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When I tell friends that I've been PUMAwatching, they say, "Cats? Shoes? What are you talking about?" and I have to remind them about PUMA, or Party Unity My Ass, that noble organization founded on resentment of Hillary Clinton's supposed maltreatment by the Dems and encouraged delightedly by McCain operatives pinching themselves that so many of Hillary's followers could be so easily manipulated.

Since PUMA managed to convince itself and the McCain campaign that it ROARED with eighteen million voices, it led McCain to pick the Alaskan Albatross that ultimately sank him, so I am grateful to PUMA on that score. In fact, PUMA roars with just about enough voices to keep the comment sections of a few dozen blogs populated, assuming each commenter posts multiple times and visits more than one blog a night.

The election proved that PUMApower in fact ROARED with enough hot air to blow up the forty or so orange PUMAballoons at any of PUMA's underpopulated rallies, but not much more than that. Hillary Clinton's debt was not retired with the help of PUMAdollars, or even affected, and Hillary went on to blow PUMA's minds by getting over her disappointment and moving on with her life, worst of all by working with HIM.

Born out of frustration, inability to accept opposition, and sheer will to destruction, having failed to obtain the nomination or to throw the election, now PUMA exists to promote hatred of HIM. That one. A veneer of faux feminism encrusts PUMA, many of whose members seem to be reinventing the feminist wheel, circa 1972: "I thought the ERA had passed!" said one.

But PUMA blithely exchanged Hillary's feminist values for those of John McCain, who opposed equal pay for equal work, voted to impeach Hillary's husband, happily told rape jokes, verbally abused his wife ("at least I don't slather on the makeup like a trollop, you c**t") and disparaged young Chelsea's looks. They went as well for anti-intellectual mannequin and Republican frozen cheesecake Sarah Palin as if the indifferent scholar and neo-con pinup were a reasonable substitute for detail-oriented Ivy-League magna-cum-laude policy wonk Hillary, thereby endorsing the idea that genitalia trumps everything, from ideology to policy.

Irony is lost on PUMA.

PUMAs are currently congratulating themselves for the dubious distinction of being chosen as Time's eighth-hottest buzzword of the year, right in between "tweet" and "rick-rolled"*. The eighth-hottest buzzword of last year, BACN, has of course gone on to dominate conversation at watercoolers nationwide ever since, so the fly-about-to-be-encased-in-resin elegaic quality of the eighth-hottest buzzword designation shouldn't worry PUMA at all.

Why even pay attention to this group if the country no longer does? Why bother if it is so laughably ineffective? Why bother with PUMA instead of leaving them to their own devices in their insular PUMASPHERE?

Because PUMA seems to have the beginnings of a classic hate-group, and needs to be watched.
The FBI classifies hate-group formation as happening in 7 stages:

Stage 1: The Haters Gather

"Irrational haters seldom hate alone. They feel compelled, almost driven, to
entreat others to hate as they do. Peer validation bolsters a sense of
self-worth and, at the same time, prevents introspection, which reveals personal
insecurities. Further, individuals otherwise ineffective become empowered when
they join groups, which also provide anonymity and diminished accountability.

Evident on PUMA threads is the constant one-upwomanship of trying to come up with newer better stronger insults for Obama and anyone who supports him.. PUMA pets and indulges the most extreme of its Obama-haters, Jenniforhillary, admiring her for her "spirit". Only once has any PUMA ever challenged her, and that was on whether her attack on Al Franken was merited, not on the legitimacy of wishing slow painful castration on him per se. And, as per usual, nobody else protested.

Stage 2: The Hate Group Defines Itself

Hate groups form identities through symbols, rituals, and mythologies, which
enhance the members' status and at the same time, degrade the object of their
PUMA adopted the hapless big cat as their superkewl icon, and from there followed a flood of neat images of pawprints, demonstrations and spamming parties known as "prowls", and the PUMA war-cry, PUMA HAKA! (a HAKA is a Maori war chant) And RRRoarrrrsss. There is much of the junior college sorority in this, and would not be alarming if PUMA left it there. Even if there are slightly psychotic overtones in their belief that Hillary was wearing an orange pantsuit at her convention speech as a secret message of PUMAdarity with them.

