Friday, April 15, 2011

Hillbuzz: Hint From An Events Planner

if it’s a movie screening, and you want to meet whomever is going to speak afterwards, sit in the front row dead center if you can…because that is where the person will stand with a microphone to address the crowd.


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  1. Oh good heavens. Am I a bad person to want to make a John Hinckley joke here? Poor Jodie.

    Re the new site, I see that Kevin has stayed true to form: his first messages to the faithful are Stop Whining and Send Money.

  2. Mrs. Polly - Check out the post from the Admin at Hillbuzz this morning. Apparently Kevin has gone missing again for weeks and left his admins running the store.

  3. Thanks, Anonymous. I've actually had to wake up and write a post. Wonder what the excuse'll be when he comes back this time!

  4. I believe Kevin has been missing since the new site opened, although it's hard to tell. At one point I thought he might be Hillbuzz or Kathleen. But no-one there now has Kevin's inimitable mix of self-pity, fantasy and sheer viciousness, or can churn out 3000-word essays on his imaginary friends twice a day. Bridget can barely manage her daily collection of famous things that famous people did on this day in history. Someone should warn her that even though these events did happen, lifting her text straight from Wikipedia's "On this day" feature is plagiarism.

    But here's the weird part. Bev has disappeared too. Her big white moonface avatar used to pop up on every second or third comment on every thread. Now she's gone, and has been for a while.

    Was Bev really Kevin? Was she just another Panda in his sockpuppet drawer? If so, I have to hand it to Kevin, he totally took me in. Joaquin, Panda and the gang were easy to see through, but Bev had a personality of her own. Congrats, Kev!