Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On the Nod

I keep trying to work on the big, important subject of how Pastor Rick Warren's Ugandan colleague, Martin Ssempa, is persecuting homosexuals in Uganda, but I've just had oral surgery and all my mental furniture has dust covers thrown over it.

Anybody who doesn't believe that there are more than three dimensions has never been worked on by Dr. Sukmanowsky. Afterwards, I was looking out of the window at the sky and I saw witches' hairpins.

And that was before the Vicodin. So please stay in your seats and an attendant will pass among you shortly with fresh appalling Ssempiana, but in the meanwhile, please enjoy this little morsel:And don't forget to floss.


  1. Mrs Polly, thank you for your help.


    A federal appeals court has granted a last-minute reprieve to a Texas man facing execution in the murder of a Houston-area college student, his attorney said.

  2. Oh my goodness, you're welcome, M.O. Great news.

  3. Witches Hairpins?

    That doc must give great teeth!

    And at least you have an excuse. The lights have gone down over at Donkey Punch, and I'm not sure how to turn them back on...

  4. Sorry to go OT but salaams and obeisances to you to Mrs. Polly. I can't use this pseudo at that place. It was banned.

  5. T4Toby: I thought you were just trying to save energy. Shouldn't you be putting shillings in the gasfire? I was under the impression that British people lived in bed-sits with gasfires. Just drop in the coins, and put the kettle on, have some barley sugar, and put on a George Formby record. That should help.

    lawnguylander: I knew that had to be you! Who else types so dashingly? Salaams, obeisances, and reverences!

  6. Years ago, I ran into a friend of mine at a screening of Fellini's "9 1/2" He had just had oral surgery and didn't want to waste the Vicodin. I'm sure this advice comes too late for this recent encounter, but for future ref!


  7. I'll be sure to schedule my next appointment to coincide with something good at the Paris. Maybe not Marathon Man.

  8. By the way, Kerry, Fellini must be taking those pills that make a man larger: first it was 8 1/2, then the musical 9, now he's up to 9 1/2.

    Eventually, and properly, he'll be floating over the city like the Fuji blimp. Maybe the Empire State Building can finally be put to its intended purpose as a mooring mast.

  9. Yikes, oral surgery. I feel your pain.

    About three years ago, I had all four of my wisdom teeth taken out at the same time (which was a good thing, because after the first time, I would not have gone back to have the rest done). I was in so much pain the vicodin was necessary just to make almost bearable.

    Luckily, it was all over after two weeks.
    Feel better soon!

  10. Hope you feel better but ... uh ... witches' hairpins? Ze googles, zey are useless.

  11. Thanks, M&A; you definitely experienced the acme of dental misery. Vicodin isn't such a much; you wake up ten times and hour, and that's how you know you dozed off.

    HTP, witches' hairpins were a feature of a Hanna-Barbara cartoon character, a witch, believe it or not, who made memorable exits by cackling and swooping away, leaving hairpins dancing in the air. I think it was Hanna-Barbara and not Warner Bros. H-B cartoons were undervalued, I think, because of their grossly rudimentary animation, but the characters really stood out for me. Of course, I was a girrrr-ull. And we know what terrible taste they have.