Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hey Kid, Know a Good Dry-Cleaner? Just Asking.

(All quotes are slightly inaccurate)
Chelsea Clinton's emotional security was breached yesterday when an intruder, cleverly disguised as a college student, threw, not a softball, but a wadded-up-navy-dress of a question at her:
So which did the Lewinsky thing strain more, her mother's credibility or her marriage?

"MYOB," the almost-thirtyish erstwhile first daughter replied.

"But I was just trying to help," said the Swiftian, if not Swiftboatian, Evan Strange.

The rest of the day was devoted to Hilarians and Obamanics denouncing him, her and each other on blogs.

Once more the Dems are turning a non-issue into the sort of family squabble so ugly it makes the kids long to run away from home to lead lives of mindless hedonism in squalid dens of corruption where old men whisper sweet nothings to them---in other words, Republicanism.

Can we try, just try, to reimagine this situation through the clear lens of apolitical basic decency? When is it appropriate to ask a young woman (unless she's on a Mommie-dearest book tour) about how her mother reacted to her father's whoring around? If your answer is anything but "NEVER," you have unlearned everything you needed to know in kindergarten, your moral compass needle is spinning faster than Karl Rove's tongue, you have drunk deep of the Kool-Aid, you are a danger to yourself and others.

Remember when the sins of the father were not supposed to be visited on the child?She NEVER has to be rational about her Mom and Dad. Not because she's privileged, but because EVERYONE deserves a pass on what their parents do. Credibility my incredible ass. Another cable-newspeak cliche. What a weak, facile excuse for poking a sharp stick in somebody's eye.

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