Tuesday, November 6, 2007


The man who made eponymous a household word has grabbed the ground from under the Lower East Side Pathmark. Manhattanites who want to experience the wide uncrowded aisles and free parking that suburbanites enjoy will have until December 31st to pick up their family packs of chicken parts and admire the underside of the Manhattan Bridge.
Then another of Mr. Trump's massive, "the quality is unbelievable!" condoliths will block out more of the view for unhappy downtown residents. No doubt the views from the units will be almost as breathtaking as the prices, but the location is, frankly, unwonderful.
Having lived right next to a highway (the BQE), I can tell you that it is:

  1. Not restful. The incessant vibration may not be immediately noticeable, but it's ultimately nervewracking. My spider plant trembled constantly, and, I realized, so did I. And that's leaving out the crashes, sirens and helicopters.

  2. Unhealthy. On the softest spring day, or the crispest fall one, I had to keep my windows closed. The Trump location is at the intersection of two great highways, one at ground level to assault the lungs of the lower floors, the other the raised bed of the Manhattan Bridge, the better to get those lead particulates into the lungs of the penthouse units.

  3. Filthy Dirty. As if regular NY air weren't dirty enough. Half the maintenance will go to window-washing. Anyone with a balcony should only get black furniture. And respirators.

In addition, the location is removed from city street life. It's surrounded by projects, the poor residents as usual getting dumped in an outlying region by a highway where they can develop their asthma in peace. There are no shops, no super----oh but wait! Considering the convenience to the highway, visibility, the poor air quality, disturbing vibrations, you know what would be really good there?

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