PUMA mythologies are so extensive and evolve so much that it's impossible to follow them, much less refute them systematically, starting immediately with PUMA's creation myth: that Hillary was cheated out of the nomination because she was a woman.

PUMAs embrace anyone who offers anti-Obama mythology; the most notorious may be noted anti-Semite Andy Martin, originator of the Obama-is-a-Muslim myth. Martin attended the PUMA convention in Washington and is seen in PUMA's pictures shooting the breeze with assorted Pumas. Andy Martin, Lyndon LaRouche follower Webster Tarpley, and Andy Berg, all have the PUMA welcome mat put out for their theories about Obama's nationality (he's a Kenyan/British/American/unAmerican Usurper. "Did you know that if Obama reads a national security document it's treason?" asked a PUMA on PUMAPAC.

Stage 3: The Hate Group Disparages the Target
"Hate is the glue that binds haters to one another and to a common cause. By
verbally debasing the object of their hate, haters enhance their self-image, as
well as their group status."
PUMA shows its stress lines when the subject veers off Obama. Even Hillary-worship doesn't hold up reliably any more since Hillary consented to campaign for Obama, much less work for him as Secretary of State. The gulfs between atheist/lesbian/pro-choice PUMAs, Catholic pro-life PUMAs, Conservative PUMAs and lifelong Democratic PUMAs become noticeable, and though PUMAs have never reproved each other for the bleak and gorey scenarios they like to envision being visited on their enemies (Obama, Obots, and nonPUMA men), they do have hissing contests over whether a PUMA has disrespected other PUMAs' beliefs. This frequently results in a theatrical, and sometimes permanent, exit.

Puma blog postings frequently begin with a "feminist" subject. Sometimes they will start out highlighting a figure from women's history, which seems a valuable enough effort. But the veneer of feminism inevitably melts away where all roads lead to the One, or rather, disparagement of the One. The "feminist" post is often simply an incitement to outrage over yet another example of the very real misogyny and ill-treatment of women the world over. The trouble here is the focus of the outrage: it isn't focussed on the perpetrators, it's spread to whomever the PUMAs wish to be angry at (More on this further down, with the John Favreau debacle). And more than anything else, PUMAs wish to be angry at Obama.

A visit to PUMA sites will net many new terms of abuse for Barack Obama that you may never have heard applied to any presidential candidate before, even though terms of abuse for presidential candidates are a cherished American art form. At main Puma site , you'd encounter the following:
teh precious’
The Cheetos
Barky Barry Von Cash
the O-Borg
count Fraud Ojambo
Baruk the Crook, the
fraud President elect,
Baruk the Cruk
Barock the Crock
NewOrleansPuma 11.30.08 at 3:14 pm
Baseek the Sheik
hypocritical lying thievin’ flim flam gutter rat
oblah blah
This is a short list. Notice that some of the names are frankly racist and xenophobic: "Ojingo", "Ojambo", "Baseek the Shiek". That's a dirty little PUMA non-secret: assorted flavors of racism, from the vague racist overtones of comments such as:

Nijma 01.03.09 at 2:41 am

mountainsong, yeah, chicago; if the bots get rambunctious, there’ll be plenty of
prowling to do, but if they behave, things can stay quiet.
If Teh One
enacts our agenda and stops dissing women, our reason for living will be
gone and we can go to the dance club all week long. On the other hand,
if it’s all bit*hes and ho*s and Ludicris, and no jobs for
women, we’ll have a
lot of free time to blog, and no money for cover charges
to frank, overt racism such as this picture of Obama as a lawn jockey in front of the White House, excused by the caption,"Why is this not okay?" The supposed reason for photoshopping Obama around as a shoeshine boy is that Jon Favreau, a young speechwriter of his was photographed with his hand cupping the non-existent breast of a cardboard Hillary. Incensed, PUMA immediately struck back by demanding Favreau be summarily fired, gustily predicting he was on the road to real sexual criminality, and posting demeaning pictures of innocent women photoshopped onto Hillary's cardboard body, so that the speechwriter was then molesting Donna Brazile and Michelle Obama. That's the kind of thinking that got PUMA where it is today.

