Sunday, November 4, 2007


So Jerry Seinfeld loves a pun. BEEEEEEEEEEE Movie, get it get it get it? And knows about as much about bees as most city kids. I once heard a radio interviewer express surprise that bees actually ate honey. "Who did you think they made the honey for?" the beekeeper asked her."I sort of thought they made it for us," she said.
Now Steven Speilberg and Jerry Seinfeld being great friends, they have expanded this single pun into a vehicle for Jerry, who is the central character, a bee who decides to sue humans for honey-stealing. A male bee.
One of the few scenarios in nature which requires a virtually all-female cast, and once again the protagonist is a boy. FYI, movie people, all the bees in the hive are female except for a few boys who are supposed to mate with the queen. The boys lounge around eating honey until their nuptial flight with Her Majesty, and after she’s in the family way, lady bee-bouncers kick the boys out.
After all, Her Majesty’s honeymoon flight is good for two years worth of bee babies.
I hope Mr. Seinfeld’s daughters come home from school and, while sitting on his lap reading the Bee Movie Children’s Book Tie-in, look up into his face with their large dewey eyes and say, "But Daaaaddy, all the best bees are girls! Why didn’t you make the movie about a Girl, Daddy? Why?"

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