Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yes, Hillbuzz is JUST THIS STUPID!

Harvey Bilk Says Suck It, Poles!'
Actual, if blinged-out, screencap, just like all the other actual screencaps!

NOW do you believe me? In the previous post, a commenter was incredulous that the proprietor of Shillbuzz, Harvey Bilk, could be so remarkably pea-brained as to think that Air Force One could survive a "direct nuclear blast" (Harvey's words, my hand to God).

Harvey was merely parroting the wingnut line that Obama deliberately snubbed Poland by not taking the Rolls-Royce engines of Air-Force One through a volcanic dust cloud to the funeral for the Polish president (secret shorter wingnut: oh, why did it have to be POLAND!), because Harvey is all about upholding the dignity of ethnic minorities, particularly the plentiful, Dem-voting ones in Shillbuzz's current crash-pad, Chicago.

But there was a time when Harvey was less concerned with the Polish community, a time not very long ago, in fact, just this last Paczki Day, which as it happens is the last Tuesday or Thursday before Lent. The Poles' version of a pre-Lenten blowout involves consuming the eponymous Paczki, which are delightful little jam-bloated fried cakes.

Some of us go for feather masks and demeaning ourselves for beads on balconies, and some of us go for jam-bloated fried cakes, and far be it from me to cast aspersions on either camp. But Harvey Bilk worked himself up into a purplish-green lather over Paczki Day, because he's A-MURRICAN! HE celebrates Mardi-Gras, not some damn old European thingie from tradition-riddled stupid old Europe. He even took it out on the paczki, acidly referring to them as "jelly donuts," as if that were a bad thing.

Friends, Poles, Cajun-Americans, I ask you: what sort of a man attacks a people's donuts (sic)?

Harvey's anti-Polish Donut Rant above is still available, I think, for a while, at his website, until he tumbles to the amount of pointing and laughing he's getting (there's your bump in traffic, Harvey!) at how spectacularly silly and floridly insane he is. Then, the Polish Donut Rant will join some of his other fine work (including the much-missed Inflounce Post, July 2009, which would have embarrassed Aimee Semple McPherson) in the recycle bin of Intertubal history.

brought to you by Mrs. Polly of Snarkopolitan, the undead blog, thanks to the defibrillator paddles of this same Harvey Bilk, and somewhat behind schedule as usual, since, unlike "events coordinator" Harvey, Mrs. Polly works!


  1. That's priceless.

    If bullshit were currency, he’d be a billionaire.

    I actually posted a comment there once after he came up with the “We are the French Resistance and we’re going to save the Mona Lisa” post. Did you see that one? Did you know that the citizens of Paris rose up and saved the Louvre collection from the Nazis while the government of France dithered? Rescued these precious treasures and hid them in caves for the duration? Son vrai! And this rag-tag band of art lovers became … the French Resistance!

    Needless to say his band of ditzes lapped it up. “Ooh what a wonderful story! I must find out more!”

    I informed him that if he googled “The Louvre during the war” he’d see plenty of evidence that the government of France not only evacuated the Louvre collection efficiently and professionally, they did it before the war even started. And no, they did not hide the art in damp caves. And I had a little fun with the idea of a band of maquis sneaking into the Louvre and wrangling the Winged Victory of Samothrace down the Daru staircase. That baby weighs a ton.

    My comment was very civil (well, I may have used the word “silly”) but of course never made it through moderation. But just the idea of one of his camp followers actually looking this story up was enough to give me a chuckle.

  2. And don't forget those fine American holidays like cinco de Mayo and St Patrick's Day.

  3. I still get a laugh at Air Force One surviving a direct nuclear blast.

  4. The folks who comment at that site take the cake. The grinding racism and misogyny is exhausting. One commenter writes about Michele Obama:

    "Either the skirts never fit her wide bottom to begin with, or she has them take in to show off her derriere.

    Isn’t that called ghetto fab?


  5. Anon, Merl, MaryRC, sorry for the lag time in answering you.

    Shillbuzz has made the turn from whatever vague politics he/they? (I think the other "boiz" are the voices in Harvey's head) had as Hillary venerators, to pure wingnut drivel, and is now the go-to site for people too stupid to be Freepers.

    The "Inflounce Post" I spoke of above, where Harvey slid the knife into his dead friend's bereaved lover, was a masterpiece of mealy-mouthed passive aggression. Well, I'm delighted to report that as of today, he's done it again!

    I'd hat-tip the friend who told me, but I don't want the Shillbuzz flies in his ointment. But do feel free to drop by Harvey's One-Stop All-U-Can-Hate Shack to see him slagging his readers in the Friday Open Thread, now sliding down the page as more ShillBuzzghetti gets thrown against the wall.

  6. Harvey's a few bananas shy of a bunch. I guess he thinks a thermonuclear device is just a great big firecracker.

  7. you've got a stronger stomach than I do, reading that crap. I guess if you consider it comedy, it's easier to read.
    That's how I used to read ann coulters crap.

  8. LP, what Harvey knows is that nukes should be used for peaceful purposes, like dropping on the Islams, who are connected to Obama's Chicago Thuggery in keeping Harvey DOWN!

    @merl: no, I was just forced to take notice of this clown after he decided to use poor old neglected Snarkopolitan as a prop in his trunk of site gags.

  9. Mrs. Polly -- did you see his response to a commenter who told him the "who's better dressed" crap was getting old? I think his fee fees were hurt.

    the go-to site for people too stupid to be Freepers

    I was just thinking this, too....

  10. Whatever message he was trying to send his commenters with his hissy fit today obviously went way over their addled heads. They're either all "Curse those Obots who are harassing you!" or else they're going "But we were wooooorrrrried about you!" and offering helpful hints as to how he can keep them from fretting while he's away. He could post a journal of his activities! Start open threads!

    That his snippy little tirade could be aimed at them doesn't seem to occur to these nincompoops at all. Because no-one who could be so nasty and catty about other women could ever turn viciously on them.