Where PUMA is today is a splenetic organization that tolerates, indulges, even encourages hatefulness as long as it's directed toward Obama and Obama supporters, whom PUMA pictures as glassy-eyed kids and wild-eyed socialists referred to as "Obots". They do not admit the possibility that adult people not very much different from them could rationally decide not to hate Obama as they do, so they turn Obama's followers into non-human "bots".

Stage 4: The Hate Group Taunts the Target
"Hate, by its nature, changes incrementally. Time cools the fire of hate, thus
forcing the hater to look inward. To avoid introspection, haters use
ever-increasing degrees of rhetoric and violence to maintain high levels of
agitation. Taunts and offensive gestures serve this purpose."
This stage must necessarily have changed since this paper was published in 2003 because of the increased prevalence of the Internet. Whereas hate groups who used to long for contact with "the other" to express their hatred had to go out looking for them, now it is possible to find all the enemies they could ever want online.

PUMAs see themselves as wounded, martyred, woman warriors, but they are not likely to follow this model beyond step 4 into physicality, although some observers at the notorious Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting had their doubts.

They do constantly increase the rhetoric and outrage: Murphy of PUMAPAC posts ever more terrible news items about attacks on female victims, which keeps her blog followers in a permanent state of foam-flecked spitting fury. She frequently uses these posts to drive the PUMAs into donating to PUMAPAC, although PUMAPAC's accounting practices are a little hazy.
Here is one of PUMAPAC's most active members, Jenniforhillary, on her hope for the country under Obama:
jenniforhillary 11.08.08 at 8:49 am
I am in a economy proof business, my
parents have money, and I will NOT SUFFER. We have one year of food PLUS, we
have our gardens, we have our weapons, our bullets, our network. We are
That being said, I CANNOT WAIT for the suffering to begin. I
hope there is starvation, I hope there is rioting, and i hope that there
is massive death…
Heartwarming. Jennifer is indeed in a recession-proof business: her mother's estate-clearance company. Massive death certainly wouldn't hurt Mom's balance sheet. Of course, after Jennifer dropped that one in the PUMA punch-bowl, did that spoil it for the rest of the PUMAs? Anyone care to challenge Jennifer on her cheery PUMIHILISM? No? Of course not. One PUMA responded,
GBPuma 11.08.08 at 10:03 am
jenniforhillary 11.08.08 at 8:49 am
I agree 150%…….they have no concept of
the suffering they have created and they
deserve everything they are about to
Jenniforhillary (or Jennifer X, as she sometimes calls herself now that Hillary has lost the way to the Light) is not a fringe member, but actually hosted one of the most unintentionally hilarious radio hours ever to go out to bewildered listeners of public radio station KPFT. On the phone for the entire hour with Jennifer X was PUMAPAC founder Darragh Murphy, who listened calmly and approvingly as Jennifer shouted over and dumped callers who tried to challenge any of her PUMAganda. The two PUMAs thought the show had gone swimmingly and Jennifer was much praised on PUMAPAC for her facility in Obot-wrassling. They were surprised to learn that KPFT did not feel quite as enthusiastic about a regular PUMA hour as they did.

