Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hillbuzz Racking Up The Frequent Failure Miles

Shillbuzzing Air Force One
When you've nothing to go on, don't let that stop you

It is simply impossible to keep up with Shillbuzz's Frequent Flier Program for Nonstop Stupidity. Harvey Bilk, who operates Shillbuzz, dropped this bit of atomic foolishness the other day at his One Stop All You Can Hate Shack: the President deliberately didn't go to Poland because he just didn't want to!

That Icelandic volcano which grounded air traffic throughout Europe had nothing to do with it-- Air Force One is capable of surviving a direct nuclear blast!!! Yess!!!!! You can lob warheads at it all day, and the President's hand won't even tremble as he signs another government takeover bill with his damned lefty pen!

It's nice to see that "Special Events Coordinator" Harvey has taken a breather from his coordinating to dash off this charmingly vivid scenario with all of his usual attention to accuracy. Imagine how good he must be at coordinating events.

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  1. Is that what he does ... plan parties? No kidding. Because not long ago he ranted about the number of social events that the Obamas have held at the White House -- something like "Extravagant parties. During a recession". I guess he needed the full stop and new sentence fragment to fully express his outrage at the thoughtlessness of their behavior.

    And that's what he does for a living? Extravagant parties. During a recession.

    I did get a laugh out of his current fantasy of Christmas at the White House with President Sarah Palin.

    Todd and Track fixing their snowmobiles on the White House lawn. Imagine if the Obamas ever did something like that.

  2. Mary, Todd and Track lube their machines (Alaskans call them "snowmachines" for some reason; perhaps to make their unpleasant, intrusive crude-gobblers sound less like the annoying little gasbombs they are) with Todd's sponsor's product, made by Citgo, the commie oil company:

    I can see the oil-slicked Rose Garden already.

    As to what Harvey Bilk does for a living, he's cycled back to the "we want to give this site video and radio capabilities!" line he was using just before he ran out on his readers for a month last summer (he's removed the embarrassing inflounce post he did when he came back, but look at the archives for '09; no July).

    Radio and Video capabilities cost nothing, and are called "Youtube" and "Blogtalk." But Harvey's ability to coordinate events is far inferior to his ability to fabricate fictions, which he has the leisure to do at exhaustive length.

    I apologise for not replying to you before now, but this is actually busy season at the job I do, and like doing, partially because I don't have to beg people for money, much less under such patently false pretenses. Blechhhh.

  3. Air Force One can survive a direct nuke? Did you make that quote up? I'm not reading his blog to see if he said that.

  4. Welcome, merlallen, and if you look carefully at the blinking and flashing graphic up top, you'll see that it's a direct screencap of that ludicrous assertion, dressed up in finery to try in some small way to relieve the great expanse of stupid on show at Harvey's Craptastic Palace of Neo-McCarthyism.

    This is just one of a multitude of howlers posted by the prolific Mr. Bilk and his other personalities. For instance, why can't furriners like the Poles stop trying to maintain their stupid pride in their stupid national holiday and only celebrate Amurrican holidays like Mardi-Gras?

    (link provided purely because I'd like to say I was making this up, but sadly, no. ;o})