gang like mentality that enters into the equation of these sorts of things, and I'm sure glad I have not been caught up in that thus far in my life. But it is obviously powerful because it has sucked in some people I thought far removed from such.

    In that you were targeted by much the same as another person we have all come to know and like, I hope you can see that we could not stand by and watch or endorse that same scenario replay itself. In fact, the similarities to Kevin and Sundance, and their respective packs are becoming more and more apparent, so much so that, even though it is not true that Sundance is Kevin, there's that off chance that they were evil twins separated at birth. Even the manic proliferation of writings and ramblings started to take on some haunting similarities.

    I can't thank you enough for the opportunities your site has given so many of us, whether it was to reunite after one fiasco, or vent and air the subsequent one. It has proved to be not only cathargic, but quite illuminating. I look forward to hanging around and learning more of you. Thanks again.

  74. @ anon 6:27

    Kangaroo court I never knew, but that was most certainly the case. In any reasonable court, they, (the Kangaroos) would be found GUILTY, CORRUPT, and in need of immediate reform if not destruction. The tribe has spoken.

  75. "Silly hens" and a kangaroo court. No wonder it felt like such a zoo!

  76. So all those private conversations (or what we thought were private conversations) within our Facebook group were screencapped and shared with a whole bunch of people who were not part of the group? The whole point of creating a closed group was to be able to carry on private conversations, without fear that they would become public.

    Betrayal of trust is the phrase that springs to mind.

  77. Dishonest, dishonorable, sneaky, devious, underhanded, nefarious, hypocritical, two-faced, untrustworthy also come to mind--for a start...

  78. And you know, of course, even though Sundance and the others partook, the only one capable of such was Pat P. as in Sharon, as in the most ardent defender of Sundance and the others on this thread, you know, the ones that cyber speared Alli to death for, GASP, posting on HB!

  79. Dear Waltzing aka Matilda:

    I never hid the fact that you were one of my favorites, or that I think your mind is ever so clever and witty, but surely, with what's coming out now, though I would have pegged you for catching on sooner, you will retract this as YOU having been bamboozled by your co-Admins? Your too far decent a person to condone what went on had you known the full facts, much of which have still not yet come out.

    from your earlier post, my comments in caps: "Mots, I say this as someone who cares. You are really beating a dead horse here. THE HORSE IS HARDLY DEAD. I feel partly responsible for you feeling free to comment at the Tree, because I did indeed ask you to do so, and in all sincerity. But I had no idea at the time that there were still unresolved issues. BECAUSE YOU ARE BEING DUPED The thing is, even though I wasn't aware, surely you were? And FTR, the reason I wasn't aware is because none of the admins over there ever discussed it, or held it up for scrutiny or ridicule (not even "behind the scenes"), they just moved on and busted their butts to make a new homeplace. I COULD EASILY DISPROVE THAT SIMPLY BY WHAT WAS EITHER BANNED OR SENT TO ME BY THE ADMINS. PERHAPS YOU ARE NOT IN THE INNER CIRCLE OF SHAME.

    Still love you Waltzing, just wish you'd see things for what they are, not how you wish them to be.


  80. @Motley:

    It is such a shame that you can not let the past be, learn from the experience, and move on.

    For all the slamming about what people did or didn't do on the HT and later TLR, never forget that many of these same people came to your aid -- someone anonymous on the internet -- through generous donations and genuine caring when you were in need.

    To see all of this ugliness, without remembering the good, is disquieting.

  81. FTR, I never trusted Ali, either at HB or the HT. What she said about the HT was beyond disgusting.

    Ali and Aussie are two crazy chicks whom I never want to bump up against in the blogosphere ever again.

  82. Boy, you sure do seem to "bump up against" a lot of "crazy" people in the blogosphere. Just remember...whenever you point a finger at someone else, you've got three pointing back at you.

  83. Betrayed, It is presumptuous to suggest I have forgotten the several(not many) people who willingly, without my asking, helped in a time of need. Very presumptuous. The gifts, in fact, did have an impact on my perspective. Allowances were extended that were out of my comfort zone, giving the benefit of the doubt to some that helped me, where otherwise I would not engaged.

    Please keep my comments, which are identified, separate from the others when assessing my level of good vs. bad "remembering".

    Thank you to those that have been willing to both edify and criticise me using identifiable names. Frankly, those are the remarks I contemplate on, give credence to, and actually consider if their is validity in what is being shared.



  84. For diversion I have been clicking down your blog roll, Miss Polly; even bookmarked a couple. May leave a comment or two at a later date and enjoy some polite political discourse, which is possible, you know, between the pexes (political extremes). It is all about manners, huh?

  85. That was me, WAM, clicking down the blogroll.

  86. "Mrs. Polly - I'd be interested to see the screencaps if you have them on who 'sleuthed' for KD that day. I'd be curious to see if it's anyone from our Ugly Baby Thread."

    Oh,I'll just bet you would, you Nazi.

    BOOM! Godwin's Law.

  87. Bravo Tilda, that last comment is what I miss about you and why I haunt the Treezone. I had to go look up Godwin's Law. This is the classic "Matilda Midnight Laugh" to perfection! Kudos. WAM

  88. Switching gears here.

    Whatever happened to these people from HB? MichL, DustoffMom, MichaelF, nomobama(think this name posts at breitbart, same?), and EZBurns?


  89. Dear Ms Polly:

    Things seem to have quieted, so I don't want you to think we have all flown the coop. I very much appreciated your hospitality, and the opportunity to air some frustrations and truths, and the discovery of your site which I had heard of from your prior housing generousities, but never ventured over til now.

    I will be spending time lurking your site to see where our beliefs might cross and what I might yet still have to learn (PLENTY!). I have already seen that we agree on Reverend Wright, and have to wonder why it took our President over twenty years. Will be hanging around and pop in to post now and again because you are such a gracious hostess. Please consider piping in over at our spread as many of us have become quite fond of you and would welcome your visits, AND INPUT.



  90. Hi, Integrity1st! Thank you very much for the kind words, and the invitation~~I might pop in every now and then. I'm very honored to have been asked.

    I hope folks are feeling better as a result of this thread; at least they are surer of where they stand with each other! I was following along some, but aside from wondering at mysteries such as "the ugly baby," it was pretty much just hiding the breakables and replenishing the Chex Mix, same as any other sleep-over/conflagration/encounter group.

    You might have seen, in your travels around the old place, that poor neglected Snarko often goes on prolonged hiatus unless sad little Kevin does something particularly daft or nasty, and even then, I may not bestir myself as I should if I were the True and Only Chronicler of Harvey Bilk (my original name for KD). But by all means, you are very welcome. There may be some stuff you find horribly lefty, esp. in the archives, and when the Hillbuzzers were attacking me, I applied a number of unflattering adjectives to them. So easy does it when you're walking around here; there are ten-penny nails, box-cutter blades, and other sharp objects lying about. I don't -sweep them up because they blend into the turkey-carpet and they're hard to see.

  91. Just as predicted, the crazy is back with a brand new excuse, he's been ill (well he is sick). As he has been ill he is now poor and needs right wing money. Of course the new idiots fall for it and offer their wallets

  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. Just wanted to tune it a bit:

    Thanks for the tip, BB. New post above. It's true that narcissistic personality disorder is an illness. The problem is that it's Kevin's victims that feel the symptoms.