Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Teh Crazy Goes Round And Round

03-17-2009 07;07;31PM
And It Comes Out Here:
Defend Our Freedoms, the site of Orly Taitz, Esq.-in-the-state-of-California-only, D.D.S., is a full-featured site. Besides the usual incitements to rebellion, misspelled citations of antiquely inapplicable statutes, and pleas for money that are Orly's stock-in-trade, there's the Joke of the Day. Actually (if you don't include Orly's every blessed post), there are only two Jokes of the Day. They're neither hilarious nor terribly bad, not really worth the trip.

But one of the comments for the second Joke of the Day was thought provoking:

3/3/2009 6:14 PM Donna wrote:There is a very disturbing video on UTube and the title is Minnesota prepare for Martial Law. I first connected with it on Alex Jones. Now it is gone. I found it by typing in Minnesota prepares for Martial Law.Are there any viewers from Minnesota that can verify this"? This person gives a place called Farmington that is manufacturing the glass. He also states you can drive out of the city and find many of these roundabouts.

Roundabouts? Not the little traffic circles all over France, with the towns' names spelt out in marigolds in the middle? My mother and I were caught in one of them a few years back, and the worst danger was vertigo from constantly missing the turn-off to Perpignan. We did almost hit a sable-bearded gentleman in a tiny SmartCar; he beeped and shook his finger at us as if we were naughty children. (I should like to point out that my mother was driving, and had mistaken the gas for the brake. Again.)

Putting "martial law," "Minnesota" and "Roundabouts" into Dogpile, my favorite search engine (starring Arfie), yielded the video, which was certainly eye-opening. Roundabouts are not safety enhancements after all! The U.N. is going to put huts on top of them. They are just perfect for little U.N. huts, so that blue-helmeted U.N. troops can run out of the huts and suppress the free movement of true Americans. Even though anyone in a hut in the center of a roundabout would be vulnerable from all sides, as exposed as the little figures on a wedding cake.03-17-2009 07;09;29PM

Dogpiling "roundabouts" and "U.N. Huts" turned up " UN threatens minnesota with global government, page 1", which took me to a thread by "mastermind 77" at a site (apparently overpopulated with masterminds) called "abovetopsecret.com".

The site's a sort of aggregator of "alternative" theories, enough to provide point-and-laugh, or shiver, material for a lifetime.Though convenient, unlike Dick Cheney, I don't enjoy canned hunts. But having fairly followed this quail from the wild back to the compound, I thought I might as well stay.

Mastermind77 began the fulminating:
"I just got word from a person who knows a local contractor that UN checkpoints are being planned to go up in the next few years. With round-about's being put in to stifle traffic so these usurpers of sovereignty and liberty can have their way with our country."
03-17-2009 07;11;52PM

Daedalu snarled back, >"Im someone though. a man hardened by the fires of time and experience, emboldened against evil and tyranny and for continuance of family, gathering and liberty. And I challenge evil at the highest or lowest realms of existence itself by stating truth, whether its too crazy, too real, or not enough."

The black helicopter rotors were certainly revving up.

The usurpers of sovereignty had their own website for these traffic stiflers, and when I went to roundaboutsusa.com, I found terrifying pictures of round dirt impediments to continuance of family and liberty. Here's a scary one, and this one will trouble your sleep.

There is a bright spot, but it's the only bright spot for the Masterminds who are forced to yield before entering these circular oppressors of liberty: never again will they ever have to make left turns.03-17-2009 07;13;08PM
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  1. The proponents of the roundabout are merely Maaco salesmen in disguise.

  2. You can tell from the screaming red metallic paint flecks under their fingernails.

    Actually, roundabouts mean nobody can just run a red light and plow into the passenger-side of another car in what the industry calls a "T-bone" crash, the sort that kills so many people. Instead, there are more dings, rear-end collisions, and fender bumps, and they're at slower speeds.

    'Murkins hate roundabouts because they hate being told to slow down, and, even worse, and Frenchier, "YIELD".