The inability to tolerate dissent demonstrated by the PUMAGANDA flaming dirigible of a radio show is completely in keeping with the PUMAs' policies on their blogs: absolute censorship of opposing views. On both the Confluence and PUMAPAC, only pro-PUMA comments are allowed. "Riverdaughter", the founder of the Confluence, offered the explanation that it isn't censorship when she does it because only governments can censor, although that isn't what the American Heritage Dictionary says (any person "vested with authority" can be a censor as, say, the administrator of a blog).

This is what makes the Confluence's Weblog nomination as Best Liberal Blog something of a farce; as a big L blog, exhorting followers to vote for the Republican ticket is just plain not Liberal, and as a small l blog, what is more illiberal than the closemindedness of censoring comments? Riverdaughter's The Confluence is more egregious in this than even PUMAPAC; one of their bloggers, the not awfully gracious myiq2xu, loves to "edit" comments he doesn't like and republish them:

Mountainaires, on January 1st, 2009 at 2:28
To Riverdaughter and myiq2xu who responded to my comment
myiq2xu: if you are the "moderator" who went in and edited the
quotes from Richard Falk, then you deserve to be insulted for doing it. Before
you start changing quotes, you ought to know what you’re talking about, which
you clearly did not. There were no food or medical supplies being transported
into Gaza at the point of my comment, and your insertions were inaccurate. You
could have posted your own comment responding to mine, and posted your
inaccuracies under your own name. Instead, you hid like a coward behind a power
title of "moderator" and altered my comments. Shame on you.
Next time please
post your own comment in reply to mine if you don’t like my opinion. Stop going
in and altering a comment which has my name on it."

One of the rare PUMen, myiq2 has an agenda of his own: Here he is talking about PUMAs on the blog Balloon Juice:

myiq2xu March 14th, 2008 at 10:10 pm
What is Hillary’s core
constituency? Women.
Older, yet “liberated” women.
At 47 years old, I am a
“boy toy.”
Since they are post-menopausal, that means they don’t swell, they
don’t tell, and they’re grateful as
myiq2xu March 14th, 2008 at 10:24 pm
Go to a rally where you are
one of the few guys (and the only single guy under 50) and there are about 100
unattached women. Okay, lots of them are widows, but it’s still good for a
person’s self-esteem.
Honestly, I’ve never had women fight over me
myiq2xu March 15th, 2008 at 12:01
I was trying to help you get a
“coming out” present.
No STFU before you mess things up. I think the redhead
puts out.
myiq2xu March 15th, 2008 at 1:11 am
Rodney Carrington Live at the
Majestic is on the Comedy Channel.
“I went home with a fat girl once a bunch
of times.”

(Hat tip: Yes To Democracy)

PUMA laughs off Myiq2's jokey misogyny, but sexism is fine as long as it emanates from PUMA. So are violent fantasies, as long as they are about violence against men (you may want to skip the next few paragraphs; they're quite ugly):

"murphy 12.11.08 at 12:54 am "One in nine men will be arrested for a violent
crime. Half of those violent crimes will be assault with a weapon, rape, or
robbery. Numbers dont lie. The answer is Decimation."

And, from the immortal Jennifer X:

"AL FRANKEN should have his pencil penis removed sans pain medicine and left to
bleed to death (does that say enough)…."

Yes, that does just about say enough, Jennifer.

Stage 5: The Hate Group Attacks the Target Without Weapons

" This stage is critical because it differentiates vocally abusive haters from
physically abusive ones. In this stage, hate groups become more aggressive,
prowling their turf seeking vulnerable targets..."

It is at this stage that the FBI separates the sheep from the goats: hate groups who do not progress to violence are assessed as "immature" hate groups. This model was drawn up primarily to assess skinhead groups, and I should make clear that I certainly do not regard PUMA as akin to skinhead groups, focussed as PUMA is on hating one distant and well-protected man, and satisfied as PUMAs are with blogging their hatred.

But PUMA still has disturbing similarities to groups going through the stages described by the FBI, including the psychological underpinnings.

Stages Six and Seven, respectively, are attacking the Target with weapons, and destroying the Target.

