Monday, April 7, 2008

I Busted Petraeus

Really! General Petraeus came to the Armed Forces committee hearing armed with an array of pretty charts, showing provinces now more under control than ever before except for sometimes and in certain places arguably not, and then these two beauties:

Is that an 8 billion dollar projection, or are they just glad to see us? How can it be accurate unless we're lending/giving them the money?

Then we have this:
The surge was working just great, till recently, when the corner we thought we'd turned brought us back to the last corner we thought we'd turned. Perhaps we're just circling a square post.

John McCain, as the co-chair, luminous as a light bulb, made his opening statement supporting the war, because if we were to withdraw, what would Al-Queda In Iraq think? So we must continue to make war because we're worried about what the enemy will think of us.

The hearing was also notable for introducing the Sons of Iraq. They are concerned Iraqi civilians who just want a free country, like our Sons of Liberty, who were trying to throw off the yoke of colon----um, well, the analogy breaks down a little. Well, and unlike the Sons of Liberty, being a Son of Iraq is a paid position.

They do say freedom ain't free.

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