Thursday, April 10, 2008

R.R. Gives A.A. The Air, Moves to San Francisco

There goes the franchise...or most of it. Take-no-prisoners talk show host Randi Rhodes quit Air America rather than back down from calling Hillary a f#%&ing whore at a San Francisco comedy club. (See 1st Randi Rhodes post--yes folks, I should be able to link to it, but I can't).

The station for which she was appearing has snapped her up, and, intriguingly, seems to be part of two liberal networks: AA, and Nova M radio. Nova M radio has glommed onto other ex-AA hosts, was started by AA founders, and seems to be learning from AA's assorted blunders.

Hillary supporter Mark Green recently bought the AA network, and may have been instrumental in RR's decision to jump, instead of climbing down from her high dudgeon. Or not, because his purchase is worth ever so much less now. She was the only experienced AA host, and she brought her own audience with her. Those who can, will stream her when she begins her new show Monday:

The question of whether Hillary should have been called a big f#&%ing whore, is or is not a big f#%&ing whore, and insults intended or unintended to regular big f#$%ing whores will be addressed when I get over the flu I'm evidently coming down with.

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