Although PUMAs don't back away from expressing violent fantasies about those whom they view as their oppressors, they assume it is understood that these are just fantasies. What is alarming is the tolerance for some PUMAs, like JenniforHillary, who seem to be spinning out of control without any kind of check. Rather than talking her down, PUMAPAC consistently feeds her hysteria, paranoia and despair and sits back applauding the show. While PUMAs are hardly likely to resort to skinhead-style battles on the street, there are individuals in the PUMAsphere who are clearly psychologically disturbed, such as Jenniforhillary. While PUMA is applauding itself for its womanly lack of physical brutality, they might do well to remember there have been female Presidential would-be assassins in recent memory, such as Squeaky Fromme.

Murphy and Riverdaughter are playing a dangerous game; playing on the fears and wounded psyches of women scattered across the country, trolling in fringe right-wing websites for bad news to keep the glue of Obama-hate bonding their followers to them. They may themselves be convinced that it is feminism and empowerment that they're spreading, but what they are actually doing is imitating the negative stereotype of feminists as overprivileged, humorless, castrating loons.

*Tired of Rick Astley. My Rick doesn't roll that way.


  1. The pictures are killing me! That is quite a thorough explanation of the PUMAs.

    I have to admit, teh precious is a pretty good screen name. ;-)

  2. It is! And much less unwieldy than hypocritical lying thievin’ flim flam gutter rat.

  3. Mrs Polly, The Anchoress and Jammie Wearing Fool are leading their respective nomination fields.

    So please vote for Driftglass to counter the Anchoress for Best Individual Blogger and The Agonist to counter Jammie Wearing Fool for Best Large Blog.

    BTW here's a good site to counter Uppity Woman for Best New Blog ~ synthesis ~.

    Here's a link to the site:

  4. The line breaks in your quotes are a bit weird -- probably some hard newline snuck in when copy-and-pasting.

    But enough nit-picking. The beat-down is fine, but the pictures really make it shine. If you wrote a children's book on politics and/or snark, I might have to have children so that I could read it to them.

  5. Seen this charming entry? I did not make this up.

    DancesWithPumas 12.04.08 at 2:49 pm

    Dear John Hinkley,

    I just want to send this note to let you know that I am thinking of you, and hope you are well.

    I understand that you will be going up before the parole board soon, and I want you to know that I will be praying for your early release.

    Wishing you the best,

    PS Barack Obama is boinking Jodie Foster.

  6. Anonymous:GREAT BOTOXED BALLS. "Hello Secret Service? I've got another one for you. Yeah, same group. No, not her, the other one---the one that looks like an Easter Island head. Yeah. O.K. Yeah, it is too bad we have civil rights again. Well, a mixed bag, anyway. Funny! Thanks guys."

    Sean: I know, I know, the block quotes read like PUMA blank verse! This is the first and last time I will be using that feature. Blogger is fine for most Snarkopolitan needs, but it has space issues. Every time I leave a piece in draft, when I return, it looks like a junkie was tossing the place for crack: paragraphs overturned, all the quotes pulled out, sentences scattered all around and all the bulleted lists missing. I spent more time hitting the backspace key than actually writing the piece (which PUMAs might say is perfectly evident).

    But thanks for the compliment and the idea. Wouldn't a book about politics break the poor little creatures' spirits early? I'll definitely be doing more pictures, though. For one thing, the Blogger spacing junkies can't vandalize them.

  7. Ugh. Can't we just ignore them and hope they will go away? Doesn't that always work?

  8. My Opinion: I will be following your recommendations and urging other readers to do the same, as well as urging them to vote for Rumproast (Brooklyn's Meatiest Blog)as best small blog in the Weblog Awards. RR is the PUMA-battling blog that REALLY roared.

  9. Problem, I would love to ignore them, especially after this past thoroughly PUMA-soaked few days. But, just like a weeping rash, sometimes you have to have it looked at. Maybe just sprinkling Boric acid on it will make it go away, maybe not.

