Saturday, May 24, 2008

GRAND ALLUSIONS Now come on, we all know Hillary's been waiting for SOMETHING to dislodge that upstart Obama. Not the A-word, as far as we know, but SOMETHING. Rev. Wright Redux, another BitterGate, anything, and when Obama tripped up, Hillary would be "positioned" to slide right in.
Even mentioning Kennedy assassinations, this week of tragic weeks, is insensitive. And she knows these people. But it isn't the first time she's brought up the RFK tragedy in context with staying in the race. She's gotten used to flinging historical references to great movements, epochs, and watersheds in combination with her name and ambitions: her campaign and the Suffragettes. Her campaign and Abolition. Her campaign and Zimbabwe. Her familiar usage of these great events as if they were furnishings in her own state house shows her outsized ego. Yes, the first woman to get this far as a presidential candidate is historic. But history isn't hers to play with.

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