Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dirty MacroPoliticks

This is the actual office-issued campaign flier for the anti *monetization* board candidate here at Muttonchop City. All the candidates are included in one official handout, but nobody else's picture was so unrecognizable. *Vincent is convinced it was done on purpose, and fired off an Email to *Will Waskoal, the pro-*monetization President of the Board.
Will and his *Monetizers control the board, and instituted "open" board meetings---except that all the real business is done behind closed doors, beforehand, without the input of Vincent and the two other anti*Monetizers. The rest is theatre.
Note from Mr. Polly: he just got back from visiting the 95-year-old lady who had been sued by another *Monetizer represented by the titular head of *Muttonchop Rights (She was a springy 91 at the time). She's had a death threat: someone mailed her one of her anti-Monetization letters to the editor, with this message: "Die ASAP, You Piece of Sh*t."

*all names, appearances and search terms changed to protect Mr. and Mrs. Polly from the wrath of their lovely neighbors.

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