  10. Excellent post! The PUMAs are waaay off the handle.

  11. But, just like a weeping rash, sometimes you have to have it looked at.

    Best. PUMA. Simile. Evar!

    And great beat-down overall.

  12. That was great, I quite enjoyed that.

    One minor correction. Darragh was not in the studio for the 60 minute PUMA radio extrazaganza, she was on the phone.


  13. Scooter: I fixed it. Thanks for the correction, and for stopping by. Anyone who hasn't listened to Five Minutes of Hate from the Daughters of the Democratic Confederacy (at Acksis of Evil, see under "Listen" sidebar)can't comprehend the full PUMArity that happened that night.

    Also, I listened to you and Kaitlyn read the mail. Wonderful, like Bob and Ray, if Ray were Bob's daughter.

    Betty: I'm honored, thank you, and I'm linking to you if you've no objection. See you on RR. Betty Cracker, everybody!

  14. Mrs. Polly - a new PUMA-post, inspired by our new and secret plot to destroy them by soaking with publicity.

  15. OK, you've coverted this woman lynching cardboard groping vile sac of testosterone into a tame little man-beast. Let me make you casseroles for the rest of your life!

    [Grovel grovel grovel]

    Although, the S.O. is a much better cook.

    And insists on a level of cleanliness I didn't think possible outside of the Pearly Gates.

    And he knows his way around the inside of a car's hood.

    Hell, I'll just box him up and send him to you.

    Seriously, we are not worthy. The cleaning crew is giving me funny looks because I can't stop laughing at the drawing.

  16. Fantastic post! PUMA is the ridiculous gift that keeps on giving!

    A site (and blogtalk radio show) i've been keeping an eye on is that of Dr Lynette Long. The PUMA "psychologist" and intellectual pivot point of choice she is mostly featured on the likes of No Quarter for her "coverage" of the so called Texas Caucus fraud (A favourite of J4Hill) and stoking the fires of hate and paranoia with stories of violence and misogyny (much like Murphy). Each week she also hosts a fumbling amateur hour of idea sharing and commentary on important issues such as "Why there aren't more women on the money", "Why are there no statues dedicated to women in Washington DC and "why don't I get a statue?" at her show "Sins Of Omission". Drop in some ill timed 60's feminist folk music bumps, call ins from the same three women every week (who all seem to either conveniently experience a great level of misogyny on a daily basis or hark back to the halcyon days of the early 70's for their outrage) and it's a clusterfuck of greatness you can't look away from.

    In regards the point about separating violent fantasy to physicality. The last few weeks in an effort to stay relevant post election and in a hair on fire response to the Jon Favreau cardboard cut out outrage of the week, Dr Long has been advocating the organization of a group of women "the guerrilla girls" to go out in uniforms (pink camouflage) and "surgically strike with military style precision" selected targets of their rage eg: picketing Jon Favreau's mother's house, Jon Favreau's house, his church, his girlfriend, his workplace etc release his personal information on the web and generally fuck with people until their names and the guerilla girls names household.

    The rhetoric, funnily enough, and with not even an ounce of irony reminded my very much of The Weather Underground's.

    And as we know that went from "we're angry and want our voices heard so lets protest", to "lets smash shit up" to "let's make bombs".

    Am i suggesting that this is where Dr Lynette Long sees the "Guerilla girls" going? At this stage no. But these things unchecked in their own echo chamber evolve.

    As far as i can tell to this point and as evidenced by Dr Long's frustration a couple of weeks ago, she hasn't had much of a response to her call out for dedicated women to the cause. Which is about standard for PUMA. All talk.

    When it comes to it, the reality of low numbers and the commitment it takes to get out of your chair and physically get involved other than furiously typing your bullshit out anonymously in a blog comment section, is a gulf they've yet to really breach successfully.

