Monday, March 10, 2008

Loose Hips

The latest belly dancer painting. She's gouache, on Arches paper. If you want a print of her, click the cafepress button at the bottom of the page. She's on some shirts and mugs and suchlike, too.
Just part of my latest burst of enthusiasm. For those of you that know me, when you start to imagine me shimmying, just picture a big red stop sign, or yell "STOP!!" to yourself, or snap a rubber band on your wrist, or pepper-spray yourself, or consider a tazer, though they are illegal in New York.
But if you are interested in an exercise that will get to muscles your personal trainer has never heard of, that requires so little room it can be done in the bathroom with the door locked, I recommend shimmying. has lots of information and instructions, and animated camels besides.

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