    That said i absolutely agree that they need to be kept an eye on. You should add Lynette to your radar. It only takes one.

    Thanks for the post!

  17. Very good insight on the PUMA crowd. I see the same sort of comments posted from self-described PUMA's. I still don't even understand how they could just throw away basic idealogical belief's after their candidate lost the primary. How does one do that?

  18. I think that you can't stop haters like these "puma" people from hating. Acknowledging them simply validates and encourages them to reach for more and more attention. They are a very small and fairly insignificant group and the Secret Service probably monitors them because of their threatening over- and undertones, so I think the rest of us can safely withdraw our attention and stop feeding them.

  19. HTP, the S.O. can't get here too soon. I was just chipping last night's casserole out of the Corningware when I read your post. Though I fear he might find us a little wanting in the tidiness department. Mr. Polly is very fond of pistachios, and our floors get a little crunchy. But I appreciate the groveling.

    Douglas, how much Dramamine will I have to take to get through one of Dr. Long's shows? I'll add her site to my list of carnival attractions, but for some reason audioPUMA gets me queasier than just reading it.

    Anonymous, believe me, after this,I am thoroughly, thoroughly, sick of PUMAs and will be moving on. I know there will always be a little knot of rabid PUMAs, and the sooner I don't hear them HAKAing in my ear the better. When Geo. W's heliocopter rises from the White House Lawn where he used to hawk his presidential loogies, the PUMAs will recede into a low-grade infection and we can all get some damn rest.

    But you want to keep an eye on it. Really. Because the outbreaks are really painful.

  20. You have ventured deep into the PUMA's lair and we applaud your bravery. And you raise a good point about the Hillster's campaign debt. If the PUMAs really do think they're 18 million strong, why didn't each one of them kick in a few bucks? They could have had it handled, and instead they left their dear sister hanging? It's disgraceful.

    There must have been a collective PUMAgasm when that Jon Favreau photo turned up.

    And Douglas, we think the real Guerrilla Girls would be both amused and horrified by Dr. Long's suggestion.

  21. I've reported them to the Secret Service myself when Purplvette86 proudly announced she would be attending am Obama rally with a gun concealed in her PUMA (seriously) costume.

    She reported back that she tried to walk near Obama's bus and was stopped by the SS. She was quite angry at being stopped from walking down a public street. Why should SHE be inconvenienced by That One? (paraphrased).

  22. Mrs. Polly - Kudos to you on a very well-written post on the PUMAs that flows very well. I really loved your supporting illustrations too!

    I agree with you and Douglas on your views on the PUMAS. To those that say let them just fade into obscurity...well, gee...I wish they would and hopefully they eventually will. But leaving them alone? don't think so. On one hand, I too think they are a borderline hate group and as long as they incite and promote unhinged members such as Jennifer4Hillary, I DO think they need to be closely monitored.

    True, they fit the very definition of "couch-potato warriors", but I'm sure, like with every blog, they have their own small following of lurkers, some which are actually incited and inspired by them, instead of their to marvel at the unbelievable bat-shit craziness of it all. Much damage can be done by the inspired "lone wing-nut" I do support having them closely watched, and squashed down whenever possible.

    Besides, all their useless and stupid PUMA PROWL spammings are damn annoying and therefore they are a pox to the internet and deserve to be smacked down for their sheer ass-hat-i-tude whenever possible, which is why I champion the efforts of such sites, such as RumpRoast (which led me to here).

    Again, well done Mrs. Polly...and this also led me to check out and enjoy Problem With Caring's blog too!

  23. As to retiring Hillary's debt - After they decided she wasn't "The One" after she betrayed them by supporting Obama and the party, they commenced asking for their donations back.

    On "Women Lynching" - In her December 31 post entitled "Jackass" , Murphy said "Oh, and for the record Bobby — NOT supporting a black man appointed to the Senate because he was named by a governor under indictment for fraud and corruption is NOT A LYNCHING". She went on to post links to pix of actual lynchings.

    How does this square with her contention that any violence done to women is a "lynching?" She has an entire section of her site devoted to such lynchings.



    When counting the electoral votes, either Congress finds by 1/8/09 that Obama — not being an Article II “natural born citizen” (father Kenyan/British, not American, citizen) — fails to qualify as President whereupon Biden becomes the full fledged President under 3 USC 19 (free to pick his own VP such as Hillary) or thereafter defers to the Supreme Court to enjoin Obama’s inauguration with Biden becoming only Acting President under the 20th Amendment until a new President is duly determined.

    The preferable choice (especially for the Democrats) -- IN WHAT WILL BE THE MOST IMPORTANT AND HISTORIC CONGRESSIONAL VOTE SINCE THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR -- should seem obvious.


  25. Darragh's world of infinitely massageable concepts has just one solid object as its core: EVILNOBAMA. Every word is extruded through a PUMA-shaped mold and loses its meaning in the over-PUMA-processing.

    Lynching is different from most attacks against women. My American Heritage dictionary has lynching as "execution without due process of law, esp. to hang, as by a mob." Lynching is done in public. It's meant to be witnessed; sometimes whole towns turned out to see a lynching, photographed with smiles on their faces. The object is only partially to hurt the victim; the black folk trembling behind their doors were being sent a message of intimidation.

    Attacks against women are almost always done in secret, in private. They are also much more everyday occurrances. One of Darragh's more odious "facts" compared numbers of women attacked to black men lynched in the same time period. Of course the number of attacks against women was much higher. The motives and opportunities for the two different crimes are just that: different.

    Lynching is more of a, well, special occaision. Getting together a mob, hunting down the victim, dragging him/her to a place where everyone can get a good view, well, it's just not for every day. And anyone in town can view a lynching; there were women in many pictures of lynchings, there under the trees, smiling. And children.

    I don't see why anyone should have to determine which is worse, to be lynched or simply beaten to death. Darragh thinks misery can be quantified, and she wants to make sure women come out on top in the suffering sweepstakes. That is one twisted take on feminism.

  26. Please pardon me for being off topic here but even though Puma blogs are losing other right wingers blog are still ahead since last time i checked.

    Those blogs are The Anchoress for Best Individual blogger, Savage Politics for Best Up And Coming Blog and Jammie Wearing Fool for Best Major Blog.

    So please vote for Driftglass, The Stupid Shall Be Punished and The Agonist to counter them respectively.

    Thank you.

  27. Yes, there is plenty of hate on the PUMA sites, as there is also plenty of hate here. You are each equally guilty of spreading hate. Enough already.

  28. Somewhat off topic, but I don't see what makes Ojingo racist. See also Google.

  29. Anonymous: " An accusation that is pat, easy, intellectually lazy. You see anyone around Snarkopolitan wishing rioting and starvation or mass death on anybody? Or writing mash notes to John Hinckley? A hard look at a bunch of people indulging in illogic and rumor-spreading isn't hate. I'm going to flatter myself immeasurably by quoting Harry Truman, who said, "I never gave'em hell, I just told the truth and they thought it was hell."

    Grep Agni: I would really like to think that the woman who used "Ojingo" was referring to Korean Spicy Fried Squid, but as it was but one of a torrent of slurs based on the foreignness of Obama's name, I'd have to say it wasn't a clever reference to his love of Asian cooking.

    The more common understanding of the word "jingo", obnoxious nationalism, is one fault the PUMAs have not discovered in Obama, so it makes no sense. It also has to be considered in combination with the rest of the names, which run from silly to deeply ugly. The hatred expressed in the pidgen-African employed is plain.

  30. Brillaint job of dissecting those inane insane people. We had a name for those people when we were kid, we called them sore losers.

  31. Thanks, Dr. Monk! We had a name for them too when I was a kid, we called them "Edna".

    Long story.